Pairing: JasonxMichael


Jason, Ghostface is trying to molest me again! Michael cried, hurrying over to the other, bigger killer. Voorhees just let out an annoyed sigh and rolled his eyes. He laid down the book that he'd been reading—The Lovely Bones—and stood up. Michael quickly proceeded to cower behind the hulking killer as Ghostface entered the room.

"I told you not to run away! God damn it, Myers, now whenever I do manage to get my hands on you, it's gonna be worse than if you just wouldn't have run to really fucked yourself now, idiot."

I don't wanna fuck myself! He nearly sobbed, pulling on the hem of Jason's old, tattered jacket. Make him quit!

"Shut up and get your ass over here before-"

No—shut the fuck up. Jason snapped, reaching out and grabbing Ghostface by his scrawny neck. Effortlessly, he lifted the serial killer up from off of the ground and began shaking him violently, all while Michael continued to cower behind him, terrified for his life. Here's the deal; you're going to leave Michael alone, you're going to stop being such a fucking rapist, and you're going to get out of my God damn sight, because you make me sick to my stomach. Do you understand?

"I...uh..." he glanced over at his love, his heart's desire, Michael, and then back over to Jason. He knew too well that the other killer could and would rip him apart easily, and although he couldn't exactly die, being severed in half would be quite an inconvenience to his current living situation. "Okay...but just remember that you can't be around to protect him forever; one day you'll look away for a second—no, a mili-fraction-tenth-hundredth of a second, and he'll be mine."

Underneath his mask, Jason was sneering at the killer's words. He just threw Ghostface across the room and thought angrily, Now get out of the fucking apartment and go track Kruger or something. I've had enough of your queer bullshit.

Ghostface made a quick exit, and so Michael finally calmed down. He sat down on the floor beside the couch and hugged his knees to him, hid his face—or his mask, rather—from the view of the other killer. Jason, realizing that it was high time for he and Myers to have a serious talk, sighed tirelessly and planted himself right next to the smaller, younger killer. Well, he thought, nudging him in an encouraging way, like I said when we first moved in—if he ever gives you any trouble, just come and find me.

So you're not mad?

He immediately shook his head. Nope. Why would I be?

Because I... he thought for a moment, ran a hand shakily thru his wild hair, then finally shrugged. 'Cause I ask you for help so damn much...doesn't it get old sometimes?

Under his mask, Jason was smiling warmly over at the other killer. His dark eyes shined with something of tender affection as he scooted closer to Michael and thought silently, Not at all. Besides, I can't let him just do that to you.

Yeah, thanks. He thought miserably, looking away and swallowing. Sometimes I wish you were always with me, 'cause maybe then he wouldn't try it so much.

I know. He draped an arm over Michael's quaking shoulders and pulled him into an awkward embrace.

Despite the fact that the two were very close—best friends, in fact—Jason still had trouble transferring his emotions into words. When it came to displaying any kind of affection towards anyone, he also froze up. Although every killer suffered with this, he was probably the worst off...well, Kruger came in a close second, only because he blocked out anything that was kind or halfway decent with cruelty and violence, just because the thought of accepting any form of affection petrified him. Michael, however, seemed to be a different case entirely. Even though he was the youngest of them all and he'd received absolutely no love or attention throughout his whole, miserable life, he was still able to somehow occasionally get past his own self-made boundaries and show some glimmer of emotion. What was amazing was even that he knew what emotion felt like, because most of his childhood he'd been so heavily medicated that he couldn't even remember any point up until a few years ago, when he'd first broken loose from his mental asylum.

Anyway, Jason was well aware that even if he put himself out there a little bit, Michael would fall into him, happy to have an excuse to cling to someone. That's what he loved so much about the other killer...well, that among other things. Like now, how when he made such a simple gesture as to put his arm around the other killer, he became the victim of a tight embrace. Michael fell into his lap and curled up there, quite like some kind of cat, and Jason felt himself growing red under his mask. Despite the fact that he was totally against Ghostface and his gayness, he openly accepted any kind of attention Michael gifted him with—whether it be homosexual or not.

Hey, Jason?



Yeah, sure.

Hey, guess what?

Why did Myers always have to think so damn much? It ruined the moment. What, idiot?

You're still my favorite.

Of course, by 'favorite', Michael meant that Jason was his favorite person in the world. The hulking killer didn't know exactly when he'd earned the role as his friend's favorite person, but he accepted it nonetheless.


It was an oddly quiet night in San Antonio. Since Freddy was out killing his usual quota of teenagers and Ghostface was wandering the streets looking for better cell phone reception, this left Michael and Jason alone. They were both sitting side by side watching some show on outer space and black holes. Jason looked over to Michael and thought happily, It's so great when they're not here.

Michael nodded. Yep.

We don't have to watch their stupid crap.


Under his mask, Jason frowned. Michael, do you actually even understand what's going on in the show?

Michael rolled his eyes at this condescending remark. Of course, Jason. I'm not stupid. [warning, factual information learning-stuff ahead]] Despite its invisible interior, Michael began, the presence of a black hole can be inferred through its interaction with other matter and with light and other electromagnetic radiation. Matter falling onto a black hole can form an accretion disk heated by friction, forming some of the brightest objects in the universe. If there are other stars orbiting a black hole, their orbit can be used to determine its mass and location. This data can be used to exclude possible alternatives (such as neutron stars). In this way, astronomers have identified numerous stellar black hole candidates in binary systems, and established that the core of our Milky Way galaxy contains a supermassive black hole of about 4.3 million solar masses. See? Simple.

Uh...right. Jason thought, feeling a headache coming on. They lapsed into silence again until the commercial break. At last Jason thought to his companion, Michael, I know that I don't say it much, but...well...forget it.

What? Michael wondered. I want to know.

Jason looked away and thought with embarrassment, I really don't mind hanging out with you...that much.

Thanks. Same here.

I mean, even if you are an idiot and all. In fact, I like the fact that you're dumb because it makes me feel that much smarter.

Micahel became a little sulky and thought, Well I'm not that dumb.

Jason chortled at this and reached over. He gave the other killer a supportive slap on the shoulder. Yeah, right. Sure you're not. There was silence again until Michael dared to think.

You know, you're my best friend...not that I need friends, it's just—well, you know...

Yeah, Jason agreed, I know. They both shifted awkwardly on the couch, neither of them used to being so open with their emotions. Jason became tense when Michael began inching closer to him on the sofa. Michael, what are you-

Jason, I've never asked anyone this, but...

Wh-What? He thought, becoming a little nervous.

Michael frowned and looked down at the ground, seemingly ashamed. Jason, can I maybe have a hug? He thought this so hopefully that the other slasher was powerless to refuse. Jason knew Michael's history too well; the abusive childhood that Myers had endured was frighteningly similar to his own, the only difference being that he himself had been given a mother who loved and accepted him. He suspected from the way that Michael was so ashamed that he might never have really been hugged. Jason felt his heart fill with something akin to sympathy and sorrow.

Michael, he thought, encouraging the other killer to come closer, come here. He allowed Michael Myers to crawl into his lap and embrace him. He hugged him back tightly, protectively. Listen, Jason thought as the other man curled up in his arms, let's keep it a secret between us, but if you ever want a hug, I'll give you one, okay?

He could tell that under his mask, Myers was blushing. Okay, thanks.

Even though the hug was over, Jason still allowed the other killer to lay in his lap. Although he had no clue how to be somewhat socially acceptable, he'd still spent the majority of his adult life watching teenagers socialize, so he did have some idea of what to do now. Jason carefully ran a hand thru Michael's hair and thought, We should have alone time more often.


Jason hated his life. He hated, hated, hated it so much. For some reason Freddy always thought it amusing to send he and Ghostface out to get tacos for taco night. This meant that once a month Jason would have to haul Ghostface away from Michael, drive to Taco Bell, and make a huge order that consisted of about a dozen soft tacos, ten crunchy supreme tacos, and nine chalupas. He hated it, and as he sat there waiting for the Winnebago to warm up Ghostface was getting on his nerves more than usual.

"Michael wanted soft tacos...heh...get it, Voorhees, soft tacos? Huh? Get it? Soft? Get i-"

I swear, if you don't shut up I will kill you. He thought miserably, resting his head on his hand. He felt a pounding headache coming on, and Ghostface wasn't making it better.

The other killer didn't shut up, though. "Why don't you ever get anything more than a supreme? Don't you like tacos?"

Fuckface, let me perfectly clear with you, Jason thought, trying to keep himself calm. I HATE tacos, I HATE taco night, and I HATE you, so why don't you just shut the hell up? Ghostface did indeed become silent at this. He turned and faced the window. After a while as they pulled into the busy streets of San Antonio, Jason began to feel guilty. Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, I just...I have a headache.

"No, it's okay. I get it. I'm annoying." he said, sighing. "I just—well, I'd hoped that out of everyone in the apartment, you'd be the one who would have some patience with me."

Damn. Jason sighed. Why was he always expected to be the calm, reasonable one? Why did everyone come running to him with their problems and ask him to fix their fucked up lives? Ghostface, look, I'm not Michael. I'm not going to put up with your shit. Either you talk to me like a mature, semi-intelligent human being or keep your mouth shut. Act like an adult around me, or I'll just ignore you.

Ghostface pondered these words for a moment before scoffing. "Of course you have to throw Michael's name in there, huh? two are so...ugh..."

So what? Jason narrowed his eyes at the other killer. We're not 'so' anything! We're not even friends, I was just trying to prove a point.

"Just shut up! You're so annoying!" Ghostface snapped, punching the dashboard of the car. Jason's response to this was to give the killer a good slap while yielding for traffic. "You act like I'm stupid! You know how much I like Myers, and you always throw his name around like it's nothing! Nice job fucking with my emotions. Talk about mature."

I'm not throwing anyone's name around, I'm making a point!

"I see how you two are always together...I see it all, Voorhees."

Jason rolled his eyes and pulled up into the Taco Bell drive-thru. You're being stupid. We aren't always together, he just comes to me when he has a problem, just like you and Freddy do.

"But you actually solve his problems! You couldn't give less than a fuck about us!"

Because you're annoying and he's-

"He's perfect!" Ghostface exclaimed, sounding crazed and insane. He reached over, gripped Jason's old, tattered jacket, and shook him violently, "Can't you see that? You're so lucky! He is...his ass...his body..."

Get the hell off of me! Jason snapped, pushing the other killer's face into the window. The glass splintered and cracked. He sighed. Great. I'm going to have to pay for that. In all honesty, he rarely ever lost his cool. Usually he always managed maintain himself, but for some reason just the way that Ghostface had been talking about Michael...he snapped. Finally he managed to regain his composure. Look, he thought, turning his attention back to Ghostface, if you want to be your usual asshole self, that's fine, but the second you start talking about Myers like that...I swear, I really will kill you.

"Uh-huh." Ghostface nodded, seemingly terrified. "Right, sorry. I didn't mean it. I mean, I'm sure you've noticed his ass yourself, so I really didn't even need to bring it u-"

Shut up! Jason punched Ghostface in the stomach as hard as he could. Not another word about him! Just quit! All was quiet until they pulled up and Ghostface placed their order. Once that was done he sat right back down in his seat, still gripping his stomach.

"You have anger issues, just like Michael. I guess that's why you two go so good together, huh?"

I'll KILL you! Jason got out his machete and raised it, but hesitated. Ghostface had raised up his arms in some kind of desperate defense.

"Wait, it was a compliment! I wasn't saying anything bad, just relax!"

But we don't go together at all!

"Listen, you can fool Freddy, but not me." he said, backing as close to the car door as possible. Jason lowered his machete and relaxed a little.

Just watch your mouth around me, alright?

"Okay." he agreed.

They got their huge order filled after about half an hour then went back to the apartment. As soon as Jason walked into the room, his arms laden with tacos, Freddy jumped on top of him, taking most of them for himself and hoarding them just so nobody else could get any. In the end, because of Ghostface and Freddy's selfishness, Jason was only left with one chalupa. He sat down at the table and unwrapped it. Without thinking, he doused it with mild hot sauce—Michael's favorite—and passed it over to him. Michael gave him a surprised look, as did everyone else in the apartment.

"Hey, Hockeypuck, what the fuck are you-"

Just shut up. This is my business, so just keep eating. Jason thought angrily at Freddy. He then turned to Michael. Eat it, will you? I'm not hungry.

Myers gladly ate the taco. Ghostface watched this selfless display then glanced down at his ridiculous hoard of tacos. He took two from his pile of Taco Bell goodness, then ventured over to where Jason and Michael were sitting. The two silent killers always sat away from everyone else. He presented the two tacos to Jason and said discreetly, "Like I said, you can't fool me."


Nightmares. Michael had them every single night, and since he along with Ghostface were forced to sleep on the floor while Freddy and Jason took the couch, he was usually left to console himself. One night, however, something changed. As they all prepared for bed, Jason halted their usual cycle. He laid down on the floor and thought, I want Ghostface to take my place on the couch tonight if that's okay.

"Fuckface? No way, no fucking-" despite Freddy's protests, as soon as Ghostface had heard this, he'd collapsed onto the couch and gone to sleep immediately. Freddy then glared at Jason. "You'll pay for this later, you fucking idiot."

Oh, wow. Terrifying. Jason thought, rolling his eyes and settling next to Michael on the floor. With that, they all went to sleep. Or at least, Jason tried to go to sleep, but Michael kept asking him odd questions.

Are you going to rape me?

What? No! Jason thought, disgusted at this notion. Why would I do that?

Michael was shaking he was so scared. Because every night after you go to sleep, Ghostface takes me and-

Okay, I get it, but no, none of that. Just go to sleep, okay?

Okay. Michael closed his eyes. There was a long moment of silence before he pried, So you promise there won't be any rape?


Alright, goodnight.

Jason drifted off to sleep only to be awoken a few hours later by the sound of Michael whimpering. He opened his eyes and scooted a little closer to the other killer. Hey, are you okay? Mike? He seemed to be sleeping. Hey, wake up! He roughly shook Michael by his shoulder and forced him to wake up. What the hell is wrong with you?

Bad dream.


No big deal. I have them all the time. Michael curled up into a protective ball and shut his eyes tightly. I'll be fine.

Jason frowned under his mask. He glanced over to the couch to make sure that Freddy and Ghostface were still sound asleep, then pulled Michael into his arms. He held him there and thought, Maybe you should go back to sleep?

He nodded. Yeah. Sorry, Jason. I'm stupid.

Yeah, he thought back, you are, but I don't really mind...that much.



I decided to write this a while back, especially after receiving so many requests that Jason and Michael get together. The reader should be reminded that this is non-canon, and wasn't part of the real Scream For Me plot. It was only written for the reader's enjoyment.