Chapter 1: Gone

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Last night was my 18th birthday. It was a wonderful romantic night. Edward gave me a wonderful birthday. He finally gave in and now we are a completed puzzle. I walked fast downstairs fully dressed for school today. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and inhaled it as fast as I could.

I walked out into the dreary, gloomy day and as I was about to get into my truck, Edward came gently pulling me into his silver Volvo. Edward was quiet he did not say anything to me during the car ride to school and the same thing happened when we entered the school.

Classes were dragging. I inched to touch Edward and ask him what was wrong and tell me all the troubles and to touch his lushes lips and than crush my lips on to his.

Soon the bell for lunch rang and Edward and I walked hand in hand going to the cafeteria. We both got lunches and than I noticed Alice wasn't here.

"Edward, where is Alice at?"

"She is out hunting." Edward replied without looking at me.

It stayed quiet for a long time and the day kept lagging along. Soon school was over and Edward was on my road taking me home but he passed my house and parked his car in front of the woods.

"Bella please walk with me."


We started walking for a while silently, the only thing you could hear was my feet making a rhythm on the ground, my heart racing, and my impatient breathing. Soon we finally stopped.

"Bella we're leaving."

"When you mean we-"

"My family and I."

I could not believe what was hearing. It felt like someone shot me in the heart and I was bleeding to death.


"Bella, I don't want you anymore. I don't love you anymore. I can not stay in this place because you are here and I can not stand to see someone I do not love anymore with me."

I looked at Edward like he was crazy than to the ground. I felt the pain of loss and being used.

"Bella promise me something be careful and do not do anything stupid when I am gone."

" I promise but you know what Edward, you got guts. You want to know why last night you had sex with me than you leave me saying you don't love me anymore. You disgust me. Right now I feel used and cheap."

"Bella I am sorry. Goodbye Bella forever."

The next thing I knew he was gone and I was under a tree crying my eyes out and curled up in a ball. Who does he think he is doing that to me, causing me a sharp pain. I felt paralyzed.

There was someone shining a light on to me.

"Bella, hi I am Sam. Do you think you can move to get you home or do you want to carry me home."

"Carry me home please."

I was carried home in the dark and crying my eyes out still. When they got me home I saw a worried Charlie. When he saw me his eyes lit up to see that I was in one piece, but he did not know that I wasn't in one piece. I was miserable, and I felt like I was slowly dying. Charlie went over to the cabinet and got a blanket out and put it over me when I was laid onto the couch.

"Thank you guys for getting Bella home safely to me."

When the guys left Charlie turned his attention to me.

"Bella what did he do to you?" Charlie asked with his eyebrow arched up.

"He..He left me!" I sobbed.

"What!" Screamed Charlie. His face was red and purple at the same time.

" I wonder where he went Dad. All he said to me is that he does not love me and he doesn't want anything to do with me."

" Wow. That low life boy, I knew when I first found out that you two were dating that he would hurt you in a cruel way."

"I wonder were he went."

Charlie looked at me with sympathy.

"He didn't tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"That Carlisle got a job offer with better pay at the border of Alaska and California."

"Oh. Well Dad I am going to go to bed now."


"Yeah Dad."

" A good thing you did not loose your virginity to him; and goodnight Bells."

Oh Charlie did not know the half of it. That I did loose my gift to him.

"Goodnight Dad."

I went into my room. A sharp pain in my chest seized in my chest. I fell onto my bed crying because the pain was unbearable. I felt like someone had taken my heart and started to rip it up. Soon I was fell asleep.

I was in the woods. Edward came into the dream. I was chasing him but I could not catch up to him. I fell into a puddle that was not water instead it was a puddle of blood. Than Edward called out in the dream, " Catch me if you can but you can never."

Than it was dark. "Edward. Come back. Please!"

I woke myself screaming and I was drenched with sweat.

"Bella, whats wrong." Charlie said with a gun in his hand.

"Sorry Dad, for waking you up but I had a nightmare."

"Oh. Do you want to talk about it?"

I wanted to talk about it but I could not bring myself to tell Charlie.

"No, Dad, just go back to bed please."

"Sleep tight than Bells."

"Oh I'll try, I'll try."

How am I going to survive with Edward?

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