Blackhaven18: Sea of Flames: Trilogy is my first fanfiction and although I've gone over this chapter multiple times already I know there are going to be mistakes. If you have the time please don't hesitate to point them out to me. Thanks.

Name: Sea of Flames: Trilogy, Part 1.

Summary: Naruto was banished from Konoha for over two years and while he was gone something huge happened. Naruto hasn't been the same since. Now though, he's had enough of being used as a tool and leaves Konoha to start what he hopes is a new life, where people won't judge him for the demon inside.

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Rating: Pg-13 to start out, will move to M and possibly MA.

Pairings: EdwardXBella, EdwardXNaruto, JasperXAlice, EmmettXRosalie, CarlisleXEsme, JessicaXJacob.--- Betcha you didn't see that one coming.

Warnings: Slash, BoyXBoy, Yaoi, angst, suicide attempts, possible mental breakdowns, mentions of blood and gore, Bella bashing, Sakura Bashing, some Sasuke Bashing, Kakashi bashing, and Danzo bashing (though I think we hate him already, ne?)

Now onto the story!

I've been looking in the mirror for so long,
That I've come to believe my souls on the other side.
Oh, the little pieces falling shatter.
Shards of me
to sharp to put back together.
To small to matter
But big enough to cut me into so many little pieces.
If I try to touch her,
And I bleed,
I bleed,
And I breathe,
I breathe no more.

Evanescence, Breathe.

Prologue: Breathe

"Naruto, please leave…" Naruto turned to face the prone figure lying on the bed, a pleading look in the green eyes, "You can't… get sick…"

"Kuso… I'm old enough to make my own decisions and I refuse to leave your side." He returned and got a weak chuckle in return.

"Just as… stubborn as ever…"

Naruto looked away, grief pressing down on his chest, but was brought back when a cool hand brushed his cheek. "It'll be alright…" The blond murmured sounding surer then he actually was.

Bright green eyes looked at him imploringly, before they quickly shut in a coughing fit.

'Please be alright.'

"We're losing him! Someone get the doctor, now!" A voice rang out in Naruto's mind.

After what seemed like hours the white cloaked doctor walked out to confront Naruto.

"I'm sorry…" Was all he needed to say for the blond to start screaming.

Naruto couldn't honestly say how his life had led him to this point or who he could have pissed of in a past life to have deserved this. All he had wanted was acceptance, but when he had finally reached it, it had been taken away…

Darkness wrapped around him in a choking hold, taunting him, a silent reminder to him that it would take away everything he held dear if provoked…

Screams of pure agony ruptured from the never ending abyss of his mind, a slightly deep resonating tone that bounced off the walls in echoes… Who was that…?

He became dimly aware that he was the one screaming as he remembered what brought him to this point…

A strange pain blossomed just above his brow and deep in the muscles of his fists as he felt a wetness drip down the side of his face and his thin wrists.

He was breaking… his mind failing him and allowing him to fall further in the darkness.

He wanted to forget. To wipe his mind completely of the horrors he'd encountered and committed in his life, but that was the cowards' way out, and know matter how much he wanted it; a coward was just something he wasn't…

So, he would never burden anyone with his problems and silently allow himself to fall until he finally hit the ground and his mind shattered completely… He would continue to fight until he was of no use to anyone, anymore.

Blue eyes opened as he awakened from his previously unconscious state to realize he was no longer in the bed he had laid in a few hours ago…

He was standing in front of his now splintered bedroom wall, a fisted hand resting on the blood smeared pastel colors and dripping down his both of his fists to hit the floor with a light splatter…

The fisted tan hand resting on the wall was clasped around the thin durable chain of one of his two necklaces. A beautiful silver ring with a blue pendant dangled on the other end…

'I'll never take it off.' Green eyes turned to stare at his declaration.

'Do you promise?'

'Of course, do you even need to ask?'

Unbidden memories rose to the surface and he clutched his head violently, trying to rid himself of them, "No… why won't you leave me alone…?" He whispered pathetically and brought the necklace to his bare chest, "leave me…"

'Do you have any idea how special you are? How much you mean to me?'

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to the person in front of him and looked up through his thick lashes seductively, 'you might just have to show me.'

"I SAID LEAVE ME!" He roared and snapped his head forward quickly, smashing it into the wall beside the fist marks as blue and red chakra whipped around his body, lashing out at everything. Another satisfying, resounding snap crackled through the air as the wall gave out and started to ease his conscious…

The whispers in his mind ceased and his chakra settled

Breaking? Oh, no. It was far too late for that…

He wasn't the same person… and he never would be…

His usually bright blue eyes were clouded with a dull pain not caused from his injuries and were amplified by the moons' rays, his blond hair glowing like a halo around his head…

He was already faded… already gone.

Blackhaven18: Well, here's the prologue. I hope none of you hate me too bad for what I've written so far, and no, I'm not done torturing Naruto quite yet. Unfortunately this is only the beginning and I did want to write a 'hopeless cause' storyline. Anyways, you know the drill: read and review. I'm really interested to know if any of you have read a story similar to this one with EdwardXNaruto as one of the more main pairings. Ideas are welcomed and I will try to answer questions without giving away the storyline.

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