Let me tell you something, Grey Goose Vodka plus running into your ex fiancé and his happy pregnant wife plus emotional baggage with your new client's husband does not equal something good.

However that is the situation which I find myself in right now. Quite drunk off the drinks Edward has been making and which in turn of this result, makes him an amazing bartender. I'm fairly certain that he is drunk since he has been drinking these concoctions as well.

"Edward, what is this? It's delish." I said as I sipped some more of the dark liquid in front of me. I'm sure my voice was starting to slur.

He cocked his eyebrow at me and looked at me through his glassy green eyes. Oh yeah he was feeling the liquor too. "It's a Flaming Dr. Pepper." He turned from me and continued to mix more into his empty highball glass.

I looked hard at the glass in my hand and tried to determine what else was in it besides the obvious Dr. Pepper and Grey Goose. My head was too fuzzy to determine it and gulped down some more. I curled my legs up to my chest on the couch and turned myself to face Edward in my tiny apartment kitchen. "What's in it?"

"Grey Goose, Dr. Pepper, Amaretto, Rum, and an ounce of beer," he replied with a slight slur on the Amaretto. "It was pure luck that you had all of that here. Actually your cupboard looks like a fully stocked bar." He walked toward me while he stirred the concoction that was in his hand.

I nodded my head and glanced at the cupboard that was in question. "I need it for my clients. It gives them options without the pressure of sellers." He seemed content with my answer and relaxed against the cushions of the couch.

I felt the couch shift as Edward sat next to me and I heard him sigh. It was silent for a minute or two, but when I'm drunk, silence is not a welcome commodity.

"So you know that the creator of Grey Goose was American Sidney Frank in 1997? He also was behind Jaeger. Anyways when he created it, he decided that the French has a link to high perceived quality. That's where Grey Goose was made. And when he began to market it, he purposely priced it higher then Absolut Vodka and the other well known vodkas at the time to give the notion that it was of better quality. His plan worked because it was financially successful and gave way to other expensive vodkas. And then before he died, he sold Grey Goose to Bacardi for 2 billion dollars in cash. He was a brilliant business man."

I rambled on my knowledge of Grey Goose Vodka to kill the silence. Edward just looked at my empty glass as to ask me if I wanted another. I noticed his glass was empty as well.

"Can you make a Long Island Iced Tea?" I asked quietly. He shook his head no and I grabbed his glass and headed to the kitchen.

"You really don't need to make me one. I can just make me another Flaming Dr. Pepper."

I could feel his footsteps behind me and I swirled around quickly. Too quickly for my drunken state and began to fall face forward to my carpeted floor. I shut my eyes and put my hands out in front of me ready for the contact of pain. After a moment I realized I was suspended in air and that my skin was burning.

His contact still burned my skin. After all these years he still sent electric shocks through my whole body.

"I'm okay now. You can let go. And let me make you a Long Island." His hands release their grip on the exposed skin of my torso and my body immediately cooled. I grabbed a cola and lemon juice from the refrigerator and set them on the counter. I looked at the open liquor bottles on the counter and reasoned that I just had to get the tequila and gin. I grabbed the bottles and quickly made the drinks.

"You're quite fast at making drinks," Edward commented as he picked up our drinks and nodded toward the couch.

"I learned how to make drinks for my clients. That's all." I replied in my slurring voice. I looked over at his still piercing green eyes that seemed like they could read me. Well reading a drunken me is not all that hard.

"Bella can I ask you a question?" Edward's velvety voice asked. I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"Sure," I said not knowing what else to say. When I'm drunk I'll answer anything.

"Why did you break your promise to me?" he asked.

I winced. There was only one promise I had ever made to him. I had only made him one promise ever. It had been the beginning of our junior year and when we just had started to date. I had been best friends with Jacob at the same time and Edward had always been jealous of him. I had promised Edward he was just a friend and I would never date him. That I had never felt romantically connected to him.

I looked at him under my eyelashes and sighed. "What promise?"

"The Jacob promise Bella?" he asked impatiently. Maybe Edward was a cranky drunk.

"You left and I was broken. He picked up the pieces and I fell for him." I said with quite an edge to my voice. Well as much as one can have when they are drunk.

He winced at the edge or at least I would like to believe he winced at it. "And then he hurt you?"

I rolled my eyes and groaned. I turned and fell back onto my pillows and rested my legs on his lap. It's my apartment so I can do what I want right? Well drunken Bella can do whatever she wanted to do.

"Yes he hurt me. Or maybe he just broke my heart. I guess you can't hurt something that was never really fixed in the first place. It all happened for a reason." I replied half heartedly. "It led me to wedding planning though and I love it. Even if I can't have my own wedding, I can plan others. You know that saying? Those who can't do, teach? Well those who can't wed, plan. And I'm damn good at my job too."

"What do you mean you were never fully fixed?" he asked ignoring the rest of my little speech.

I looked at him with pain and it seemed like he was in some pain. "No I never was. I let me get comfortable with Jacob and it backfired."

"I never meant to hurt you Bella. I really, really-" Edward began before I cut him off.

"Don't ruin my buzz. I already had a run in with Jacob who is now happily married to a pregnant Leah. I'm the wedding planner of my high school love to a successful Tanya. I don't want to travel down memory lane right now. Especially not now."

I drowned down the rest of my Long Island Iced Tea and put the cup on the table. Five Flaming Dr. Pepper's and one Long Island Iced Tea really makes you feel good. Plus I was always a light weight.

"Bella I need to tell you something though." Edward's green eyes grew serious and he leaned in close enough so that only I could hear him even though I was the only one in the room. "I think its fate that we ran into each other again. Tanya is great. But what if great is great, but not as great as something greater." He drunkenly rambled into my ear.

"I don't even understand why you're saying. You're making no sense what so ever." I was blown out drunk right now and probably not remember anything in the morning but at least I wasn't spitting out nonsensical statements.

"Love, I'm trying to say that this situation isn't ideal. You're the greater then Tanya. Seeing you has brought back all those great memories we had. No one has ever made me feel the way you've made me feel."

His drunken words we starting to make my ears bleed in sadness and my heart beat with happiness. But I can't trust him. I told myself I could never trust him again after he left me. I told myself to never ever trust another guy after Jacob. And here I was about to trust Edward again.

"Tell me why you left then." I stated quietly. I had to know now why he left.

He kissed my neck below my ear and sat up. Emotions flashed through his eye. "I thought you didn't want to talk about this."

"I didn't but I need to know now." I said persistently.

I could already tell it was a lost battle. He wasn't going to tell me. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 3 am. His eyes followed mine to the clock and pushed himself up. He wavered a little bit but made it to the door. I quietly followed him to the door and leaned against my hard wood door.

"You're not going to tell me are you?" I asked.

He shook his head no. I frowned at him and looked at my hands. "Then I'm not the greater then Tanya. You would be able to tell me why you left."

"Isabella this isn't the time. You're drunk and I'm half way there. It can wait for another time. But you are the greater then great." He said as he stooped to kiss the top of my head.

I ducked him. "I'm a magnet for unavailable men, and I'm sick of it. It's simple, I love Tanya, I respect her, and she loves you. So besides your tux measurements, that's all I need to know. Please go away."

I shut my door and collapsed onto the floor.

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