Part 2 of the Scream For Me series

Episode 2—Maskless

Scream like you never have before,
Scream till you can't scream anymore,
Scream like your throats are bleeding,
Scream till your hearts stop beating,

-Slipknot, Scream

The next few weeks brought nothing of note. Our four killers fell into a dull, monotonous schedule that included sleeping, eating, more sleeping, trying to kill each other, and in the case of Ghostface, proposing a Vegas wedding between he and Michael that included a wedding cake made strictly out of his favorite Little Debbie snacks, honeybuns. Of course this, which promised to be the most interesting event of our time, was quickly put to an end with Michael's refusal to commitment. So we now join our four killers as they indulge themselves to a quiet day at the lake.

Ghostface ran off the dock and announced loudly, "Hey, watch this!"

Nobody paid him any mind as he launched his skinny, pale body off of the dock and into the murky depths of Camp Crystal Lake. He splashed down into the water, sending a shower of dirty lake water on the other two killers who were busy trying to relax. Michael, who had his teddy bear cradled to his chest, was stationed a ways away on the dock. The only reason that he was even with the others was because Jason didn't want to leave him by himself because of his self-destructive habits. Now he sat looking sullenly at Bear, his normal outfit now reduced to nothing but his boxers. He dangled his feet in the water and sighed.

Jason was the only one who had noticed his friend's antisocial behavior. He went over to him and sat down. Although Freddy had insisted that everyone stop being pussies and wear their underwear to swim like 'real men', Jason had refused. He sat there in his pants and jacket, shirtless. He reached a hand out to Michael and was startled when the younger killer slashed his kitchen knife at him and cut his hand.

Ow! Mike, what the hell?! He asked, reeling back.

Leave me alone! Michael thought snappishly, scooting away from him. I fucking told you that I just want to be left alone with Bear.

Michael, look, it's a nice day. Why not just sit out and enjoy—hey! He looked over and saw Freddy and Ghostface wrestling in the lake and trying to drown each other. Stop that! What did I say?! What was the only fucking rule I told you? Don't try to kill each other! He got to his feet then hurried over to where Freddy and Ghostface were bickering.

"You stupid fuck, you know I don't like getting my hat wet!" Freddy howled as he tried to get his hat away from Ghsotface. The other talking killer let out a laugh and dove under the water, the top hat clutched tightly in his hands. Jason sighed and went in after him.

After hauling Ghostface back onto the dock, Jason held out his hand. Give me the damn hat!

"What hat?"

Asshole! He thought in exasperation as he forcibly made Ghostface give him the hat. He took it then threw it back at Freddy. Don't do that again! You know how he has a fetish for that fucking hat.

"I do not have a fetish for it!" Freddy protested, climbing up out of the lake onto the dock. "It just makes me look sexy."

Really? You think so, do you? Jason asked, sitting on top of Ghostface so that the smaller killer wouldn't move.

"What—let me go! Get off, fatass!" Ghostface howled, kicking and screaming violently.

No, Jason thought, putting more of his weight on the younger killer. Because every time I let you go, you just fuck up again. If this is going to work out without me killing myself, you guys are gonna have to learn some discipline.

"D-Discipline?!" Ghostface asked fearfully, "But I'm allergic to that stuff!"

"Save it, Hockeypuck is just being an ass." Freddy said, crossing his arms over his chest. "Discipline isn't real, it's like a fucking bedtime story that parents tell their kids to scare them."

You're getting a time-out next, Kruger.

"I'd like to see you try. What about Myers? He should get a time-out for being so goddamn antisocial." Freddy said defensively. Over a ways away Michael looked up and blinked, clearly not having followed the conversation at all.


"You're a fucking freak, man!" Freddy teased, kicking some water over at Michael. The serial killer flinched back and covered Bear from the water. This only made the other two talking killers laugh harder. Jason, however, was not amused. Before he could discipline them further, however, Mrs. Voorhees came up to them, a smile on her face. She was carrying a tray of sandwiches.

"Hello, dears. I think it's lunch time."

"Aw fuck yeah it is!" Freddy exclaimed, hurrying over to the woman. She pushed him away and presented the food to Michael and Jason.

"Are my two darlings hungry?"

"But there are four sandwiches!" Ghostface cried out sadly. "Don't me and Freddy even get one?!"

She cast him a deadly glare and said curtly, "Don't be ridiculous; there's two for my Jason, one for Mikey, and one for his darling Bear. Here." She said, handing Myers his two sandwiches. He took them and gave her a quiet thank-you. Jason, however, only took one, having remembered Ghostface's 'fatass' comment.

I'm going on a diet, mom. I don't need two, just one.

"Jason, don't be silly." She said, eyeing his muscular frame. "You're not fa—"

Just…please, mom. He said, looking down.

Michael watched him and thought of telling his friend that he wasn't fat, but Bear whispered in his ear, "Hey, dumbass, give me my sandwich."

Okay, Bear. He thought, feeding his teddy bear part of his sandwich. He watched as the stuffed animal ate it and wondered how nobody else could see what he saw. He glanced over at Freddy and Ghostface and sighed. Am I really just crazy?

Hey, want my sandwich? Jason asked, holding out his food to the younger killer. Michael looked up at him, his dark, evil eyes shining with pity.

Is it 'cause Fuckface called you a fatass?

No! Th-That's not it at all…

"Tell him that he is a fatass!" Bear demanded. Michael heard this and shook his head.

He glanced down at Bear and thought, No, Bear, I will not tell him that he's a fatass!

"Why not?!"

Because it's not nice!

Uh…Mike? You okay?

Huh? He smiled up at Jason and nodded. Yep, great.

Still doing that thing where you think the bear is real?

He is real, Jason.

Yeah…right…I've gotta go talk to Freddy. He went over to where Ghostface and Freddy sat, talking amongst themselves, and pulled Freddy aside. Look, we have a problem and Ghostface is too stupid to help.

"Yeah, the problem is that you're a fatass." He said, laughing. Jason sighed.

You're really gonna joke about that, huh?

"Yep, me and Fuckface decided that's your new name." he said, smiling evilly. Jason wanted to tackle this subject, but he knew that he had more pressing problems as of then.

He motioned over to Michael and thought worriedly, Look, I'm worried about Myers. He's still insisting that the teddy bear is real, and—

"So fucking what?! The idiot's a total kid anyway! Remember the damn Chucky doll? Remember that time we went to McDonald's and he cried 'cause the kid at the other table got the toy he wanted? The guy's got some kind of an inferiority complex, and the only way he can feel like he's worth a shit to anyone is by trying to get attention by saying that the damn teddy bear is real." Freddy leaned a little closer to Jason and said in a quieter tone, trying to make sure that they couldn't be overheard, "C'mon, man, you're playing right into his stupid hands."

Jason took a long moment to consider Freddy's words. It could be true that Michael suffered from some extreme inferiority complex, and perhaps a touch of youngest child syndrome, but simply excusing his recent behavior wasn't an option for him. As much as he hated to admit it, he and Myers were friends. Best friends, he thought, and although he'd never had a best friend before, Jason knew that you shouldn't let your best friend suffer. Besides that, there was something about that teddy bear that unnerved him.

At last he thought, pushing Freddy back, You know what? I'm sorry I asked for your help at all. Just piss off. I'll figure this out on my own, just like every other fucking thing. He turned and went to walk away, but then another thought came to him. He smiled under his mask and thought, And it's too bad, y'know.

"What's too bad, fatass?" Freddy demanded. It was his business to know everything, and he wouldn't let some hockey puck like Jason keep secrets from him.

Jason stared at the ground as he thought, It's too bad that Myers is almost out of his medicine.

"What the fuck does that have to do with me? Why should I give a fuck?"

Well, I just figured that once he runs out, well…you see how crazy he is now. When he runs out of his anti-depressants, anger pills, ADHD, and schizophrenia medicine we'll all be fucked. He'll kill you first, I think. Then it'll be Fuckface, then—

"Shut up!" Freddy cried, catching up to Jason. He punched him hard in the ribs, trying to get his attention, "You're joking…you always keep on top of his medicine. You know when to refill his prescriptions, right?"

Jason cast him a clueless glance. I don't know…do I?

And so it was in this manner that Freddy Kruger and Michael Myers woke up early the next morning and set out to the nearest town to find a pharmacy to fill the prescriptions. Ghostface and Jason elected to stay behind to watch after Mrs. Voorhees who, as the days went on, became more and more catatonic. Michael didn't even leave voluntarily. During the early morning hours Jason actually got up and picked him up, along with Bear, and carried him into the Winnebago himself. He tucked the teddy bear in with Michael and threw a blanket over the younger killer. As Freddy hauled his tired form into the car, Jason pressed his mask against Myers', in an attempt to give him a kiss. This was awkward since his lips actually only touched the inside of his hockey mask, but it was a charming gesture nonetheless.

He patted Michael's hand gently and thought to him quietly, Be safe and please don't make Freddy mad.

He then backed away from the car and watched as it sped off into the lifting grayness of morning. Once that was done he went back to his cabin and fell back into a fitful sleep. The next thing that awoke him was the howling of Ghostface. Jason shot up in his bed and looked around. What? M-Michael? Are you okay?

"Dear fucking God, she's trying to kill me!"

He snapped back to reality as he realized it wasn't his best friend yelling—it was Ghostface. Jason jumped out of bed and hurried out of his cabin and into the one that the two talking killers usually shared. To his surprise Ghostface was standing on his bed, covering his face. Jason took in the scene and sighed in relief and frustration.

Ghostface, what the hell was up with you screaming?! It's nine in the morning and I'm tired!

"Wh-What?" Ghostface uncovered his face and looked around frantically. "Hey, man your mom was just in here and—"

Oh not this again. Jason thought angrily. Over the past few days both Freddy and Ghostface had come to him with wild stories of his dear mother trying to kill them. As hard as it was for the logical, rational killer to believe that his dearest mother was a psychopath, something in his mind told him that it was true. He'd always known that his mother wasn't 'quite all there', as one might say. In fact, she was totally nuts, but this didn't stop Jason from loving her nonetheless. The stories that the two talking killers were formulating were also crazy. Now here Ghostface was, waking him up at dawn just when he'd managed to fall into a good sleep, and making up some stupid story.

Jason sighed and thought to Ghostface calmly, Okay, look, I know that you want attention, but this has gone too far. My mother—

"Is a fucking psycho-bitch that has it out for me and Kruger!" Ghostface completed, jumping down off of his bed. He went up to Jason and shook him violently as he tried to drive his point home, "Why can't you believe us?! She's trying to kill me and Freddy!"

And why would she try to do that?

"Because you're an asshole and you told her to!" Ghostface cried, looking around. He said, full of paranoia, "Fuck it, I bet she's here right now listening…come out, Mrs. Voorhees! I know what you're trying to do and it won't work!"

That's enough, stop it! Jason thought angrily, punching Ghostface in the ribs. The small killer doubled over in pain and let out a pathetic, agonized groan. Don't make fun of my mommy. She's a perfectly nice lady whose just trying to keep us all happy…and you and Freddy aren't exactly the easiest people to get along with. He turned to leave with that, but before he could go Ghostface said something else.

"Are you kidding?!" he asked, still gripping his stomach. "We're the most fucking agreeable people in the goddamn world—or at least I am. I'm fucking adorable."

Jason just rolled his eyes and went outside. He stared out at the sunrise over the lake and let out a worried sigh. He wondered how far along Michael and Freddy were. He wondered if he'd been right to manipulate Freddy into taking Myers along for a daytrip away…then again, maybe that's just what the younger killer needed. Jason knew that when he spent too much time here he tended to go a little crazy.

Mrs. Voorhees watched from outside of the cabin as her son and Ghostface had their argument. She smiled to herself and hid the small knife that she'd been carrying in her pocket. Ghostface was an idiot; first he thought that he could steal her Jason's best friend, now he thought that he could turn her son against her. How ridiculous. Yes, she'd tried to kill him, and it wasn't the first time. The past few weeks had been a series of death threats and attempted assassinations by the worrisome mother. Now that her Mikey was temporarily gone—she didn't know where her adopted son had wandered off to, but she assumed he wouldn't go far—it was the perfect opportunity to remove Ghostface from the picture.

After taking a moment to smooth out her sweater and fix her hair into place, she plastered a big, fake smile on her face and strode into Ghostface's cabin. "Good morning, my darling."

The killer fell back against the wall, trying to defend himself from the woman. "G-Good morning?! You just came in and tried to kill me!"

Mrs. Voorhees laughed at this and shook her head. "No, no, you must've just had a bad dream. Come here, I'll make it better." She forced a resentful, terrified Ghostface into a tight hug and gently said into his ear, "Come now, darling, don't be scared. You're just stressed out, aren't you?"

"I…I guess I am." He said, relaxing a little. "Yeah, really stressed out."

"Then let's go fix some breakfast." Mrs. Voorhees said, nudging the killer in the direction of the door. He went out, his head hung low, mumbling to himself about how stressed out he was. If there was anything that Mrs. Voorhees knew, it was how to manipulate people.

Hours later Michael finally awoke to the sound of Freddy singing to the radio. He was puzzled; he didn't sleep in the came cabin as Freddy. Had Jason thrown him out? He let out a yawn and glanced over at the other serial killer. Freddy, what's going on? Are we going on an adventure?

"Yeah, you stupid fuck, we're going on a grand fucking adventure." He growled in response, gripping the steering wheel tighter. There was something about the way that Myers thought his thoughts that never failed to completely piss him off. To him the youngest killer sounded like the most ignorant motherfucker that had ever had the displeasure to tread upon the stinking Earth. Freddy had no patience at all normally, which meant that he had no toleration for Michael's childish behavior, which in Kruger's mind was a sure attempt at getting everyone's attention. After all, he figured, nobody could really be that stupid. Oh, how he underestimated Michael Myers' stupidity.

Hours of driving had given Freddy the opportunity to formulate a plan. Fuck the medications; that wasn't what was making Michael like this. It was that damn bear, and Freddy was going to get rid of it no matter what. He slyly held out his clawed hand to Myers and insisted, "How about I hold that bear of yours for a while."

Michael peered down at his stuffed friend to hear what he had to say. The bear looked up at him with his one good button eye and said, his voice full of hostility, "Do not hand me over to that stupid fuck! I only want to be with you, Michael. You're my best friend."

Myers then turned his attention back to Freddy and resentfully shook his head. No, Bear is my best friend. He wants to stay with me.

"Kill him, Michael," Bear whispered to him, "Kill them all; rip out their hearts and feed them to me…"


"Uh…I mean…give me a hug."

Michael obliged the Bear's request and hugged him close to his chest. "I love you, Bear."

Hmm, Freddy thought, frowning, this might be harder than I thought.

Back at camp Ghostface was busy helping Mrs. Voorhees cook breakfast. He watched her carefully as she brandished a huge knife before him and demanded harshly, "Would you cook the eggs please?"

He nodded and said fearfully, "Y-Yes ma'am."

Her voice softened and she came nearer him, the knife still in her hand. "Good, dear."

"Ah…Mrs. V.? Could you please put that knife down?" he asked politely, trying to edge away from her slowly. He didn't want to seem rude and really set her off. He'd never been so unnerved by a woman before in his life; there was something about Mrs. Voorhees that always had him on edge, though. He didn't know what it was, but…

"Don't tell me what to do!" she screeched, pounding a fist against the counter. Ghostface flinched and began sobbing, unsure of what to do.

"O-Okay, yes ma'am, I-I'm fucking sorry, I'm sorry…" I'm going to fucking die, he thought as Mrs. Voorhees haphazardly swung the knife around, cutting ham to put in with the eggs. He flinched away just as the blade whizzed past his neck. "Whoa! Lady, calm the fuck down! It's like you're trying to fucking kill me or something!"

It was then that he met the mother's eyes and saw nothing put pure hatred. A small, sadistic smile came upon Mrs. Voorhees' face as she held up the knife once again. "Now darling, why would I want to kill you? Because you're making my Jason's life harder? Because you're a disrespectful little—"

Hey, is breakfast almost done? Jason thought, barging into the kitchen. He took in the scene before him and under his mask he smiled. He went up to his mom and gave her an affectionate hug. Aw mom, you're the best, trying to teach an idiot like Ghostface how to cook.

Ghostface stood huddled in a corner, holding up a frying pan in a weak attempt at a defense. "T-Trying to what?! Teach me how to cook? Are you fucking kidding me?!" he watched as Jason was codled by his mother and threw the pan angrily onto the ground. "Are you blind, man? She was trying to fucking kill me!"

Don't be so dramatic, Fuckface, Jason thought shaking his head, a little work won't kill you.

"But she tried to kill me!" Ghostface insisted. Mrs. Voorhees gave him a deadly look and threw her knife at him. Thankfully by this time Ghostface was a master at dodging hits, and he managed to duck before the blade buried itself in his skull. Jason saw all of this and just shrugged.

It's just how she displays her love, man. My mother is very emotionally complex.

"E-Emotionally complex?!" the other killer demanded. "I'm about to be dead…complex…"

Jason rolled his eyes at this. You sound like an idiot.

"I am, but that's not the point!" Ghostface said, pulling the other killer aside from Mrs. Voorhees. "If you don't tell her that we're friends, then she's gonna kill me!"

But we're not friends.

Mrs. Voorhees heard this and her smile grew. Ghostface just let out a deep sigh and walked out of the kitchen. "I'm dead."

Meanwhile Freddy was busy formulating a grand master plan on how to finally get rid of Michael. In his mind the young, immature serial killer was nothing but a nuisance; he monopolized everyone's attention with his stupid antics, and now he was pretending that a teddy bear was alive. This pissed him off. If anyone should be the center of attention it was he, Freddy Kruger.

As they sped down the road that lead to the nearest town, Freddy finally came up with an idea. He pulled off to the side of the road and, after making sure that Myers was still peacefully slumbering, he grabbed the teddy bear from his arms and threw him out the window. Laughing, he then sped off again, the stuffed animal now far away. When Michael woke up later, he began looking around the vehicle frantically.

Where is he?! Where's Bear?

"Out the window a few miles back." Freddy answered, laughing manically. He was so busy focusing on his genius that he didn't see the dark, violent look that came into Michael's black eyes. Myers lunged at him, stabbing at him with his knife. This sent the car spinning off the road and into a tree. Freddy yelled, trying to push him away, but it was too late. They crashed.

"Fuck you, Myers! You stupid prick, look what you did!" he cried, pushing Michael off of him. He slashed his mask with his claws, sending shreds of white latex around the car. Michael, knowing that a small bit of his face was exposed, hurried to cover himself.

I fucking hate you, Freddy! He thought, crying out of frustration. You ruin everything!

"Look, Myers, you may have everyone else giving you attention, but I fucking refuse. You're an asshole, and I fucking hate your stupid ass." He pointed to the door of the Winnebago and demanded, "Get the fuck out of my car."

It's not your car. It's—

"Get the fuck out!" Freddy howled, kicking Michael into the door. Myers fell out of the wreck of the car onto the ground. He then raised up his middle finger to Kruger then ran off back in the direction of Camp Crystal Lake. Maybe if he was fast, he could still find Bear before anything bad happened to him.

As the sun rose up into the sky, Ghostface figured that it would be an ideal day to go out to the lake again. Since he was still fearful that Mrs. Voorhees would find him, he asked Jason to come along. Let me get this straight, Jason thought to him, his arms crossed over his broad chest, you want me to go alone with you, a rapist, to a secluded location, and to take off most of my clothes to swim with you in a filthy, dirty lake?

"Yep, sounds fun, huh?"

Fuck off. I'm busy.

So Ghostface made his way to the lake himself. He threw off his shirt, shoes, and pants and laid his skinny, pale form down on the dock to relax. Just as he began dozing off, his phone made a little buzzing noise. Ghostface arched a brow and sat up. Who would text him? He took the phone and lifted up his mask so he could better read the screen in the daylight.

"You shouldn't ever take off that mask, dear. You're horribly ugly."

Ghostface froze and asked fearfully, "M-Mrs. Voorhees?"

She ran up to him, took his mask, and threw it into the water. Ghostface jumped him and looked around, his full face now exposed for the first time in years. "Are you fucking crazy?!" Mrs. Voorhees laughed and lunged out, pushing him into the water angrily.

"Stay away from my Jason!"

Ghostface gagged and spat out a mouthful of water and let out a growl of annoyance. It was then that he realized that Mrs. Voorhees wasn't so much a threat as an annoyance. "Look, lady," he said calmly, "you've gotta stop doing this. It's annoying."

"Me? I'm the annoying one?!" she demanded.

"Yeah, you always follow Jason and try to control his life…God, it's like you have a fetish for your own kid! Oh yeah, and speaking of kids," Ghostface said, climbing up the dock and out of the water, "Myers isn't your son, no matter how much you like him. He'll never be your kid and he'll never fucking like you. Nobody likes you. You're a clingy, manipulative bitch who only cares about herself. Lady, just fuck off!"

Mrs. Voorhees stood there, her eyes wide. "Wh-What did you just say to me?"

Ghostface threw up his arms and yelled at her, "You fucking heard me, lady! Fuck off!"

They were both silent for a long moment before the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard. It was Jason. His shirt was off, as were his shoes, and he held in his hands a towel. Hey, sorry I was so bitchy earlier, Fuckface, but I think I'll hang out with you for a little while. When he saw the looks on his mother's face, and when he saw Ghostface's unmasked face he stopped. Is everything okay?

Mrs. Voorhees snapped back into her normal, caring self and nodded. "Yes dear, everything's fine. Me and your friend were just having a chat."

Why is his mask off?

"She threw it in the la—"

"He got too hot and took it off." She cut Ghostface off. Jason glanced from his mother to his roommate and nodded.

Right…hey, mom, can you make me a sandwich please? I'm hungry.

Mrs. Voorhees was only happy to serve her son. She nodded and quickly scampered off into the kitchen. Once they were alone, Jason turned his attention to Ghostface and indicated his exposed face. You're not as ugly as I thought.

"Please, just…don't tell anyone else." He said, sounding sullen. "Especially Myers…I know I'm not good looking or anything, and—"

No, I understand…but you're really not ugly…well, not that ugly, anyway. He meant this as a joke, but Ghostface took it seriously.

"I know I'm ugly, okay?! Why do you think I wear the mask?!" Ghostface howled, covering his face with his hands. Jason just rolled his eyes. He was over this emotional conversation, as was he over seeing the other killer's real face. The truth was that Ghostface wasn't bad looking at all, especially compared to more unfortunate serial killers like Jason himself.

I won't tell anyone what you look like, not even Michael. I just want to know what happened.

"Will you actually listen to me this time?"


"Then I'll tell you everything.

Michael Myers smiled under his tattered mask as he found his beloved teddy. He picked it up and dusted its fur off. Are you okay, Bear?

"Kill them all, especially that bastard that threw me out the fucking window." Bear said to Michael. The young killer shrugged.

Okay, but that's not a very nice thing to think, Bear.

"Shut up and do what I say; go back to Camp Crystal Lake."

Okay, then what?

"Kill your best friend."

Freddy had a feeling of doom as he sped along into town. Something was wrong, something was very wrong. He couldn't ignore it anymore; he had a certain sense when someone was about to royally fuck something up, and then he had the feeling that Myers was about to do just that. Freddy rolled his eyes and sighed deeply. "Motherfucker's going to kill something." He mumbled, slamming on the brakes. He turned the Winnebago around and began speeding back in the direction of Camp Crystal Lake.

"I'll fucking kill him."

Myers reached camp quickly, and he went directly into the cabin that he and Jason shared. In his left hand he clutched Bear by his stuffed paw; in his right he held his polished kitchen knife. "Kill everything." Bear said to him. Michael nodded, his eyes now glazed over and unfocused. In truth he thought that he'd fallen asleep on the side of the road and was now part of some twisted dream. It wasn't real, so he might as well kill everyone that he hated while he had the opportunity.

Okay, Bear, I'll kill them all. He thought, bursting thru the door of his cabin. He wrecked everything that he could on Bear's command; he stabbed the pillows, threw clothes onto the ground, and stabbed mattresses.

"Good, now go kill an actual person, idiot." Bear said, his voice full of derision. Michael nodded skipped merrily out of the cabin. He found Mrs. Voorhees in the kitchen and went up to her. She seemed surprised at his sudden return.

"Oh, hello Mikey. Jason told me that you had a doctor's appointment."

Bear told me to come home early. He thought. She smiled at this, thinking that it was just another one of her adopted son's charming, childish games.

"Oh yes, sure dear, sure."

And he told me something else.

"What did he tell you, dear?"

To kill you.

As Jason and Ghostface relaxed by the lake, a horrible scream could be heard. Jason shot up and looked around. What the hell was that?

"I dunno…maybe a cat?"

We're in the middle of a forest.

"A forest cat."

Idiot! Jason thought, getting to his feet and putting his jacket back on. Stay here and put a towel over that thing you call a face. He threw his towel over the other killer's face. Ghostface didn't even move.

"Alright, whatever. You go and investigate, I'll stay here and…fuck it, you know I'm not going to do a damn thing."

Yeah, I've come to expect that. Jason thought walking away from the dock. His heart filled with fear for his poor mother; he knew that she could defend herself, but he also knew that she was liable to slip into a psychotic breakdown any time. The slightest bit of stress could cause this, then he knew that perhaps not even he could help her. He couldn't imagine killing his own mother; this thought saddened him more than anything else. He'd rather hurt anyone else than poor Mrs. Voorhees…

At least, that's what he thought until he saw Michael walking out of the kitchen holding a bloody knife. Jason froze, his eyes wide. H-Hey, Mike. What're you doing there with that knife?

Your mom had an accident. Myers thought, hugging his teddy bear to his chest. Bear tried to help her, but she got hurt…

Michael, what did you do?

Nothing. Bear did it.

Jason's heart filled with fear. He realized then just how serious this was. Michael was having a problem with this teddy bear…and where was Freddy? Wasn't he supposed to take Myers away today, to straighten him out? Michael began walking towards Jason, slowly raising his knife. Jason backed away a little, unsheathing his machete. He didn't want to hurt his friend, but if Michael had injured his mother, then it couldn't be helped.

Michael, did you hurt my mom?

Under his mask Michael smiled. His evil, possessed eyes shined with hatred as he thought, She hurt herself, Jason.

Damn…we have a problem here. He thought, backing away a little more. Michael, don't make me hurt you. Don't make me—just as he thought this, Michael jumped on him, stabbing his knife into him without any sign of remorse.

It was an odd thing, but as Jason stood there motionless, taking the brunt of the hits, watching his blood fall onto the earth, he felt terrified. It wasn't normal fear, but a different kind of feeling altogether. It was the utter terror that could only come from having to hurt your best friend; it was pain, it was regret, anger, but most of all terror. How could he hurt Michael? The guy was like his little brother…well, maybe more than that. Unable to think of what to do, Jason, quickly raised up an arm, trying to defend himself, and blindly reached out. He was trying to grab Michael's arm, but instead his fingers grasped something rubbery. Before he could stop himself he had yanked off the remains of Myers' mask and thrown it onto the ground. This seemed to stop the mindless attack.

Michael stood there, his teddy bear in his hands, and let his knife fall onto the ground. Knowing that his face was uncovered was enough to snap him out of his spell and make him attempt to cover his young face with his bloody hands. Jason saw this and reached out. He took Michael's hands and held them for a moment, trying to calm him down. Michael looked around.

Where am I? How did I get here?

You walked here, Mike. Bear made you do it, remember?

Bear? Myers glanced down at the bear that he held in his hands. Jason took it and held it behind his back.

You realize that we have to get rid of this thing, right?

Yeah, I guess. Michael went over to the tatters of his mask and began to cry like a stupid kid. I'm sorry I hurt you, Jason.

Okay, that's enough…stop this crying thing. Jason thought sternly, his eyes surveying Michael's face. He'd been friends with the younger killer for years now and he'd never once seen his face in person. It wasn't nearly like he'd pictured it in his head; most serial killers held looks of eternal despair and hatred on their faces. Michael was different. His face was that of a young adult, full of mindless joy and innocence. He sighed and looked down.

Slowly Jason did something he'd never done for anyone in his life before; seeing that Michael was uncomfortable showing his face, he removed his own well-worn hockey mask and presented it to him. Wear it until we can find your spare.

But…what about you?

It's just a mask. I'll live without it.

Oh Jason… Michael took it and strapped it over his face then stared up at Jason. He thought, trying to sound tender and affectionate, But you're so ugly. I think you need it way more than I do.

Don't ruin the fucking moment, you clueless asshole. Jason thought defensively, looking away in an effort to hide his deformed face. Together the two walked back to the kitchen to help Mrs. Voorhees.

The next day Freddy finally returned. As it turned out, halfway back to Camp Crystal Lake, he'd gotten fed up with the idea of caring about other people and turned around again. He'd managed to make it into town where he proceeded to hook up with every stripper he could find, and kill them all. He'd also gotten wasted and now, as the Winnebago swerved back into the camp, he had the worst hangover of his miserable life. He stumbled out of the vehicle, beer cans falling from the driver's seat, and went to where the others were.

"H-Hey, fucktards, I meant to tell you, Myers is gone batshit crazy and he wrecked the car. He's gonna kill you…" when he saw a perfectly sane Michael standing there by Jason he let out a loud, "Oooohhh, hey bitch." Then he turned to Jason. Unfortunately for him they hadn't been able to locate Myers' extra masks yet, so he was left with his face showing. Freddy pointed at him with a clawed hand and laughed. "Haaa, you're an ugly motherfucker!"

Yeah, I know, you tell me that all the time. We were just about to burn Michael's teddy bear. Wanna come? Jason thought, holding Bear in his arms. Michael sadly gave the stuffed animal one last glance.

I'll miss him.

We all will, Myers.

"I won't. That thing creeps me out." Ghostface said, flinching away as Freddy stole the bear away from Jason and threw it at him. "Hey, get it away! Gross, it's staring at me!" he kicked it back over to Freddy and the two proceeded to play a game of keep-away as Michael tried to reclaim his precious Bear. At last Jason stepped in.

Just give me the damn bear!

He seized it from Kruger and Ghostface then threw it into a pile of sticks that he'd gathered. He lit a match and threw it into the pile. As the bear went up in flames, rainclouds gathered overhead. The sun was blotted out and the world became gray and bleak. The more the evil teddy burned, the worse the weather got, but at last it was done. Just as the sky opened up and poured down, the bear became a pile of ashes. Michael felt himself crying as he was guided away from the ash by Jason.

Michael….Michael, why did you let them burn me?

Michael's eyes opened and he shot up in his bed, breathing hard. It had been three weeks since they'd burned his beloved Bear, yet he could still hear his voice in his head. He hadn't told anyone about this, though. Not even Jason knew. He was afraid that if they knew that he was still crazy, they'd punish him even more. Michael rubbed his tired eyes and sighed. It was one in the morning, and storming outside. He watched lightning illuminate the sky and smiled a little under his mask. His eyes slowly went over to Jason and saw that he was sleeping hard.

I miss Bear…I wonder if I could visit him, just for a minute…

He glanced over at the door and then back over to Jason. Quietly he rose from his bed and made his way out into the story. Thunder shook the earth as he walked thru the mud, into the forest where they'd set Bear ablaze. At last he found the pile of damp, burnt wood that Bear had been burned with. Michael knelt down beside the pile and sighed.

I miss you, Bear.

I miss you too, Michael. Bear's voice whispered in his ear. I want to come back.

But how? You're dead.

Bear chuckled. Look in the ash.

Michael hesitantly began sorting thru the damp earth and ash until his hand came upon something odd. He pulled it out and let the rain wash it off before raising it up to look at it. It was a button, the one from Bear's only good eye. Evil thoughts crept back into Michael's brain as he gently placed the button in his pocket; Bear spoke to him, sounding more murderous than ever.

Kill them all…kill them all, my Michael…


I meant to put this episode up a loooooong time ago, but time, like always, got away from me...sorry about that. If you haven't guessed, the next few installments of the series will be slightly dark and deeper than normal. There will still be humor, but I need to get used to this new thing first. It's not the same old story any more. :P

I'll also be moving them away from Camp Crystal Lake eventually. After Mrs. Voorhees' character has served its purpose, the gang will move on. What lies ahead in the series? Well I'm planning a trip to Hell for the gang, as well as a reunion with Pinhead. Thanks for reading and as always reviews are love. There's more to come.