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I promised a multi-chaptered 2x5 story, here is the first chapter. I hope you like it. I know that it's not very good, and very slow to begin with, but I had to start somewhere. Look, there's even some 3x4 in there, too!

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"Abby? Abby, snap out of it!" Hoagie called, waving a hand in front of her face. Abby blinked, startled.


"You've been staring at that tree for the past ten minutes. Now, either that's one handsome plant, or you aren't interested in what I have to say."

Abby shook her head. "Sorry Hoagie. I was just thinkin'. What were you talkin' about?"

Hoagie grinned. "I was saying that you should come with me and Kuki to Wally's game. We haven't seen you much lately."

She sighed. It was true. This was the first time in three weeks that Abby had spent any time with one of her friends. "I've been busy. But a baseball game won't kill me. I guess I'll go."

"Hey you two! Move it, I got other customers waiting for that table!"

Abby groaned. The manager of this particular ice cream parlor was not a favorite of hers.

"Alright, alright, we're going. Jeesh!" Hoagie complained, grabbing his jacket from the outdoor table. Abby noted the jacket's slightly smaller size.

The years had been nice to Hoagie. Getting taller had stretched his baby fat and helping Wally with baseball training had gained him some muscle. He might not have been as lean and strong as his Aussie friend, but at fifteen, Hoagie was five foot nine inches and thin enough for him.

They had automatically started walking toward the park. It was their spot to hang out and just talk.

Dropping onto a bench, Hoagie asked, "Abs, why have you been so distant lately?"

Abby sat next to him and he put his feet in her lap. "I don't know. Like I said, I've been busy." She quickly tied his laces together before shoving his shoes off her legs.

It was a lie. Abby knew exactly why she'd been so far away. The TND kept her occupied most of the time. She couldn't exactly tell Fanny "Kuki's having boy problems, I can't go on the mission because I need to help her eat her way through two gallons of mint chip ice cream." Yeah, that would go over real well with ol' Fannypants.

Hoagie brought her back to reality. "We miss you, Abby. I miss you." He avoided looking at her by leaning down to unknot his sneakers.

Feeling defensive, Abby asked, "Well what about you? The way Kuki tells it, you ain't been around much, either. Who are you to judge, ya hypocrite?"

Hoagie straightened, unseen blush gone. "Same reason as you, I guess. Been busy."

He hated lying to his best friend like this. The Teens Next Door were always calling him away to built this or fix that, so yes, he'd been busy. But he hated the half lies that he gave to Abby.

Abby sighed. "Maybe we both got to take a vacation."

Hoagie chuckled. "Abby, this is vacation. It's summer, remember?"

She groaned, tossing her head back dramatically. "Then we need a vacation from vacation."

"Where should we go on our vacation vacation?" Hoagie laughed, playing along.

She thought about that, then grinned. "The Bermuda Triangle. That way, we ain't gotta come back!"

"As if we would have a choice in the matter." Hoagie looked at his watch. "Crud, Wally's game starts in fifteen minutes, we gotta go get Kuki!"

In true Kuki fashion, the girl was angry that they were a little late, but cheered up immensely when Abby offered her one of the "Oopsie-Sorry-Forgive-Me" Rainbow Monkey candies that the hat-clad girl kept in her bag for Kuki-related emergencies. Personally, Abby thought that they tasted like wool, but she wasn't about to tell her friend that.

After finally finding a seat where Kuki could see Wally pitch, (She claimed that the sun wasn't in her eyes here.) Abby was elected to get the snacks. (Actually, she lost in Rock, Paper, Scissors.)

Walking away from the concession line, her arms filled with the requested food, Abby heard the beeping in her ear. Headquarters needed her. Not good. Just how was she supposed to get away from Kuki and Hoagie?

Thinking on her feet, Abby shoved their snacks at them, said, "My daddy needs me at home. Sorry guys." and ran off before they could protest.

"She never hangs out with us anymore." Kuki grumbled before turning back to the game. Hoagie shrugged.

"Wonder what her dad wanted her-" Hoagie was interrupted by the beeping that only he could hear. Glancing sideways at Kuki, who was deeply into the game, he thought of an excuse.

Hoagie slapped his hand to his forehead. "I can't believe I forgot! Tommy needed me to help him today! Sorry Kuki, I've gotta go."

Kuki sighed. "Go ahead. But I'm not gonna explain to Wally why his best friend wasn't here."

"Thanks Kuki! Gotta run, see ya!"

She didn't look at him. "Yeah, yeah, see ya."

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