Title: Constellation Lyra: The beginning
Author: AtticusFinchFan
Summary: She's a human toddler, therefore illogical in almost every way. It totally makes sense that she'd adore Spock, correct?
Disclaimer: Star Trek and all associated belong to G. Roddenberry. I'm just playing with them for a bit. Lyra is mine though.
Warnings: None except for a bit of swearing
A/N: My first ever Star Trek fanfic. Tell me what you think please. EDITED.


This is the beginning:

Scotty had found Lyra wrapped in a heavy wool blanket sound asleep on the transporter with pigtails in her downy soft blonde hair and tiny pink circular wire framed glasses on her snow-white face as soon as coming on duty one morning. He quickly took her to sickbay and waited with her until Dr. McCoy had checked her out. She had stayed asleep thankfully through the whole thing. After only a quick physical check and then a run over with one of his scanners, Dr. McCoy had quickly deduced that she was perfectly healthy, couldn't have been more than 2 and that she was most definitely not from their time period. Smiling as he gently tugged on her button clad overalls.

Kirk followed closely by Spock came into sickbay just as Dr. McCoy was finishing up and managed to make it to the bio-bed just before the as of then unnamed Lyra woke up.

Time seemed to stand still as her eyes fluttered open. Her bottom lip started to tremble, but stopped as soon as her crystal blue eyes landed on the pointy-eared man standing just beyond her reach. She giggled every so quietly and everyone in the room exhaled sharply.

"Oh, she's adorable!" Everyone turned with the exclaim made by Nurse Chapel, who stood just inside the door staring at Lyra.

Kirk and Spock made room for her beside them as she rushed over.

She leant slightly and grinned at the child. "Hello, sweetheart."

Lyra turned her eyes from Spock to Nurse Chapel and flashed the smitten nurse with a bright, tiny-toothed smile, before turning her attention back to Spock. Kirk followed her line of sight and smirked when he realized her fascination was directed solely on Spock.

"It seems as though, Mr. Spock, that you have an admire of sorts."

Spock turned eyes on Kirk and then back on Lyra who continued to stare and quirked an eyebrow. "It is impolite to stare so intently, is it not, Captain?"

Kirk suddenly turned to McCoy. McCoy blinked. As if urging him on. "Well, yes..." Kirk began, "in most cases it is, but, she's too young quite yet to realize what exactly is right and what's wrong. To her you're different and she's going by instinct. It's human nature-" he paused and looked at Dr. McCoy. "She is human, right Doctor?"

McCoy nodded. "100%."

Kirk nodded back and turned to Spock. "It's human nature to be drawn to differences. In essense, its like when you're told not to do something, in most cases you find yourself compelled to do it anyway."

"That's disobeying an order, Captain. Why would you be compelled to disobey?"

"We just are, Spock." Kirk answered in an exasperated tone. "I don't know why." He stopped and exhaled. "All I'm trying to stay is that she doesn't mean anything by it."

Spock paused for a moment to process the information and then turned to Lyra and quirked his eyebrow again. "Interesting."

Lyra giggled.

An hour later found Lyra in the lap of Uhura, happily slamming her small palms against the console. Giggling like mad whenever something beeped or flashed. Sometimes Lyra would find a button and accidentally page someone, Uhura would laugh every time and then tell the paged person calmly that it was just an accident and quickly turn the button off.

Nurse Chapel, who had just gone on break, came in just as Lyra giggled echoed through the deck. Her face broke out into a smile almost immediately as she quickly covered the short space between the entrance and Uhura. "She's gorgeous, isn't she?"

"She is," Uhura agreed with an easy smile. "So happy." She sighed in admiration as she ran the fingers of her right hand gently over Lyra's cheek. Lyra stopped for a moment, turned to Uhura and smiled and then turned back to the console and slammed her palms down on it again. Nano seconds later Spock's voice echoed through the speaker. "Yes, Lieutenant Uhura?"

The women's eyes met and Nurse Chapel smirked as Uhura told him that it had been their young charge, and that nothing was wrong.

"I see." Spock said.

"Sorry, Mr. Spock."

"I shall be there in 2 minutes."

Uhura drew back ever so slightly in surprise, but nodded anyway as she cut the connection. "Yes, sir."

Not one to lie, two minutes later Spock entered and headed straight for the female trio.

Lyra stopped her banging momentarily and stared up at Spock. She grinned when she realized who it was.

"Would you please refrain from-" Spock began, looking down at the pale child evenly.

"She won't understand you, Spock," Uhura explained gently, running her fingers through one of Lyra's pigtails. "She's too young."

Spock straightened his back and nodded. "As I have been told." But continued on with Lyra anyway. "Would you please refrain from pressing buttons? It is most frustrating."

Lyra continued to grin at the pointy-eared man unperturbed by his question.

"See? I told- wait!" Uhura tried to pull Lyra away from Spock's advancing hand, but wasn't fast enough and could only hold the child when she started to seize. As soon as Spock's hand had touched her face, her eyes shot to the back of her head and her tiny body stiffened. Both Uhura and Spock jumped back in surprise, and as soon as Spock's hand lowered Lyra stopped seizing and went completely limp. Uhura jumped to her feet in a panic and pulled the child to her chest. "What did you do?!" she cried quickly advancing on the immobile alien. "What did you do? Spock!"

"Here, let me see." Nurse Chapel ordered gently and opened her arms for Lyra's form to be laid in.

Uhura obeyed and went down with Nurse Chapel as she lowered the child to the floor. Both women gasped as they eyed her frighteningly discoloured lips and ghostly pale skin. "She's stopped breathing. Uhura, please begin resuscitation efforts, I must call Dr. McCoy."

Uhura nodded her head vigorously and began pressing gently on Lyra's chest.

"Move, Spock." Chapel ordered as she advanced to the doors. Spock blinked and backed up as far as back and as quickly as he could, and only stopped when he almost literally fell sideways into the Captain's chair. He readjusted himself seconds later, ran a hand down the seams of his shirt, and did nothing more except bow his head and stand, frozen, just beyond Uhura's line of sight.

He stood all through the chaos created by Dr. McCoy racing through the doors, accessing Lyra's still form, taking the child into his arms and racing back through the doors. He stood still through the disapproving glares of the communications expert, the nurse, and the doctor as they passed him on their way through the entrance, on their way to sickbay. He stood still until he couldn't stand any longer and collapsed into Kirk's chair.

Kirk entered the sick bay midway through McCoy's examination. He looked around for a second, noticed Nurse Chapel and Uhura standing just beyond the opposite side of the bio-bed basically clinging to one another as they watched the doctor work, and immediately inquired about the situation.

"Spock did that mind mumbo jumbo on the girl and caused a seizure. She stopped breathing as soon as he took his hand away and I've yet been able to get her to start again."

The captain swallowed hard on an unnameable feeling clogging his throat and choked out. "How long do you have?"

"If I'm not able to get her breathing in the next couple minutes-"

Dr. McCoy froze suddenly and eyed the doorway. Kirk spun around and locked eyes almost immediately with Spock. "Dr. McCoy, I came to see if I could be of any-"

"No!" Uhura explode. "Look what you did! Look!" She pointed her thin finger towards Lyra's prone form. Spock's eyes inevitably followed. "You did that to her. She may die because you-"

"Uhura!" Kirk exclaimed. "Be quiet!"

A machine beeped and Dr. McCoy exhaled happily. "Got her."

Everyone, everyone except Spock, converged on the doctor. Instead, Spock stepped back in time with everyone else stepping forward and bowed his head again. They were all so involved with Lyra, waiting for her to open her eyes that no one noticed the Alien slip through the door.

Contrary to what everyone had hoped and believed, Lyra hadn't woken up. After waiting anxiously for almost an hour, silently watching the hypnotising rise and fall of the child's chest, the group began to realize nothing was going to happen in the coming minutes and slowly dispersed back to their intended duties. They continued to visit throughout the day, and grew increasingly upset when the conclusion of every visit ending the same way it began.

Dr. McCoy smiled to himself as he ambled into the sickbay around 5 AM the next morning. The power the child seemed to have over his friends was rather fascinating, but nowhere near surprising. She was absolutely adorable. Not that he'd ever admit it to anyone but himself.

The lights came on; McCoy looked towards Lyra's bed and ended up swallowing a scream as his eyes locked on the sharp brown eyes of Spock. He sat ramrod straight in a chair he'd situated to face both her bed and the door. He didn't look the least bit tired. "Spock,"

Spock rose obediently and crossed his hands behind his back. "Sometime during the night I awoke and decided to visit the child. I had learned from a passing yeoman earlier that she was still in sickbay. I've sat with her most of the night. There has been no change in her condition."

McCoy nodded politely and continued on his way to his desk. Once turned from Spock, he bowed his head and asked. "Why'd you do it, Spock?"

Without missing a beat Spock began. "I wanted to see if I could find out her origin."

"Why? Why did you need to know that?" He exploded without warning, turning wide angry eyes on the blank face of the first officer. "She's a little girl. A human little girl. She's come forward Lord knows how many centuries. What else did you need to know?"

"I apologize for what happened. I did not know-"

"Couldn't you have tested it on someone older? Some who could handle such a thing?"

"It appears to be that she has what her civilization called epilepsy." Spock said calmly, as if he hadn't been the victim of Dr. McCoy's tirade. "It is likely that if you were to give her a GME shot she would wake up."

McCoy's mouth snapped shut as eyed the alien suspiciously. "How would you know? What did you-"

"I did nothing more." Spock assured. "I was able to figure that out from the 1.6 seconds were joined."

"Well, if you knew about it yesterday why didn't you tell me?"

Spock bowed his head slightly and McCoy watched as what could only be described as regret passed over his tight features. "I could not for I had forgotten."

After a couple moments of tense silence, McCoy decided to push no further and just nodded. "I have one vial of GME left, would you get it for me? It's in the top shelf on the right hand side."

Spock nodded and disappeared. Only to reappear seconds later with a small vial of a thick mauve coloured liquid.

The doctor nodded his thanks and quickly inserted it into a Hypospray and then slowly injected it into Lyra's little arm.

The results were almost instantaneous. McCoy had just drawn the Hypospray away when Lyra started to cry, and not even a second later her eyes shot open. Her body tensed again as she began assessing her surroundings, but soon relaxed a bit when she recognized the deep blue eyes of the doctor staring down at her. "You were right, Spock!" he exclaimed victoriously. He looked up with a smile, which quickly morphed into a grin when he realized that all the alien's focus and attention was on the girl on the bio-bed. He somehow knew that Spock hadn't heard a thing he'd said or seen a thing he'd. He only heard her cries and only seen her eyes.

Contrary to what McCoy believed would happen, Lyra, as soon as her eyes settled on Spock, ceased crying and raised her arms towards him in what McCoy recognized as the common toddler gesture that usually meant "up". So, when Spock looked towards the doctor with pure puzzlement in his usually sharp eyes, all McCoy could do was laugh as he told him what she wanted. "She wants you to pick her up."

"Pick her up?" Spock repeated.

Dr. McCoy nodded.

"But I'm the one who almost caused her dea-"

"That's the great thing with young children, Spock." McCoy explained happily. "They love unconditionally and also forgive and forget almost immediately." Just in case Spock still didn't understand he made it impeccably clear. "She's still your biggest fan."

"Is it advisable, doctor?"

"Go for it!"

Spock stared, clueless, for a couple more seconds before he nodded, and lifted the child effortlessly into his arms. Lyra flashed him a big content grin, then wrapped her thin arms around Spock's neck and settled her head on his shoulder, directly in the curve of his neck and closed her eyes again.

"Well, I'll be damned." Dr. McCoy whispered eyeing the alien and child in front of him. "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't-"

"Doctor McCoy, is she awake?"

Both man and alien turned their eyes towards the door where Nurse Chapel and Uhura both stood frozen halfway in.

Uhura was the first one to shake the shock away. Stepping quickly into the room she flashed Spock a disapproving glare, and then turned to McCoy and began, "Doctor, I-"

"Dammit, Uhura, look at her. She's fine! Spock figured out she had epilepsy and I gave her a shot. She woke up almost immediately. Her cries ceased as soon as her eyes settled on him. Almost like he was the only one she saw." McCoy smiled at the memory. "Like he's the only one she wants."

Uhura turned rapidly cooling brown eyes on Spock. Spock looked at her and blinked.

"Please accept my apologies, Lieutenant Uhura," he nodded towards Chapel," nurse Chapel, all I had wanted to know was her origin. I did not want to cause her or any one of you any pain." and then Spock turned his attention to Dr. McCoy. "Doctor, how would one get the child to loosen her hold a bit? It's getting to be somewhat uncomfortable."

For the rest of Spock's long life he would never understand why Dr. McCoy burst into laughter so suddenly after he had asked his question. Or why nurse Chapel and Uhura soon followed with loud giggles. He hadn't done anything foolish. Had he?

Not one to enjoy being out of the loop, Spock decided quickly to take his leave. Knowing that there was no way he was going to be able to leave without the child currently wrapped around his body like a spider monkey, he carefully twisted his neck around a bit to allow for more mobility and then wrapped an arm under her backside, and began walking towards the door as dignified as ever. He skilfully avoided the amused face of Nurse Chapel as he passed her by the door and continued on his way down the hallway.

He spent the entire walk back to his quarters doing the exact same thing he had had to do in sickbay, avoid the curiously amused faces of the people he passed on the way.

As soon as he and the child made it back to his quarters, Spock set her down gently on the nearest surface and quirked an eyebrow when he noticed that she was looking at him with a sleepy smile and much the same look in her small eyes. However, unlike the others, her look seemed to be tinged with something he just could not put his finger on.

"Very interesting."


P.S: Lyra is yet unnamed, but she will be named in the upcoming chapters if I want to write more.