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Chapter 7: The Promise

I couldn't breathe. Sweet sweat poured out of my body. My heart became in sync with the pounding rain against the car as Edward and I drove to his house.

I was simply way too nervous about telling the Cullen's about how Hayden became a hypotonic comfort to me and how he deceived me by using his powers.

Another thing, I have a crazy feeling that Hayden would come after the Cullen family. If so, Hayden would put up a strong fight, to hold me as his personal slave and prisoner for all time and eternity. How much joy would that be? Probably the kind of the joy that would want me to kill myself.

"Bella, tell me what are you thinking." Asked Edward.

"Just thinking about how Hayden would put up a strong fight against your family and you, over me."

His temple pulsed with a clenched and he clenched the steering wheel- well clenched it not that hard, but still.

"Bella, don't even worry about it, he would lose. I am going to promise you something. So listen up. I vow that I will always love you-"

I didn't let him finish, " I know you would always love me because you do every little thing for twenty four seven out of sheer love."

"True. But, I also vow I would take care of you and our child. I will protect you both. You and our baby are my whole world to me. Bella, you gave me this blissful blessing that I thought would never happen to me. I take pride in it. Pure pride. I promise after you divorce Hayden, we will marry. Thus, after the baby is born, I will change you into one of us."

I stayed silent for a while. I gazed out of the window. I was basically immobilized from his little speech he gave me. But, was I actually ready to become a vampire?

"Edward, would I be able to see our baby once I am turned into a vampire."

He turned his head a little looking at me and the rode and said the heart wrenching word that I didn't want to hear, "No."

"Edward, I can't do this!" I cried.

"Do wha-"

Before he could finish, something jumped out of the woods and into the road, making my jaw drop.

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