Here is a poem I came up with during my Literature class for it...but didn't use it. It describes the relationship of a Master and Padawan. Hope you like, I do. Review, please! :D

Disclaimer: Obviously this is not, nor will be mine, ever! So, give up, people!

Master and Padawan

Master- a kind, loving mentor

One full of wisdom from the years

One who guides

Her young one

On the path

To Knighthood

Before the Knighting ceremony.


Padawan- a youngling

One who tries her very best

To obey and please her Master,

Even though they will not be

Master and Padawan

For much longer

Before the Knighting ceremony.


The braid- a symbolism of apprenticeship

The Master cuts the braid, and

The Padawan presents it to the Master

At the Knighting ceremony.


They part their separate ways

As if to never see each other again,

But when the former apprentice

Takes on a Padawan

She goes to her former master

Who gives her advice

And encourages her, who

Comforts her master after the fall of a friend,

And offers up her wisdom

Back to her Master

After the Knighting ceremony.


And so the cycle continues

Until the padawan she took was knighted,

And her former master they made a Senior Master.

They cross paths, reluctant

To leave one another

Alone, since they are

Interconnected with the Force,

After all these years

After the Knighting ceremony.

Well, how did you like? I know, it doesn't write. I wrote it for Literature 2 when we had to do a Poetry Anthology unit, but didn't use it. Please review! I'd love to hear your thoughts! Jedi A. U.