Here's another update I hope you like it ppl! And yes in my story Rose is a bitch! Although she's not that much of a bitch on the show I just hated her for taking Derek from Meredith. In this chapter you're going to see a different side of Meredith which she'll probably never show on Grey's Anatomy, but deep down I know she has it.


Chapter 3: A Talk And A Fight


Previously on Driven Away- Derek turned back to Meredith, but all he saw was her back to him walking away. He quickly walked after her and pulled her into a on-call room.


"What do you want?" Meredith asked as soon as the door closed.

"I just wanted to see if your okay," Derek replied. "Why are you crying, did they say something to you?"

"That's the problem, Derek, they always say something. I try to ignore them, but their voices are so loud." Meredith said, her voice cracking. "Derek how could you move on that quickly we were only broken up for 2 hours."

Derek was silent for a few minutes and Meredith decided he wasn't going to answer. So she turned to leave, but Derek grabbed her arm. He turned her around so she was in between him and the door. Then he took her head in his hands and leaned down to kiss her passionately.

Meredith gave into the kiss as she ran her hands through his thick black hair. Derek moved his hands to the bottom of her scrub top, pulling at the hem. Meredith finally pulled herself away from him, but was still firmly pressed against Derek. He was trying to avoid answering her, but she wasn't going to let him.

She looked away from him and tried to turn her head, but Derek had moved his hands to hold her in place. "Are you going to answer my question?"

Derek looked away and you could clearly see in his features that he was thinking hard. He didn't want to say something that would hurt her anymore then he already has done. Derek turned to look at Meredith who was focused on her shoes. Tears were threatening to spill from her eyes.

"You're not going to answer are you," Meredith stated instead of asking.

"I don't know," Derek whispered. "Please don't cry Mer. Tell me what you want to her and I'll say it."

"Derek I want you to tell me you didn't go out with her," Meredith said clearly.

He hesitated as Meredith's eyes met his. "I don't want to lie to you anymore, so I can't say that."

Meredith already knew that Derek did go out with Rose, but she wanted him to say it. She thought that him saying it would hurt less, but it probably wouldn't. Then Derek's pager went off.

"I'm sorry Meredith for all the hurt I've caused you," Derek apologized before walking out.

Sorry isn't going to fix a broken hurt, Meredith thought to herself. Then she walked out of the on-call room and saw the nurses watching her. They were whispering and giving her looks of disgust. And the suddenly Meredith snapped. She walked over to the nurses whom she despised so much.

"So can you bitches tell me what you're looking at?" Meredith asked loud and clear.

All of them looked at Meredith shocked and just stood there not knowing what to say. Then one of them decided to speak up. "You have no right to talk to us like that Dr. Grey."

"Yeah and you people have no right to look at me like that." Meredith snapped.

"Well we wouldn't look at you like that if you would stop sleeping with men that are taken." Rose said stepping closer to where Meredith stood.

"Umm you and Derek went out on one date that doesn't mean that he is taken and all we did was talk. He just needed to talk to me privately." Meredith explained annoyed. And didn't they see Derek pull her into the on-call room.

"Actually it's going to be more than one date after tonight," Rose said pleased by the hurt expression on Meredith's face that she quickly covered up. "Yeah and you're just jealous that he doesn't want you. He wants me not a slutty whore."

By that time everyone was already gathered around the nurse's station watching the fight. Derek got there right at the time where Rose was calling Meredith a whore. Then he turned as Rose began to take another stab at Meredith's heart.

"You know if Derek loved you," Rose started. "He wouldn't have left you twice each time for a different woman. Yeah, he really loves you."

Meredith's heart had stopped breaking at that moment. It had finally reached it's breaking pint, her heart had finally shattered into tiny unfixable pieces. Everything Rose said was true and that's why her eyes were tearing up.

Derek wanted to say something badly to stop Rose from hurting Meredith anymore, but he just stood there helplessly shocked at what was going on.

Rose smirked triumphantly. "Well looks like you have nothing else to say bitch. And if you ever mess with me or any of the other nurses or try and make another move on my McDreamy I will make you're life a living hell."

Meredith looked at her. She did not just say that Derek was hers. Meredith didn't care anymore if she was going to get fired anymore cause this woman was messing with her. What she said next shocked everyone. " Oh too late. My life is already a living hell because I have to see your ugly horse face everyday."

Rose, Derek, and everyone else stood there watching shocked at what Meredith had just said. Cristina, Izzie, Alex, and George stood there trying not to burst out laughing at Meredith's comment. Then the Chief decided to stop this and stepped forward from where he and Dr. Bailey stood shocked.

"Dr. Grey and Nurse umm," the Chief started, but didn't know Rose's name.

"Nurse horse face," Meredith answered before Rose, making her friends burst out laughing. "Oh wait sorry I'm insulting horses everywhere and you don't look like that. You look more like a donkey's ass."

"That is enough Dr. Grey," the Chief demanded. He had never heard Meredith talk like that and he knew she was too kind hearted to mean any of that. "Both of you in my office now!"

Mark who was standing next to Derek let out a low whistle as Meredith walked past them smirking, happy that she got the last say in the fight. "Damn Grey has an attitude and the girl can talk the talk. I just wish they would've really had a fight, you know, with them ripping each other's clothes off. Seeing Grey half naked would've made my day."

Mark stopped noticing the look on Derek's face. He looked like he was about to pull out a scalpel and start stabbing Mark. But he pulled himself together and looked at a retreating Meredith. He had to admit that that was hot and he wanted her bad.

"Man you are one lucky son of a bitch," Mark said. "Two girls are fighting over you and they actually made it clear that they are too."

"Yeah," Derek said not taking his eyes of Meredith. "But I only want one of them."


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