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"Bella, your next client is here." Angela said as she stood at my door's entrance.

I glanced up and gave her smile. "Is it Tanya Kirkpatrick?" Angela nodded her head up and down. I gave her a big smile and told her to let her in.

I am one of the most prominent wedding planners in Los Angeles since I'd moved out here from Forks, Washington. I had to get away from the heartbreak I experienced from my high school sweetheart. But for some reason out of my heartbreak, I had become an incredible and one of the most sought out wedding planners.

And Tanya Kirkpatrick was my meal ticket so to speak. Her family was well off and her wedding was assumed to be the one of the century.

Thank God for my assistant and friend for reading those tabloids. As soon as they had announced her engagement, she had let me know. I then took matters into my own hands and got a hold of her. And now she was waiting in my lobby to discuss my abilities and to see if she would hire me.

If I was the most sought out wedding planner now, this would turn me into THE wedding planner of L.A.

I really should have read those articles that Angela had brought me. It would help if I knew the husband's name or any of the details. I hadn't even looked at them. They probably had gotten thrown away accidentally.

"Miss Swan?" a sweet voice said. I looked up and saw a strawberry blonde standing in front of me. She looked like a supermodel.

I rose from my chair and came around to shake her hand. "Hello Miss Kirkpatrick! It's so nice to finally meet you!" I showed her to her seat and then quickly sat back down into mine.

"I've heard so many great things about your weddings. I did my research," she said with a perfectly white toothy smile. "You actually planned my best friend's Kate Middleton's wedding last year. It was beautiful. And anyone who can handle Katie for that long deserves a medal." She winked at me and I did a quick nod.

"Yes, I remember Katie. It turned out exceptional even if she did change her mind a million times." I said with a quick laugh. I grabbed a binder that was laying in the corner of my desk. "This is pictures of previous weddings as well. I like to have memories of all the weddings I do."

Tanya took the binder and flipped through it. As she was carefully expecting the pictures of the Ronson's Cancun wedding, she said, "I don't need anymore convincing Miss Swan. Actually I didn't need any convincing at all. I want you to plan my wedding. You're the best and I want the best. I deserve the best in my father's words."

"Call me Bella. And I'm glad you'll let me plan your wedding Miss Kirkpatrick…"

"Please call me Tanya. I feel like my mother when I hear myself being called such formal names. And believe me I don't want to be my mother," she said with a quiet laugh.

"Of course. Did you have any ideas for the wedding so I can start researching and finding the finest things for your wedding?" I asked her while I pulled up the paperwork I would need on my laptop.

"I know I want baby blue roses and the colors of the dresses I have in mind. I want it outside and I want a beautiful layered cake. And I want it in the fall." She looked as if she was contemplating more but chose to stop there.

"Are we talking fall of 2010?" I asked her as it typed in her name and address into my files.

She tapped her well done nails on my desk and pursed her lips as if she was deep in thought again. "Actually Bella, we wanted to get married in September of this year. September 26th to be exact."

My jaw must have dropped because her face darkened with worries. "Tanya, you realize that gives us only three months to plan your wedding?"

"Yeah but I trust you to be able to do it." She glanced at her watch and looked at the door. I looked at her quizzically. "My fiance is suppose to be here," she replied with her explanation.

"Oh most husbands don't come so I wasn't expecting him. What is his name by the way. I need it for the files." I said as I came to the grooms information.

"Mason. Well that's what I call him. His name is…" she trailed off as the door opened and I glanced at the door to see her no doubly perfect fiance.

My mouth fell open but I quickly shut it before Tanya looked at me. "Hi sweetie!" Tanya said as she got up and gave him a chaste kiss. "This is my flawless fiance, Mason."

I stood up to regain my professionalism and shook his hand. "I'm your wedding planner, Bella."

He gave me a strange look because he already knew who I was. Well aside from me being his wedding planner, but he knew the high school me. The girl who's heart he broke just so he could end up with my biggest client ever.

"Edward Cullen. Charmed I'm sure," he said as he kissed my hand.

This was going to be the wedding to make me THE wedding planner. This was the wedding that was going to kill me.

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