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Chapter 9

"We need a weekend off. Maybe you could convince Kirk to stop off at a nice tropical planet." Nyota said sighing

They were sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch. It had been a month since Leonard and Anna had began their relationship. They kept it from Jim of course but it seemed everyone else on the ship knew.

"Yeah a getaway on a beautiful beach would be idyllic. Me and Leo could get a cabin and spend the weekend in bed but that won't work because Jim would want to come along." Nyota laughed

"Why don't you just tell him? He's a big boy he can take that his sister is finally happy."

"It's more the fact his sister is dating his best friend. Other than that it's been perfect. How's the evil Vulcan?" Nyota put her fork down

"I thought that in the future you guys are friends?" Anna smiled

"It's not the future yet. So?"

"It's off again, on again. He won't let himself feel for me. Every time we get a close, intimate relationship he bails. I'm getting tired of having to chase him."

"So there is hope for Jim?" Nyota glared at her friend

"Never. Sulu maybe but never Kirk."

"Hey ladies" Jim said walking over to join them

"Speaking of the country hick" Nyota muttered while picking her fork back up.

"How are we today?" He asked giving his sister a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm good, glad that the medical bay is empty. Hey what do you think of us stopping off at a nice tropical planet for a small weekend vacation?" Jim took a bite of his apple and nodded his head

"Sounds nice. I think we can schedule it in."

"Schedule what in?" Leonard asked as he joined the fast growing table.

"Jimmy is going to take us to a tropical planet for vacation" Anna said smiling at her boyfriend.

"Yeah we can get a cabin and have another sleepover like before. It will be fun but of course I'll have to make time for the ladies. It will the three musketeers again." Leonard and Anna looked at each other confused

"Three musketeers? Did you hit your head?" Anna asked. Jim shook his head

"Thought we needed a name."

"No we really don't" Leonard said eating his food. Jim waved him off

"Anyway it will be great." Nyota stood up actually feeling sorry for the oblivious man. She looked a the couple

"You two need to tell him. This is just sad to watch."

She left the table leaving Anna wide eyed and Leonard watching Jim for a reaction. Jim looked at them confused

"Tell me what?" He asked. Anna sighed

"Jimmy, ummm Leo has to tell you something. Leonard?" She passed the buck quickly. Leonard gave her a quick glare then turned to his friend

"Jim, Anna and I have been a couple for a while now. We've kept it from you because we didn't want you freaking out."

Jim looked from one to the other in confusion and hurt. He slammed a hand down on the table and stood up quickly

"How could you keep that from me?" He asked. Anna stood up

"It's none of your damn business that's why." Jim turned to her

"Not my business? You're my sister and he's my best friend. I think that makes it my business."

"Not every brother knows about their sister's love life. Jimmy we love you we just didn't want you jumping to conclusions."

"Fine. You want it just you two fine" Jim stomped out of the cafeteria leaving Anna to sit down in her chair defeated.

"He's just acting childish. He'll get over it." Leonard comforted her by taking her hand in his. Anna looked into his eyes with worry

"I hope you're right. I think I should go talk to him." She got up but was tugged back down.

"I love you." Leonard said causing Anna to smile

"I love you too." She leaned over the table and gave him a quick kiss before running off to her brother's room.

Anna knocked on the metal door and stood waiting. Anna knocked again.

"Jimmy just open the door. I want to talk. Come on let me in." She waited again but was not answered. Anna smiled

"If you let me in and talk to me. I'll tell you Uhura's first name."

After a minute the metal door slid open. Stepping into the room Anna found her brother sitting on his bed holding a picture. Anna sat down next to him to see that the picture was of the three of them at Starfleet.

"What is it?"

"I know that you're afraid that I'll take Bones away from you but I won't. You two will have guy time anytime you want. We can still be theā€¦the three musketeers." Jim stood up

"That's not it" Anna frowned

"What is it then?" Jim sighed and tossed the picture on the bed

"When you two break up, I'm going to have to choose." Anna gaped at him. She stood up and slapped her brother across his cheek.

"Owe." Jim said holding his stinging cheek. Anna had her lips pursed and her balled fists sitting on her hips.

"I can't believe I was concerned about how you'd feel. You're an ass Jim. When we break up? You are a jerk even to me who has been there for you you're whole damn life. News flash Jim. We're not breaking up I'm planning on marrying the guy and I hope we have kids, lots of them."

Jim stared at his sister in shock. She had never looked so mad to him before. He waited for a moment to go by.

"Look it was the worst case scenario. I didn't mean you guys wouldn't last." Anna sighed

"Jim don't act like an ass and I won't hit you." Jim rubbed the side of his face and nodded


They stood there for a minute until Jim broke the silence

"So Uhura's name?"

"No Jim. You should have kept your mouth shut. Go ask her" Anna walked out of his room

"I tired that already!" Jim called out to her

"Didn't go so well." He said to himself as he rubbed his cheek again then went out to the command deck.