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Chapter 2,

William, my son, was baptized shortly after his birth. He wore a white gown made of silk and a bonnet to keep the sun from burning his head. I bounced him lightly in my arms as he grew fussy. He was a cute little baby with my dark black hair and his father's pale blue eyes. Harry held him as a prayer was spoken and as he was dipped into the beautiful basin of holy water. I held him afterwards and sat under a tree. The spanish moss hung down further on this particular tree and my son was mesmerized by it.

His father joined us. I leaned against his broad chest and we both gazed at our newborn. William kept reaching up for the moss. Chuckling, Harry snagged some and let his son feel it.

"He's a beautiful boy," Harry praised. He kissed my temple lightly. I was startled by the sudden display of affection but touched. We smiled as William smiled at us. He made a little noise and sucked on his fingers. That meant he wanted his afternoon meal. I took him back home to feed him even though I would have much rather stayed outside under the shade of the tree.

I sat in an old rocking chair and rocked slowly as he fed. I wasn't going to have another baby but I felt okay by that. I had my beautiful baby and my husband was happy for a son.


Jasper always knew when I was lost in my memories because he said my eyes glassed over a bit. When I came back he would usually ask me about what I remembered. When I told him about my son he seemed a little less happy. I knew he wished we could have children of our own, but that wasn't going to happen. I had a theory that if we took one of my frozen eggs and his sperm and just put them together in a human that we would have our baby. But good luck finding a human to volunteer.

I'm sure if we begged Bella hard enough she'd cave, but Edward wouldn't have it. I was still mad at him for breaking it off with Bella. Man up punk! Lord almighty!

"When are you going to forgive him?" Jasper asked.

"When he stops being a stupid wiener!"

"Your insults remind me of a fifth grader."

"Your face reminds me of a fifth grader," I grumbled. Jasper laughed and opened up his book again. He just made sure to stick his tongue out at me first.

"Alice," Esme said walking in, "could you take this to Carlisle at the hospital? I have to finish these blue prints."

"Sure," I said jumping up. She handed me the files that Carlisle had left behind and I grabbed my keys.


The hospital in Minneapolis was much bigger than the one in Forks. Carlisle worked the night shift now. He didn't like it but we thought it was fine. Especially since we didn't have to go to school. God we loved that.

We still had a story to stick to. We were home schooled according to his story because, and this was my favorite part, Edward was a bubble boy who couldn't leave the residence. Carlisle was his primary physician and that was why he had to stay home with him all day.

So on my way to the hospital I dialed Edward's cell. No answer as usual. He was always very serious about his moping.

"Hey Edward we're in Minnesota again, Carlisle is working in Minneapolis as a night shift doctor. We're all home schooled this time around and you're missing it! Oh and you're a bubble boy. That's Carlisle's story for why nobody sees you and why we're home schooled. Come home soon we all miss you, bye."

A few minutes later I was walking into the hospital and I got a text back.

I hate you so much right now. Tell Carlisle I'm not a bubble boy!

I laughed and went up to the receptionist.

"Name and emergency?"

"Alice Cullen and I'm here to see my dad. He forgot some paperwork at home."

"Alright, I'll call up and find out where he is."

I sighed. I already knew the outcome but I had to wait anyway.

"Dr. Cullen is in surgery right now. If you don't mind waiting he'll be done in a few minutes."

I took a seat. He was closing up anyway and would be down soon. I smiled when a little boy wandered up to me.

"Hi," he said.

"Hey there cutie," I cooed. "Where's your mommy?"

"There," he said pointing to a woman who was filling out paperwork. "I got a booboo."

He pointed to a cut on his head. He would need probably two or three stitches tops.

"Oh you sure did, what happened?"

"I ran around the pool," he admitted.

"Did you slip and fall?"

He nodded. "It hurt."

He ran back to his mother when she called him. He waved to me over his mother's shoulder and I returned it. I felt sad. I looked down at the papers in my lap. It was paperwork for a few operations Carlisle had performed. I didn't really think much about humans dying but I couldn't help it. They were so fragile.


We lived in a small house near a river. William was two and he was my world. We played outside in the warm sunshine almost every day.

The sky was cloudy. Harry said there was a large storm on its way. I was worried about a hurricane but I was probably overreacting. I didn't have a strange dream telling me so. I loved my husband but I didn't dare tell him about the dreams. They were almost like premonitions. That's something that would land me in the asylum faster than I could say wait I'm not crazy.

The rain started as we were walking back from the doctors. William had had a cough for a while that turned out to be nothing serious as of yet. I didn't believe him. I also didn't want to be walking home. I had a premonition that we would hit the storm. Harry didn't think we would. I kept trying to tell him that we needed to stay in town because something bad would happen. The doctor seemed a bit worried but Harry said we needed to get home.

It was pouring down rain. I used Harry's coat to shield William from the rain. He was whimpering in fright as he heard the thunder.

"Harry! We need to stop!"

"We aren't stopping!" he snapped. "We have to get back home before the storm gets too bad. The river will flood."

The premonitions always hit me like a clear reality. As if I was already doing the action. I saw us crossing the bridge just as the river swept it away. I saw my baby boy in the water, screaming.

"Harry the bridge won't hold! We have to wait!"

"Don't be so scared, Alice, I'll protect you."

"No! Harry listen to me!" I demanded, grabbing his hand. He looked at me.

"I saw it. I saw it so clearly, the bridge breaking as the water rushed over it! Think of our son!"

Harry was looking at me strangely. He came out of his stunned silence and shook his head.

"If we stay out here he'll catch cold. You both will. I know that for sure. Alice I won't let you both get sick and die. I love you too much."

I was touched. That was probably the most affection he'd shown in our entire marriage. He held my hand and unbuttoned his shirt. He walked with me under his arm, shielded by the shirt. We reached the bridge and the water was rushing. Harry went across to test the bridge. He hesitated as a loud clap of thunder made William cry. He reached the shore and it was my turn. I took a deep breath and began across.

Maybe I was wrong. I think I was. The bridge groaned. I looked over and saw a wall of muddy water. It crashed into me and I was caught up in the water along with pieces of the bridge. William was screaming in my arms. I had to hold onto him. I was on my back, of that much I was sure. My skirt caught on something and I stopped flowing. I felt four large hands grabbing me. Two of them belonged to Harry.

I saw him reach for William. The boy slipped from my wet arms with a scream. I didn't hear myself screaming for him over the sound of my heat against my ribs. He was swept away by the raging waters. Harry dove in after him and I was pulled out completely. Jack Wright, our neighbor, was holding me tight as I struggled to get back into the water after my son.

"HARRY!" I screamed. I couldn't hear William crying for me anymore. I saw Harry hit one of the large stones on the shore. Then he went under and I never saw him again.


"Alice, sweetheart, what's wrong?"

I snapped out of my mind and noticed Carlisle. How long had I been gone?

"You look upset," he said, sitting with me.

I handed him the files. He wouldn't let me go until he knew I was safe.

"My husband and son died during a storm. I should be relieved...they didn't...nevermind."

"You know I'm going to tell Jasper about this," Carlisle warned. "I know when you need him."

"I'll be fine," I assured him. Carlisle didn't look convinced. I didn't expect him to be. "Really, dad, I'm fine."

Carlisle sighed. There wasn't much he could do. "Alright. Hug?"

I smiled and hugged him. He rubbed my back lightly as he did when he was feeling protective. When we pulled apart he kissed my forehead as a father would.

"Be safe."

I nodded. "I promise I will."

I knew he was watching me leave with the same worried expression as always. I could hear the nurses giggling to each other about how he was such a loving father. They hated that he was married. Even before he was my father figure, I never saw Carlisle's sexual appeal. Sure he was cute, the way a brother was. He was huggable. I laughed and got into the car.


When I got home I knew Jasper had gotten Carlisle's call from the way he looked up when I came home. I didn't say anything and just went to the computer and checked my e-mail. Tanya had written me to talk about her new flame (finally she got over Edward) and to ask if we had heard from Edward. Katie was asking if we would be coming up to live in Alaska again.

I pulled up google. I rarely googled but this was an exception.

Mary Alice Brandon Wilson

I came up under several results. Most of them were useless so I refined my search by adding late 1800's.

There I was. I recognized myself in an old scanned photograph. Mary Alice Brandon II. I had forgotten that I was named after my mother. She would call me Alice to avoid confusion. I remembered then that I used to have an older brother named after my father so he was called junior.

"My parents were unoriginal," I sighed. Jasper chuckled.

"How do you think I feel? I'm like the sixteenth Jasper in my family. Oh hey remember when you gave me crap for looking up my family history?"

"You don't even know that's what I'm doing!"

"Do now."


He laughed and went back to watching tennis. I swear that was like his favorite sport. I went back to the computer. At least I didn't obsess over the civil war like some vampires did.

"I don't obsess," Jasper said.

"Get out of my head!"

That was when we knew we spent too much time together. We were both predictable to each other.

He kept laughing and I wasn't going to let him get away with that. So I got up and rushed into the room and headbutted him right in the stomach. He captured me as he usually did.

"You my little pixie are making a mistake challenging me!"

"Nonsense!" I cried as he pinned me and tickled me.

After laughing so hard we, who don't need to breathe, were actually winded. It was a weird feeling but it found us laying on the soft carpet in the morning sunlight. My head rested on his stomach and he was playing with my hair.

"Do you want to talk about it now?"

"My son was everything to me. I loved him with all I had. Harry was a good father and a good husband. They both died because I wasn't strong enough to tell the man I was supposedly to spend the rest of my life with the truth about me."

Jasper was quiet and patient while I talked about loving someone else. That's what I loved most of all about him. He knew that he held my heart firmly in his hand and his in mine. I was allowed to find Brad Pitt hot without him getting jealous and I was allowed to dwell on the kind man I had once been married to.

I sat up and sighed. Harry had always been so kind to me and so gentle. He was never affectionate. He probably kissed me maybe once a month. We didn't make love we had sex to have babies. But he always gave me his coat when I was chilly or shielded me from the rain. The few times he did tell me that he loved me were that much more special. Then there was William with his sweet cherub cheeks and musical laugh. I remembered playing with him in the shallow waters of the river, dipping his little feet and laughing as he clapped his wet little hands.

If there had been a way to have a baby with Jasper I'd give anything to have it. I felt his arms around my shoulders and I squeezed them tight when I thought about the first time my son was sick or when he nearly fell into a well because Harry had turned his back for one moment. I remembered his screams as the river carried him away from me and my memories revived finding his tiny body for me to see. I never saw what he looked like but I saw them carry a little bundle.

"I had seen it," I sobbed, "I knew the bridge would give out but I didn't believe myself. I had confessed to Harry that I was having premonitions but I believed him anyway when he said we would be fine."

Jasper was silent. He listened to me cry dry tears as he stroked my hair and cuddled me. When I calmed down he spoke.

"Alice, love, you had to make a call. Either way you were going to lose him. Toddlers get sick very easily and you said he was already weak from an infection."

"But he was my baby," I cried, as if that changed anything. "Jazzy I don't want to remember them anymore!"

"I know sweetheart," he murmured. He carried me up to bed and tucked me in. I wouldn't sleep but it was comfortable. The bed was soft and warm and it smelled like happy times. I closed my eyes as if a comfortable sleep was going to follow. Tucked under the fluffy quilt made me feel secure. I could feel Jasper's weight beside me and his fingertips brush lightly through my hair. He hummed a soft lullaby and I smiled at him.


"Hush I'm singing you to sleep," he said with a smile. I opened my eyes and I was looking right into his. I know Bella thought she had the perfect boyfriend in Edward, but that's because she never had Jasper. I knew that there was never a woman in the world who felt more loved by her husband.


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