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Fickle Fate & The Hydra's wrath: A Stargate Atlantis AU & Stargate Continuum the movie crossover.


I was watching Stargate Continuum a while ago, when i suddenly got think what would happen if the Hydra from my SGA/Farscape Story appeared not in the Uncharted territories, but in Milky Way during the Continuum timeline. After all, the continuum timeline occurred due to Baal changing the events of history and time, and as all faithful Farscape followers know, wormholes are incidents in 'space time'

A rather weak premise maybe, but I've been having fun with it.

IMPORTANT Readers of this story who don't read the first two chapters of my work The Others (Stargate Atlantis/Farscape Crossover) will only understand part of the crossover!

Timeline & Setting

This is set 9 months after the incident in Antarctica, roughly a week before Baal shows up in orbit in the film.

For my purposes. Continuum is set during 2007/8. After the Events of Ark of Truth, because Carter is still on SG1, which makes the ceremony with Baal occur in 2007.

This is clearly (in the restored timeline) before she becomes Commander of Atlantis in Season 4, which is equivalent to 2008 (since the Atlantis expedition left in 2004 and each season i presume equates to a year) and is promoted to Colonel.

So for the purpose of this story:

Baal extraction ceremony, and SG1's escape
from new Tok'ra homeworld to end up in Antartica: September 2007

The copies from SGA season 4 episode 10 'This Mortal Coil'
(i.e. mid 2008) arrive in the Sol system (post chapter 2 of my
story The Others) a few weeks after the Hydra is dumped by a
wormhole in Milkyway: Mid May 2008

I plan for this to have maybe 6 to 8 chapters, update time should be fairly quick:

Hope you enjoy!

Jamie (i.e. jpdt19)