Dragonball Z: Rediscovering Themselves

By: PhinalPhantasy

Chapter 5 Arrival on New Namek

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The story so far: Krillin and Eighteen were traveling to New Namek on their impromptu vacation and Krillin decided to give Eighteen some flying lessons. The Android took to the controls easily and sent their ship on a detour to a beautiful nebula…beautiful but filled with deadly asteroids! After making several daredevil stunts, it looked like they bit off more than they could chew when an exceptionally large asteroid came at them. Some quick thinking by Krillin, using their Ki blasts to give their ship extra thrust, allowed them to escape unharmed. Relieved, they instinctively embraced each other, and it seemed that Eighteen really didn't mind to Krillin's pleasant surprise. Now their journey towards New Namek is about to end and the real journey is about to start…

"Alright Eighteen, we're almost ready to make our landing," Krillin smiled at his traveling companion.

"So this is New Namek…Piccolo's race lives here…" the Android commented looking out the window at the lush green world.

"Yeah, the Namekians are great! They're a very friendly people," Krillin said assuringly.

"Piccolo isn't very friendly," Eighteen pointed out.

"Well he's an exception, but even still I do consider him my friend at least," Krillin replied, standing next to her and also admiring the view, both of the planet, and of the lovely woman, "and you too, that is, if it's okay with you," he added quickly, remembering her initial standoffish attitude towards him only a few days ago.

"Hmm…" Eighteen let out a small smile, "Sure, why not. You'll be the only person I know when we get there, so I guess I'll have to learn to depend on you…but only a little bit," she replied.

Krillin smiled in reply, "That's fine by me. We better get strapped in for the landing. I hope you're looking forward to this."

"I have been. I hope I won't be disappointed though," Eighteen replied. The two sat down and put on their seatbelts and prepared to land, "Where exactly on the plane are we landing?" she asked.

"There's an open area not too far from one of the villages. We'll go there," Krillin said finding such a location easily.

"Hope you can land this thing smoothly," Eighteen grinned as Krillin worked the controls. It didn't take long to land safely. The android looked out the window to see a green sky.

"Nice landing huh?" Krillin remarked, "Well time to disembark and see what the natives think."

"Wait…you didn't let the Namekians know we were coming?" Eighteen looked a little concerned and annoyed.

"Umm…whoops…I guess that was a mistake on my part," Krillin rubbed his head nervously, "no sense in getting too upset over it though, they do know and trust me," he then got up out of his chair and opened the main hatch, Eighteen not too far behind him.

"So which way to the village?" Eighteen asked.

"About five miles thata way!" Krillin pointed. The two of them flew casually towards their destination side by side.

"Since they aren't expecting us, what kind of reception are we likely to get?" Eighteen asked.

"Probably a very cautious one," Krillin admitted sadly, "After all, the last aliens to visit their world nearly caused their extinction."

"Yeah, not telling them about us coming was a bad idea," Eighteen commented as a group of three Namekians approached them midway

"Halt! What is your purpose here?" the lead Namekian asked as the android and human stopped their flight and hovered in place.

"Hi," Krillin greeted warmly, "I don't know if we've me, but, I'm Krillin, from Earth. I'm one of the people who helped in the fight against Frieza. Nail, Dende, and Guru were friends of mine."

"Ah yes. I'm sure Elder Moori will want to see you, though we don't recognize your companion," the Namekian replied.

"Well, this is my first time here," Eighteen admitted.

"Please follow us," the Namekian instructed. They politely followed their escorts and found their friend, who was actually playing golf in a nearby field. The sight caused Eighteen's eyes to widen in surprise.

"Didn't expect to see golf on an alien planet," she commented as they landed.

"Elder Moori," the Namekians greeted him, "you have guests."

"Wait! I'm concentrating," Moori said as he tapped the ball into the Eighteenth hole. "Yes made it," he then turned to his visitors, "Ah friends from Earth. Tell Dr. Briefs thanks for teaching me this game. It's a great way to meditate and it's become quite popular with our people."

Krillin laughed, "Sure thing, Elder."

"So what brings you to our world," Moori asked as he put his club away and turned to them, "I hope another disaster hasn't hit Earth," he said with worry.

"Well nothing we couldn't handle on our own. This is a more social visit," Krillin explained, "This is my friend Android Eighteen. We came because I wanted to show her another world."
"I see," Moori replied, "Well I hope you enjoy your visit. We don't have much, but we are wiling to show you our best hospitality," he said to the young android.

"Thank you…" Eighteen then gave Krillin a gently nudge, "What about the other reason we're here."

"Ah yes…the Dragonballs," Krillin added, "We were wondering if we could ask you to summon Porunga for us."

"But you just said that everything was fine on Earth," Moori frowned at Krillin, "For what reason do you need the Dragonballs?"

"It's personal…two people very important to me were killed by a monster named Cell."

"Ah I see, and Shenron can't revive them?" Moori asked in surprise.

"No, we tried," Krillin replied, "I think it's because they are both Androids like Eighteen here. We were hoping since Porunga works on different rules, maybe he can pull it off."

"Well as we've never run into Andorids before now, I'm not sure. I'm having a hard time sensing your friend's intentions. What exactly is an Android?"

"I'm mostly a machine that used to be a human," Eighteen replied, "Does that help?"

"No wonder I can't sense her. Well I'm sorry about you friends," Moori said, "and I know Krillin is vouching for you, but I'm afraid I can't allow someone to use the Dragonballs that hasn't earned the trust of the Namekian people."

"I see. I guess this was a waste of time," Eighteen muttered, "Thanks for nothing. Take me home Krillin," she said turning around.

"Wait! Eighteen!" Krillin looked at the Android, then gave a pleading glace towards the Namekian elder and mouthed, "please."

"Eighteen. I did not say I would not give you a chance to earn our trust." Moori countered, stopping the Android from leaving.

"And how would I go about doing that?" she asked.

"Well, Krillin and his friends proved themselves heroes to us on their first visit to our planet where they defended us against Frieza's forces at great sacrifice to themselves."

"Well I hope I don't have to wait for another alien dictator to show up before I can prove myself," Eighteen replied.

"Of course not," Moori replied, "That would put our whole world at risk. There are other ways to prove your qualities. Please come with me," he gestured towards the largest hut in the village, the two travelers close behind. Moori then opened a door to what appeared to lead into a basement, but when they arrived, the room looked a lot larger, almost the size of the entire village. It was very dark, several torches provided a soft glow and in the center was what looked like a spell circle and a gigantic pendulum swung back and forth above it.

"A…a pendulum room?" Krillin was astonished.

"So you're familiar with this," Moori said, also slightly surprised at Krillin's recognition.

"Yeah…Kami had one on his home, the Lookout. I used it to train once," Krillin said.

"We also use it for training and meditative purposes," Moori nodded, "It can easily be used as a method of testing your virtue."

"What does it do?" Eighteen asked.

"It can transport your mind to any point in time and space," Krillin explained, "You can meet and train with past masters, or battle villains from ages ago for training."

"Ours can do that of course," Moori nodded, "but there is another way of training that is much more…personal. Ours can also create a separate reality that doesn't exist for anyone else but the users. One that will test you mentally, physically, and emotionally, one that will make you face the best and worst parts of yourself. If you can succeed in the trials presented by your own self…then I believe you will be worthy enough to try to revive your friends with our help."

"You're telling me this room can do all that?" Eighteen said skeptically.

"Believe someone who's been through it once before. It's very real and you'll feel everything you experience. It will change you."

"I don't think I can be changed any more than I have been," Eighteen replied, "And if this is all just me I'm facing, I'm sure I can handle it. I'll do it."

"Wow aren't you the confident one," Moori laughed, "Go ahead then, be my guest," he gestured to the center of the room. Eighteen gave Krillin her smirk before stepping towards it.

"Wait! I'm coming with you," Krilin said.

"You've already proven yourself, you don't have to again," Moori pointed out.

"Yes I do. I have something to prove to myself," Krillin repied, "That's why I'm here. I've lost something since the last time we met."

"You do realize if you go together, the reality you'll emerge in will be based on both of your true selves."

Eighteen shrugged, "We started on this journey together; we might as well continue it that way."

"Wow Eighteen, you're not at all concerned that this will bare your heart and soul to me," Krillin teased.

"I've got nothing to hide," Eighteen replied, "It's not like I have anything to be embarrassed about…I'd be more worried about what you've got hidden away."

"Hey I'm a good guy," Krillin said.

"I'm sure some of your master's bad habits have rubbed off," the Android teased back causing Krillin to blush slightly.

"Well…we better get started," he replied hastily.

"Very well," Moori said. Please stand in the center of the circle. When they did as instructed, the pendulum swung back and forth above their heads and what looked like lightning was passing from it to the travelers as the pendulum reached its lowest point over and over. This was unexpected to Eighteen who unconsciously reached for Krillin's hand and he took it, looking back at her, surprised at the show of vulnerability, but before he could comment, they were overcome by a flash of light.

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