Chii-kun- "Aha…. Another one-shot that I've recently thought of the other night."

Miranda- "Ah…. Chii-kun does not own D. gray man."


Today is the day.

I knew it…. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach.

I didn't need to look up at the calendar that hung on the wall.

It's the day that we had become one, him and I. I smiled as I played back that cherished memory in my mind as I slowly paced around in our room.

A thought suddenly appeared in my mind:

Does he remember?

I hope he remembered.

I heaved a sigh. My ears perked up when I heard a knock on the door. I walked to the door; then gripped my fingers around the cool copper doorknob. I turned the knob and opened the door.


It made me happy to see the golden golem that belonged to him and once his master. Although, it made me wonder where he was.

"Timcanpy, where's….."

Timcanpy projected a screen that showed my only love, Allen Walker. He smiled.

"Did you sleep well? I'm sorry I wasn't there to greet you," he said apologetically. "I have this message for you, or maybe a riddle and I sent Timcanpy to deliver it to you."

A riddle? I placed my hand over my heart that paced with excitement. I like games, especially riddles.

"You are to leave the room and answer the riddle," he instructed firmly. "Also, you have fifteen minutes to know the answer."

I nodded understandingly. I exited the room and closed the door behind me. I then followed Timcanpy down the halls of the Order as Allen told me his riddle:

"Sweet as a rose,

My mouth waters to its taste,

I yearn for more.

Sparkling jewels,

My knees tremble.

A butterfly that flies with the moon,

Those glowing wings melt my heart,

A glow of innocence."

The projected screen reverted back into Timcanpy's system. I pondered for a moment for the answer to the riddle. The words played back repeatedly in my mind. What could the answer be?

I pondered as my heels clicked to every step on the marbled floor. Timcanpy led me further and further down the halls and corridors.

The thought of realization flowed into my mind. I smiled as my cheeks flushed slightly pink.

"Timcanpy, I know the answer," I said simply.

Timcanpy nodded. I rushed after him as he darted his way down the halls, rooms….

My eyes widened as I spotted a blink of sunset and a familiar tall shadow. I didn't stop until I reached that shadow. My heart raced as I grasped for breath and stared at the tall figure before me. He stared out into the sunset overlooking the balcony. Timcanpy fluttered in front of him.

He turned around and smiled. The glow from the sunset plastered against his handsome face.

"Lenalee, do you know the answer to my riddle?" he inquired. I smiled and nodded. I approached him.

"Yes, Allen, I do."

"Your lips are sweet as a rose," he said soothingly, tracing his fingertips softly on my lips. "I yearn for more of its taste."

My muscles tensed; then relaxed as I breathed calmly as he traced his fingertips up my cheek to my temple. I looked deep into his sparkling gray eyes as he laced his fingers against my bangs.

"You're violet eyes are like sparkling jewels that make my knees tremble."

I smirked. "Allen…"

He leaned forward and whispered softly in my ear. His warm breath brushed against it.

"Happy Anniversary, My Beautiful Butterfly."


Miranda- "Aww…. How romantic!"

Chii-kun- "hehehe…. Anyway, Read and Review! And yeah, Allen and Lenalee are married."