This is my first story that I am actually going to try and update every week. Please don't be harsh when your reviewing because I just started watching Grey's Anatomy around season 4, but I read other fanfics so I have a pretty good view of what was going on in past seasons. And this story is definitely going to be different from past stories, but at the beginning it's going to probably sound like stories you read before. And please if you criticize, keep it simple because I'm not even in eighth grade yet. (But I'm starting in Sept.-Yay!) Enjoy!! By the way this is during season 4 and includes everyone who has ever been on the show, some just appear later than others.


Chapter 1: Heartbreak


Meredith stood there watching as Derek and Rose walked out hand in hand. Tears were running down her face and soaking the collar of her shirt. She didn't understand how he could've moved on that quick, they had just broken up 2 hours ago.

She thought to herself how could a broken heart still beat. Then she heard Rose laugh at something that Derek had said and watched as they walked into Joe's bar. Meredith then moved outside to sit on a bench as it started to rain.

Izzie and George walked out of Seattle Grace and were heading for their homes. They spotted Meredith sitting in the rain by herself and they walked over to her. They couldn't tell if she had been crying, but her clothes was all soaking wet from the rain.

"Mer, are you okay?" George asked as they walked over to her. He sat down on her left as Izzie took her seat to the right of Meredith.

Meredith didn't look up, but they both could still tell that she was upset. Both George and Izzie had heard that Meredith and Derek had broken up. And not only have they broken up, but Derek had already moved on to a scrub nurse. Which Izzie didn't understand because they had been happy this morning and were even looking at house plans.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Meredith mumbled softly still not looking up at her concerned friends.

"Yeah come on you can ride home with us since you know you don't have a ride since you came to work with Shepherd." George said not realizing what he had said. Meredith held back a cry and Izzie hit his head from behind Meredith's back. "Oh sorry," George mumbled quietly realizing what he had said.

"Mer you soaking wet. You have to get home and change before you come down with something." Izzie said trying to convince her heartbroken friend to go home. Meredith just simply nodded and finally looked up.

And at that moment when she looked up Derek and Rose walked out of Joe's laughing and looking happy together. Izzie and George followed Meredith's train of view and scowled. The sight made Meredith's eyes water and the tears began falling, but they just mixed in with the rain that was still plunging from the sky.

"Mer you don't need that asshole," Izzie said getting up to her feet.

"Yeah come on Meredith lets go home," George said pulling her to her feet and all three of them headed out into the parking lot looking for their car.

After walking through the front door, Meredith mumbled a quick good night and slowly took off to the sanctuary of her bedroom. As soon as she got in there she closed and locked the door. Then she quickly fell into her bed and began to sob quietly.


Derek walked Rose to her car after taking her out for drinks. He thought he saw Meredith as he and Rose were heading out for drinks, but it must have been his imagination.

"Well, I had a good night Derek. Thank you for the drinks." Rose said interrupting Derek's thoughts as soon as they arrived at her car.

"Yeah it was nice," Derek replied awkwardly. But that was all it was nice, it wasn't like when he was with Meredith. It was fun and flirty when he was with her, but with Rose it was just nice. He shifted stiffly and stuffed his hand into his pockets. "Well I'll see you tomorrow."

Rose's face dropped hoping she was going to get a good night kiss, but not tonight. She said good bye and wished him a safe drive home, then got into her car and drove away. Derek walked through the parking lot in search of his car so he could get home to his trailer. When he finally got home he decided to go for a walk on his land to clear his mind. All he could think about was Meredith and when he got to where they were going to build their dream home, tears began to fill his eyes.