Dragonball Z: Rediscovering Themselves

By: PhinalPhantasy


(A/N: This is a story idea that's been in my head for a while and I'm glad to start writing on it finally. This is my first DBZ fic so I hope I do well. This story is dedicated to my good friend Krillin Fan.)

(Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ or its characters. They belong to Toriyama-sensei)

Eighteen was bored. There was no other way to describe it. Eighteen thought that she and her brother, Seventeen, and their friend Sixteen would just roam the earth doing as they will for the rest of their lives, which would probably be forever. Unfortunately Seventeen beheaded their "father," Dr. Gero before that question could be asked. So now, here she was, flying aimlessly through the air, not even sure if she was immortal, and definitely not sure what she wanted to do with herself. She was created and programmed to be a one-woman weapon of mass destruction and initially she enjoyed it, causing chaos and mayhem and to do so unopposed. Now however, her initial programming no longer appealed to her, the desire to cause destruction for the fun of it had been completely reversed by recent events in her short life. More specifically, three people in her life:

First it was Sixteen. Besides his programming to kill Goku, he really had no desire to destroy anything. On the contrary, the big guy actually loved the world and all the life in it. It was unfortunate, but Eighteen had yet to find out what happened to him. Reflecting on the short time she knew him, she had to admit, she admired the gentle giant. He showed how even an artificial lifeform can try to find their way in the world. The problem is what her path will be now…

Next was Cell, that horrifying creature that was the ultimate creation of her "father," Dr. Gero. It could've been considered divine justice by some, what had happened to her because of that beast. Eighteen and her brother enjoyed spreading terror because to them, it was fun. No one could stop them. Not Goku, or his friends…that all changed when something worse than them came along. Cell was even more sadistic than the android twins and considered terrorizing them just as enjoyable as terrorizing the rest of the world's inhabitants…maybe even more so. He didn't kill his victims quickly. He did it in the slow and painful process of liquefying their bodies and sucking them through his tail's needle-like tip, all for the purpose of increasing his power. When it came to Seventeen and Eighteen, the absorption process was more…personal. Instead of being pierced by the needle at the end of Cell's tail, the opening to it widened and they were "swallowed" by him…alive…and just so he can reach his goal of perfection. Seeing her brother go through the process was the second most horrific experience of Eighteen's life. The first…was experiencing it for herself. Even though Cell was destroyed for good, Eighteen still had nightmares about what it was like, being absorbed by and being a part of that monster. After a really hard blow to his stomach from Gohan, Cell regurgitated her and although it was one of the other most disgusting experiences of her life, Eighteen was relieved to be free of that monster. However that didn't mean she was foolish enough to express her gratitude to the young Half-Saiyan and his friends, they most likely still considered her an enemy and would try to kill her on sight…well…all but one…

And he was the third person that has been seriously plaguing Eighteen's mind. The little oddball among Goku's friends. Krillin. He didn't frighten Eighteen at all, but his behavior towards her was very puzzling and it was a mystery even her advanced android brain couldn't deduce. Here she was, someone who was created to kill Krillin's best friend and any of his other friends that got in her way, yet when he had the chance to destroy her, ending the threat to the world from both her and Cell simultaneously in just the simple action of pressing a button on a remote control, he refused to do it. He had actually destroyed the remote in front of her and desired to actually protect her from Cell. The fact that Krillin's efforts to do so failed didn't change Eighteen's confusion over the matter. The point was Krillin was very different from his friends and that's what has been bugging Eighteen. The "why" behind his actions towards her. Maybe it was that kiss she gave him on a whim, but that was ridiculous! That gesture didn't change the fact that they were enemies. If he thought otherwise, he was a fool. Eighteen supposed the easiest thing to do was to find him and ask him directly, but the problem was getting him alone. If any of his friends found her, Eighteen would most likely be fighting for her life. Just then the android heard loud cheers coming from below her. Startled in the interruption of her thoughts, the android descended from where she was flying and to her surprise, no one noticed this beautiful blonde woman coming from the sky. Instead their attention was on a jumbo television on the side of a building where the words "MR. SATAN DOES IT AGAIN!" were flashing along with a picture of the ridiculous man doing his victory pose.

"What on earth happened?" Eighteen asked a nearby young man.

"Haven't you been watching? The world was in trouble again and Mr. Satan saved us all. Just like when he stopped Cell!"

"The world was in trouble again?" Eighteen asked again.

"Where have you been? Some weird blue-skinned gang that claimed to be aliens came to the World Tournament. They trashed the place and the city around it. Those guys who fought Cell were there too. They tried to stop these new bad guys, and fought with their fancy tricks, but all they could do was hold them off until Mr. Satan's arrival. Those guys who fought first are good, but Mr. Satan is the champ! He took care of business!"

Eighteen had no idea about half of what this guy was saying, but one important detail stood out in the android's mind, "The guys who fought Cell. You're absolutely sure they were there?" Eighteen asked urgently.

"Oh yeah. I'm sure of it!" the bystander said.

"Was there a short guy there? Bald?" Eighteen inquired.

"Oh man. Yeah the poor guy was there alright. He got his butt handed to him on a silver platter! He's probably in the ICU after what he went through."

"I must find him," Eighteen said to herself. It was the chance she was looking for.

"Are you a friend of his?" the stranger asked.

"Huh? Oh. No. Just want to talk to him."

"Umm…okay…I guess you can try East City's ICU. It was the nearest hospital not wrecked by those villains."

Without another word, Eighteen took off into the sky again, heading towards East City.

"Whoa!" the bystander was speechless, "Guess their fancy tricks may have something to them…" then he shouted at Eighteen, "Least you could do is say 'thank you!'" but of course he got no reply. Eighteen was already focused on her next goal…

(A/N: I hope that this is a good start and that you are all intrigued. Next chapter, we get a little self examination from Krillin's POV before a beautiful visitor interrupts. I hope you look forward to it.)