Chapter 1

"That little bastard!"

A tall, thin man ranted as he paced the width of the living room. The man had dark, curly hair highlighted with bits of gray seeping through. He had his arms clasped behind his back as his feet kept walking. He angrily looked over at a young girl that was sitting on the ugly, yellow couch.

"Did you know he was going to do this?" the girl looked at him unimpressed by his temper


The girl had dirty, blonde hair that fell down her back and bright, blue eyes. The pair were waiting for the young girl's brother to return from his latest act of rebellion. About ten minutes before they had received a call from the police informing them that they had caught her little brother but could not save her step-father's classic car that her brother sent off the edge of a cliff.

Anna had never seen her step-father so mad before. Usually he would get upset over the little things James, her brother did to get attention from their mother but now, now his vein was about to pop from his forehead, his face was a deep shade of red and his body shook.

Both of their heads snapped towards the door when the bell signalled the presence of someone at the door. Hank, their step-father answered the door, almost pulling the door from it's hinges. Anna didn't hear the conversation between the officer and her step-father but saw when he pushed her brother into the house.

Quickly Anna ran to her brother and helped him off of the floor and guided him into the living room. She pushed the hair from his forehead lightly

"Jimmy what were you thinking? You could have been seriously hurt" she asked hugging him tightly

"Am I going to jail?" her brother asked almost in tears

"No Jimmy you're not but if you keep this up you just might some day."

"I'm sorry" her brother whispered while rubbing his eyes


Anna pushed her brother behind her as their step-father stomped into the living room. Hank stepped closer, his body shaking and his hands clenched into fists.

"Get out of the way Anna" he looked at her.

She shook her head using her body as a block for her brother. Hank over come by his anger, grabbed her arms and tossed her to the side. Anna looked up to see Hank raise his hand , about to strike her brother. Anna went with her instinct and crawled over to the book shelf. She grabbed a old copy of the Webster's dictionary and opened it to find a phaser sitting in the hollowed book. She grabbed it and brought it up to aim at her step-father

"Don't even think about it. Let go of Jimmy and sit on the couch" Hank looked over his eyes wide as he noticed the phaser in the girl's hands. He let go of the boy and put his hands up in surrender

"Hey now Anna, calm down. We need to talk about this" Anna waved the phaser at him

"Sit down on the couch. Mom is coming back on planet today, actually she should be home in a couple hours so you and I will sit here and wait for her."

Hank nodded and sat down where she had been sitting earlier. She sat on the chair across from him

"Don't even move because I will shoot you. I doubt anyone would miss you."

Anna looked over at her brother with soft eyes

"Jimmy go up to your room and play with your toys. If you want you can go in my room and read one of my books." the little boy nodded and ran up the steep, carpet covered stairs.

As promised just over two hours later the door opened to reveal a woman. The woman was average height and weight but it was her golden hair and big brown eyes that attracted attention. Her face lit up with a smile as she walked into the house

"I'm home guys!"

"Winona we're in the living room" she took off her coat and hung it on the wall before walking towards the room where her husband's voice came from. Her smile faded when she saw her eldest child holding her extra phaser towards her husband.

"Annalee Serena Kirk! What do you think you're doing!" Winona ran over and took the phaser from the girl's hands. The girl stood up and looked at her mother in the eye and pointed towards the man

"He was going to hit Jimmy. What was I supposed to do? Let him hurt my brother? I don't think so" The woman looked over at her husband

"Hank? Is that true?" the man pushed himself up to stand

"I had my hand up. I was so mad that he threw my great, great grandfathers' car off a cliff" he nodded ashamed

The woman looked between her husband and her daughter. She put two fingers on either side of her nose and sighed

"Let's start from the beginning."

James Tiberius Kirk climbed down the stairs quickly until he reached the step where he could watch the argument in the living room and not be seen by his mother. He saw his sister and step-father yelling at each other both trying to convince his mother who was right.

"Winona I think we should send her to Algonquin Academy" Hank said giving his wife, sad eyes. The girl stood up angered

"Are you kidding me? Jimmy is 8 years old, 8! He would have seriously hurt him with the size and force of his hand, I was just protecting my brother!"

James saw the conflicted look on his mothers face. He was shocked that she would even consider sending his sister away. Anna had always been the good child, she helped her mother with raising him, did all of the chores and even cooked dinner when Hank would work late. If they were going to send her away he could only imagine what they would do to him.

"You're not actually thinking about it? Mom?" Anna looked hurt

"Honey you're 13. Going to Algonquin could really help you"

"Help me? With what?" Anna looked over at the stairs

"Jimmy go get ready for bed?" she pointed up to the stairs

James ran up to his room and Anna turned back to her mother.

"I'll make you a deal. I go to the military school and you make sure Jimmy doesn't. Even if he pulls something like this again you" she turned to Hank with an angry finger pointing at him

"Do not hit him, you do not yell at him and you do not send him away. And you" she turned to her mother

"You do not go off planet for months at a time, hell you don't go off planet period." Winona looked over at her husband for help, when he gave her a quick nod she turned back to her daughter with sad smile

"Ok. Pack your bags I'll drive you there tomorrow"

Anna nodded and coldly walked passed her mother and went up to James' room. Anna smiled as she found James tucked into her bed holding a large text book on the history of alien planets. She walked into her room with a smile

"Jimmy what are you doing? I thought I told you to get ready for bed?" she crossed her arms as he looked up at her innocently

"I did, I brushed my teeth and changed into my pyjamas. I wanted to talk to you." she let out a little laugh and put her arms out signalling him to stand up. She picked him up and carried her younger brother to his room.

She carefully laid the boy onto his bed and pulled his bed covers up to his chin. Anna smoothed his hair back and smiled

"What did you want to talk about?" the boy's eyes grew sad

"Is mom sending you away?" Anna sighed and sat down on the edge of her bed

"Yeah but you will be fine Jimmy. I made sure of it. You know I love you right?" the boy nodded

"Then you shouldn't worry. I'll be back as soon as you know it, It will be like I never left at all. Go to sleep buddy."

Anna stood up and turned away but was stopped by her brother's small hand wrapped around her wrist

"Do you remember dad?" Anna sighed and sat down again

"Yeah a little bit"

"Tell me about him" Anna looked down at her brother. She just couldn't say no to those big blues

"Dad was amazingly brave. He was a pilot of the U.S.S. Kelvin. He became the captain and in those short minutes he saved over 800 lives. He was a hero and a damn good man. He would sing me to sleep and call me his little angel. I remember the love in his eyes when he looked at mom and how his smile would light up his face. He was good father and he loved you even though he never saw you. He felt more love for you than most fathers feel for all of their children in an entire life time."

"What happened to him?" Anna wiped the tear from her cheek

"I only know what mom has told us and a little of what I remember."

"What do you remember?"

"I remember red lights and something about a lightening storm. I wanted to watch it from the window but mom needed me by her side. She was having you at the time and dad was busy saving lives so I was holding her hand. Then I remember Dad's voice talking to mom as we got on the med ship then you came into the world and Dad named you"

"I love you Annie" Anna smiled down at him and kissed his forehead

"I love you too Jimmy. Now go to sleep"

The next day Winona and her daughter stood in front of Algonquin Academy. The building itself looked dark and empty. The stone walls stood high and the air smelled of sweat and fear. Anna took a breath, held her head up and took a step towards the building. A large, muscled man walked out to meet her half way up the path. He held his hand out to her and she took it bravely

"I'm Sergeant Brooks. It's an honour to have you join us here, we don't usually get cases like you. Normally it's teen's that have problems with authority, attitude problems and have broken the law. I've seen your file and it seems that you are quite the opposite."

"Yeah I'm a saint. Can we go inside now?" He nodded his head

"This way Cadet."

Without a look back at her mother Anna followed the Sergeant through the large oak doors.

Ever since that day Anna had grown to hate her mother, she had only seen her brother once a year, but she felt like she was apart of a family at Algonquin. Sergeant Brooks became her father figure, he gave her good advice, a little affection, and good morals. Now five years later Anna was graduating from the academy and leaving for a university that was near where her brother last lived.

Anna was shoving all of her stuff in a large, green duffle as a young, African American girl sat on her bed watching. Anna looked over at the girl and smiled

"Nyota don't pout you'll be out of here in no time." The girl huffed and crossed her arms

"But you won't be here. Who will I hang out with and who will help me with my homework?"

"How about this you take my communicator and I'll contact you to check in and if you need help with anything just ask. You'll do great here and then you can go to college and have a great time there. Who knows maybe you'll join the Starfleet with me someday."

Nyota played with the device Anna had just given her then looked up at the older girl

"I thought you were going to med school after university?" Anna chuckled

"I am but after that I'm joining Starfleet. I want to follow in my father's footsteps, work on a ship like he did. Come on walk me out."

Anna stopped at the top step and turned to Sergeant Brooks.

"Sergeant thank you for everything. I want you to know that I am grateful for all you've done for me and that I'm going to miss you"

The stoic man, let a small smile out and briefly hugged the girl

"I'll miss you too. Good luck with your schooling. I know you'll be a good doctor"

Anna hugged the younger girl one last time than got into the transporter that brought her to the university residence. There she carried on the new life she started when her mother dropped her off at the academy.

A year later Anna stood outside a local high school in Iowa. She leaned back on her car as she watched the teens walk with their friends from the school. One boy caught her eyes, he was surrounded by girls as he bounced a ball. Anna laughed and made her way towards the young hunk.

"James Tiberius Kirk aren't you just the young stud" the boy stopped bouncing the ball as he looked at Anna mouth wide open in wonder

"Annie?" Anna stood their with her arms open wide

"Well? Are you going to hug me or not?" she laughed as he wrapped his arms around her waist

"You hungry? Cause I'm starved"

At the burger palace James dove into his hamburger while his sister sat across from him, staring in wonder at how grown up he had become. Anna propped her head up with her left arm, picked up a fry from her brother's plate and threw it at him.

"So what has happened in the dramatic, coming of age story that is your life? Any momma drama? What about all of those girls that I saw clinging on to you earlier. You know I'm pretty sure they wanted to chop me into little pieces and feed me to the dogs." Jim laughed

"No drama at home just that Hank and mom have started fighting a lot. Girls? Meh I've had my fair share. What can I say all of the babes want a piece of me."

"Oh god" Anna chuckled

"Why did you leave?" Jim stared at her with a small anger behind his words

"You left me there by myself you didn't even say goodbye. You left while I was at school. I missed you and I needed you" Anna's eyes softened. She reached over the table and pushed his hair off of his face

"Jimmy you're old enough that you can handle the truth but you have to promise that you won't get mad at mom and you will keep listening to her and love her as usual. I know how you can be a little drama queen."

Anna flinched as a fry hit her nose "Hurry up and tell me"

"Hank wanted to send me away but I didn't want to go, so mom had to choose. Instead of letting her choose sides I made a deal. I went to Algonquin so you wouldn't have to. When I left you got immunity, did you not notice how neither Hank or mom has yelled at you for doing stupid shit? Have you been punished since I left? No because that was the deal. As for not saying goodbye. I did when you left for school"

"So what are you doing now?" Anna took another fry but ate this one

"I've been going to the local university. I'm in my second year of pre-med. After next year I'm going off to med school then enlisting in Starfleet." Jim started laughing


"Yeah Starfleet I'm going to follow in Dad's footsteps. I want to work up in space on one of those big ships. What are you going to do with your life delinquent? Don't think Mom hasn't written to me telling me about all of the shit you've been pulling. At one point she begged me to come home so she could ground you."

The pair laughed and caught up on everything that had happened to them since their last visit. Both hated to say goodbye but Anna knew she had to let Jimmy go home before their mother had a fit. They parted but never lost contact, every Saturday since they got together for a burger and fries at the same little dinner.