A New Beginning—Part 2 of the Scream For Me series
Episode 1

It was agreed by all four killers that life hadn't been kind to them the past few years; they'd been confined to a shoddy apartment, and now they all had warrants for their arrest. The slightest mistake would get them arrested and cause a hassle which none of them felt like dealing with. After the incident at Wimbleton Apartments, several alternate plans of living were discussed, none of which involved the four serial killers splitting up.

They could flee to Elm Street, but since Freddy had taken his leave it was now over populated by teenagers, and nobody felt like having to deal with that. Of course Haddonfield, Illinois was always an option—a small community, but one that was fraught with paranoia. The odds that any mask-wearing, blade-wielding psychopath could inhabit the suburbs of this city without getting shot were slim. The third choice was Ghostface's hometown of Woodsboro. He made it obvious that he wished to return there and finish what he'd started so many decades ago, but seeing how badly he wanted to achieve his dream only made Freddy laugh. It was unanimously decided that Ghostface would in fact not ever reach his goal of moving back to Woodsboro. This only left one place, the most secluded, scenic place of all...

"Oh, my dear Jason has finally come home! Oh, darling! Come here and let mommy give you a hug!" Mrs. Voorhees exclaimed as she launched herself at her son. "I'm so happy that you've decided to move back home!"

Freddy, Ghostface, and Michael were thankfully busy unloading their few things from the Winnebago, so they couldn't see just how embarrassed Jason was as he hugged his mother. Thanks for letting me and my...ugh...it still killed him to think it, but he knew that he must. ...friends stay.

As it turned out, Mrs. Voorhees was more than happy to let her son and his new friends move back into the cabins of Camp Crystal Lake. "I'm just happy that my big, strong Jason has made some little friends to play with."

Jason sighed. Mommy, I don't 'play'. I'm not ten years old anymore; I'm a grown man in my twenties. Can't we-

"Fifties!" Ghostface exclaimed, walking up to the hulking killer, "Don't lie, you're like what? Fifty-nine?"

I am not that old, damn it! I'm-

"The bitch is thirty-something. Who gives a fuck?" Freddy broke in, giving Mrs. Voorhees a warm, fake smile. He held out his razored hand to her, offering a civil handshake. Immediately her eyes grew murderous. She swatted his hand away.

"Are you that mean boy who picks on my Jason?"

He laughed at this and elbowed a shamed Jason Voorhees in the ribs. "Hockeypuck, you told her that I pick on you?! What a bitch!"

The tall, hulking killer was now thoroughly embarrassed. What could make this reunion worse? From over by the Winnebago there came a loud thought of, Jaaaaasssssssssooooonnnn, I can't find my spare mask! Where is it?

He went over to help Michael search for the missing item. Idiot, how should I know? I told you to put it under your seat so it wouldn't get lost.

Michael hopped out of the car and shrugged. Well I just looked everywhere and I can't find it.

I don't know where the fuck it is, okay?! My mother is over there embarrassing me and I don't have time to look for your stupid extra mask! Just as he thought this, Freddy let out a loud sound of disgust. Jason and Michael glanced back over at the three killers in surprise.

"Oh, sick, Fuckface! What are you doing?!"

Ghostface was holding Michael's spare white mask close to his face. He'd lifted up his own mask to reveal his mouth and nose and was loudly smelling it and licking the mouth part. Michael hid his face in his hands and went over to retrieve it. No, gross, stop it! That's no fair, I just bought that one!

"But it still smells like you...ahhh, so fucking good..." he hugged it to his chest and when Michael made another move to get it back, he stuck it in his pants. Jason rolled his eyes at this and went over to them.

Ghostface, give him back the mask.

"Oh, how wonderful!" Mrs. Voorhees exclaimed as she watched Michael and Ghostface quarrel. "I didn't know that you two had gotten married!"

Michael's eyes grew wide at this and he shook his head. No ma'am, we're not-

"Last June." Ghostface said proudly, hugging a resentful Myers to him. "It was beautiful—lots of cake and shit, real nice."

Mrs. Voorhees nodded and playfully slapped her son's shoulder. "Jason, why didn't you tell me that they were getting married?"

Because they're not—they didn't! Michael hates Ghostface! I've told you that before, mommy. He answered, reaching down Ghostface's pants to retrieve the mask. His eyes grew wide as he thought, G-Ghostface, why aren't you wearing underwear?

"Uggghhh fucking sick!" Freddy howled, backing away and shaking his head. "I can't believe this shit...dragged to a camp to live with a bunch of faggots..."

At last Voorhees managed to get the mask back. Once that was done he explained to his confused, oblivious mother, Mommy, please try and listen—Michael and Ghostface don't get along, no matter what Ghostface says, okay?

"Oh, I see. Well, that's fine. Good dear," she said, patting her son's head and smiling. She turned to the shady cabin that was behind them and said happily, "I've been waiting for this day for a long time, my dear Jason. You and one of your little friends can stay in one cabin, and another two can sleep in the other. I'll be in the one right next to you."

Mommy, you don't have to stay next to us. Jason thought, embarrassed. He turned to Michael and indicated the cabin. Wanna go put your stuff down?

"Uh...no, no, no!" Ghostface exclaimed, jumping forward in protest. "We never agreed on roommates! This is bullshit! You never said-"

But Mrs. Voorhees was already pulling a protesting Freddy and Ghostface over to the cabin to the right. It was only a few feet away from Michael and Jason's cabin, but still this wasn't good enough for Ghostface. He insisted that he not only sleep in the same room as Myers, but in the same bed as well. This resulted in an hour long lecture of personal space from Jason. Later Mrs. Voorhees barged into Jason's cabin and smiled at how well her son and his friend were getting along.

"Darling, I don't want to trouble you, but..."

Jason rolled his eyes and reached for his machete. Where are they?

"Off in the woods to the right."

How many?

"Four—three boys and one girl."


"Between twenty-one and twenty-three." she said sweetly, smiling at her son as he walked out of the cabin.

Just before Jason left he turned to Michael and thought, Myers, listen. I have to go do a job and kill some kids. Don't do anything stupid until I get back.

Okay. See you later.

With that, Jason walked off. Mrs. Voorhees watched him go, her eyes alight with affection for her only son. Michael noticed this and immediately felt uncomfortable. He shifted awkwardly in his seat and tried to think of an excuse to leave. Mrs. Voorhees wouldn't let him, though. "Mikey, dear, my son really seems to like you."

He shrugged awkwardly. Y-Yeah, I guess we're okay with each other. I mean, he hasn't tried to kill me in a whole week, which is really saying something. When he met he'd try to kill me at least twenty times a day.

She laughed at this and nodded. "Oh yes, my Jason." then her laughter gradually faded until there was only a long, drawn out silence between them. At last she said, "Oh, and Mikey?"

Yes, Mrs. Voorhees?

"You can call me mom if you want. Jason tells me that you never had a good family to raise you."

Michael turned red under his mask when he thought back to his horrible, neglectful parents. Yes ma'am—mom.

She gave Myers an unnerving smile. "Good, dear. I'll see you later for dinner."

If asked, Michael would've said that Mrs. Voorhees had always unnerved him. There was something about him that nobody else in the gang—aside from Jason—knew, and it was that often when he'd been fed up with life in the old apartment, he'd drive off in the night with whom he considered to be his best friend. He and Jason had taken a good many trips to Camp Crystal Lake before, as Jason really didn't like to leave his mother alone for more than a week. He knew Mrs. Voorhees relatively well, and every time she saw him she'd give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek; she'd treat him like her younger son, which was nice. She was also overly attached and clingy. This wasn't so nice. If there was anyone in the gang that Mrs. Voorhees loved besides her wayward son, it was Michael Myers, which is why later he met her at the camp kitchen to help her fix dinner.

That night Jason's mother gathered everyone up in her cabin and sat them down at a big table. She served them and said with a smile, "I'm so happy to have a family again." she said, glancing from Ghostface to Michael. Freddy, however, was obviously excluded from her indulgences. She clearly hated him.

Jason burst into the cabin and dropped the dead bodies of two teenagers at his mother's feet. Dinner time?

Truthfully, Jason had missed his mother's attention and was happy to take his usual seat by her side. Michael sat on her left, and he sat on her right. Freddy and Ghostface seemed out of place with the warm atmosphere. "So you cooked, Mrs. V.?" Ghostface asked as he dug into his plate of warm, delicious food. None of them had eaten real food that wasn't pizza in nearly a year. Michael remembered this, lifted up his mask slightly, and downed his first serving in a minute.

Mam, can I have some more? 'Mam' was his odd crossing between 'mom' and 'ma'am' that he'd settled on calling Mrs. Voorhees. She seemed delighted at his new name for her and thought it adorable.

"Oh, Mikey, you can have as much as you want, darling—here." she fixed him another plate.

Freddy saw Mrs. Voorhees' motherly display and chuckled. "Wow, Hockeypuck, I never knew how much your damn mother spoiled you."

"Yeah, I wish that I'd had parents who treated me this good." Ghostface agreed, eating quickly. Jason said nothing.

Mrs. Voorhees heard their compliments and shrugged them off. "It's a mother's job to spoil her son." then she said to her dear Jason, "Dear, did you manage to kill them all, or did you leave a straggler or two?"

Jason, who had been watching Michael address his mother with a mixture of disgust and jealousy, snapped back to reality and began eating slowly. I got most of them...

"Most?" Mrs. Voorhees' tone suddenly turned deadly. Immediately everyone stopped eating and gave the usually kindly woman a shocked look. Jason flinched away from his mother and shrugged like a kid caught doing something bad.

One of them ran really fast and-

"Well then why didn't you chase them, dear?" she spat the word out like it was dirt.

Freddy glanced from mother to son and said, his eyes wide with realization, "Ooohhh that's why you're so fucked up—'cause your mother's a fucking psycho-bitch."

"Jason!" Mrs. Voorhees exclaimed, making everyone jump, "How many times have I told you to finish what you start?!" she jumped up out of her seat, took her son's plate away, and slapped him roughly across the face. "No dinner until you finish what mommy sent you out to do!"

But mom, I'm hungry.

"Are you retarded? I said go!" she yelled, pointing to the door. Her son sighed, got up, and went out of the door. The others watched him go with expressions of horror.

"Uhh...Mrs. V., are you okay?" Ghostface asked the fuming woman. She ignored him and began pacing about the room, mumbling insanely to herself.

"They said that they'd watch him, my Jason, but they didn't...kill her, mommy, kill her...oh, my poor Jason..."

Ummm...mam, are you okay?

"Okay? Am I..." Mrs. Voorhees snapped back to normal and laughed lightheartedly. She sat back down and resumed her meal. "Mikey, don't forget to eat your vegetables; you want to grow up big and strong like my dear Jason."

Mam, I am a grown-up.

She chuckled as if he were just a child playing make-believe. "Haha, of course you are, dear, of course you are."

Later Freddy dragged Ghostface over to Michael and Jason's cabin. Jason had returned just a few minutes before covered in blood, exhausted, and hungry, but still Freddy called out, "Family meeting!"

"So we're a family now?" Ghostface asked, rolling his eyes and sitting on one of the small beds in Michael and Jason's cabin.

Freddy turned to him and snapped, "Shut the hell up, Fuckface. I never said family, I said group meeting."

"You said-"

"Shut the fuck up!" Freddy yelled, beating his fist against the wall of the cabin. He turned his temper on Jason and cried out, "Alright, I gotta admit that coming here seemed like a pretty fucking stupid plan to begin with, and now your mom turns out to be a God damn psycho-bitch from Hell!"

She's not a psycho-bitch! Jason argued, she's a lovely woman who's just lonely! She misses me, that's all!

Well she did kind of call you retarded. Michael pointed out.

So what? You guys call me that all the time.

To be honest she scared the crap out of me.

What? She loves you guys! Well…Freddy not so much, but she loves you and Ghostface.

"I don't want to be her fucking son!" Ghostface said, shuttering as he remembered his own childhood and parents—or lack thereof. "I didn't even want my own parents being my parents!"

"And she treats me like crap." Freddy chimed in.

Only because you treat me—along with every other person in the damn world—like crap. Jason pointed out, leaning leisurely against the back wall of the cabin. Clearly nothing anyone was saying fazed him in the slightest.

Michael saw this and whined, Don't do that, idiot, you'll get blood on the walls!

Jason ignored this and thought out to every person in the room, Alright, look here—I'm not leaving my mom again. The last time I left her it was for nearly two years. She needs me, you guys. I'm the one who keeps the camp safe from those stupid teenagers, and I'm the one who takes care of her. Okay, she's a little crazy and emotionally and physically abusive, but that's only because she loves me.

Everyone was silent for a long moment. At last Freddy piped up. "Alright, Voorhees, I've said this once and I'll say it again—you're abso-fucking-lutley batshit crazy if you honestly think that your mom is sane."

Later that night it struck Freddy, Ghostface, and Michael how cold it could be. They sat in a single cabin shivering as Jason cleaned up the mess they'd made—the trio couldn't go anywhere without generally tearing a place apart. As Jason threw a pair of Ghostface's dirty underwear into a pile, he turned to the others and instructed, Alright, that's enough. Everyone stop pretending to be cold; Michael, go make sure that your side of the cabin is clean.

We're n-not pretending! Myers protested.

"It's really cold!" Ghostface snapped, huddling closer to a trembling Michael. "You never told us that it gets this cold at night!"

It's just a little chilly. So what? Jason said maturely, crossing his arms over his chest. Everyone exchanged glances. Ghostface looked over to Michael and under his mask he smiled slyly.

"I hate the cold." He snuggled up to the other serial killer and announced, "So I claim Myers as my blanket."

But I'm not a blanket! He protested, trying to push the other killer away. Leave me alone! God, I wish you were dead!

Outside of the cabin Mrs. Voorhees watched and listened carefully; she was stooped down by the door, trying not to be seen. She heard Michael's distress and a frown came upon her face. My Mikey, she thought, in trouble? Who could make him so sad?

She watched as Ghostface curled up in Michael's lap and kissed him everywhere he could. A little feeling of anger began to grow in Mrs. Voorhees' heart. She began to tremble as she watched the perverted killer do this, and she found that she was now rising up to her full height. "You think that you can take my little Jason's friend away from him?! Bad Ghostface, bad…I'll have to teach you a lesson like I did with all the others who hurt my Jason…I'll kill you."

She noted how depressed Jason looked as his best friend was touched and fondled, and it crossed her mind just how much her son loved the younger killer. It was then, as she turned and walked back to her own cabin, that Mrs. Voorhees began to crack all over again. She'd make that horrible Ghostface pay for stealing Michael away from Jason—or at least that's what was happening in her twisted mind. She'd make all of them pay.

Inside of the cabin Michael could stand it no longer. He broke free of Ghostface's grasp and ran out of the cabin. Jason went to follow him, thinking, Hey, wait! You can't go outside at night, it's dangerous, Mike!

Just leave me alone! He thought, slamming the door behind him. I'm not a little kid, I can take care of myself!

Michael did the only thing he knew; he ran deep into the forest of Camp Crystal Lake and didn't stop until he stumbled and fell over something. Ow…what the hell? He looked around to see what had tripped him and was surprised to see an old teddy bear lying in a clearing. Slowly Michael rose up and made his way over to it, his eyes shining with curiosity. Who would leave a teddy bear all the way out here?

The stuffed animal was clearly old and worn, missing a button eye and a large bit of stuffing. The red bow that it had tied around its neck was in tatters, and a lopsided smile was stitched onto his mouth. Michael leaned down and picked it up carefully, rubbing away years of dead leaves and forest filth. He turned the teddy bear over in his hands and smiled. Would you like to be my new friend? He thought to the decaying animal. I'll call you—

"My name is Bartholomew, you idiot." The bear said, glaring at Michael.

Of course the killer was shocked that a stuffed animal could speak at all, but after he considered it, this wasn't so strange. After all, he heard voices in his head all the time, so why couldn't stuffed teddy bears speak? He turned the bear over so that he could clearly see its face and said silently, That's a stupid name for a bear. I will call you Bear.

"But that's not my name! It's—"

Ssshhh, it's okay, Bear. You're my special friend now and you can make all the bad go away. Michael thought, sitting down on the forest floor. He hugged the bear to his chest and smiled childishly under his mask. He'd had a friend like this when he'd been younger; now as he cradled the bear to him he felt a small bit of his human soul returning to him. The bear, on the other hand, was disgusted.

"Take me home." He instructed Michael. The serial killer nodded and stood up quickly. He had to show Jason his new, special friend, he decided. Only Voorhees would appreciate this kind of remarkable discovery. As he reached his cabin, he wasn't surprised to see that Freddy and Ghostface were still there. He burst inside and held out the grubby bear for all to see.

Look what I found! It's a—

"A baby toy. Good job, Myers." Ghostface said, rolling his eyes.

Freddy just laughed and exclaimed, "You're such a kid, Myers! Damn, how can Voorhees put up with you?!"

Michael ignored their teasing and presented the stuffed animal to Jason, who looked upon it with contempt. Yes, I see. It's a very nice bear, Mike, but put it away, okay? The adults are talking.

No, wait! It talks, just listen. Michael said to Bear, Go on, talk to them like you talked to me.

"They can't hear me, Michael. Only you can hear me." The bears said, its smile curling upwards into a grin of pure evil.

There, you see?! Michael said to everyone, waving the bear around like a madman. Jason, Freddy, and Ghostface exchanged looks of skepticism.

At last Ghostface said, "You've finally cracked, Myers. Look, give me the bear." He held out his hand, and resentfully Myers handed it over. Ghostface then shook the thing, sending stuffing flying everywhere, and he said quite logically, "Michael, stuffed animals don't talk, see? He isn't saying a thing, it's all in your fucked up head."

No it's not! He's my new friend and he really talks and…and…

Michael, please just stop. Jason thought firmly, pulling the other killer into a brief hug. Look, it's attention you want, you have it. Just stop pretending, okay?

No! He's real and he's talking right now! Michael thought sadly, taking back his stuffed bear. Freddy laughed at his childish behavior hysterically.

"You're an idiot if you think that thing can talk! Damn, you're really a kid!" he punched Michael roughly in the stomach and pushed him away. "Now go brush your teeth and change into your jammies, okay asshole? It's past your bedtime."

Michael looked at them all and sighed. He realized that they just didn't understand—most people didn't. He'd hoped, however, that perhaps Jason might see what he saw in the bear. This was no ordinary stuffed animal. It was alive. Michael threw himself down on his bed and glared at the wall, hugging the bear to him. Jason saw this and rolled his eyes.

Don't be dramatic, Mike.

Don't call me that! He thought snappishly. My name's not 'Mike', it's Michael.

Oh…okay. Jason thought, seeming kind of hurt at his friend's outburst. He didn't hesitate to go over and gently put the covers over the younger killer. Glancing back over at the others and seeing that they were busy destroying whatever part of the cabin they could, Jason seized the opportunity to quickly run a hand thru Michael's hair and then back away. Goodnight.

Michael ignored this display of affection and instead thought quietly to his bear, You're the only one who understands me…you're my new best friend.

"Good," Bear said to him, blinking his good button eye, "now kill them all."


A crazed serial killing mother? A strange talking teddy bear? What the hell am I thinking, you may ask. Well it's simple; the new season of Scream For Me will be more bizarre than ever. Bear is really a personification of Michael's childlike instincts. As for Mrs. Voorhees…well, before this is over, almost everyone will be dead. Sound promising? Well then read the next episode. Trust me, things will get more interesting. Thanks for reading and for all the reviews. I appreciate it.