O Captain, My Captain.


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Chapter 11: On the Deck My Captain Lies


Jim could not remember another occasion where he had woken up before Spock, and hell if he wasn't going to take advantage of it. Untwining himself ever so carefully, he was amazed that the Vulcan did not wake up. Smiling deviously, Jim scooted himself down until he was level with Spock's adorably relaxed face. Then he abruptly began kissing the other man passionately, grinding their naked bodies together. Spock's eyes shot open the instant Jim's lips touched his, his muffled yelp turning into a satisfied moan.

"I find I am not averse to that method of awakening," Spock decided when Jim had finally detached himself.

"Well, good," Jim answered, "Now get up, you sexy thing you, we're headed back to Starfleet today."

"Indeed," the Vulcan replied with a raised eyebrow.

"Mhmm. Not to mention that we still aren't married, according to you."

"A technicality, Jim. The papers have been filed."

"Well you built this up pretty good last night. I'm excited."

"I shall endeavor not to disappoint, Captain."


"Spock, I'm hungry," Jim announced once they had stepped out of the shuttle and onto the solid ground of Starfleet Academy.

"That is understandable. You have not eaten since quite early this morning."

"How about that Italian restaurant down the street?"

"I do not care for Italian food. Is there a problem with the cafeteria?"

"Spock. Replicated food does not compare to the real thing."

"I find any difference irrelevant."

"You wouldn't. Italian? I think there's a place not far from here."


"You really are an oddity, aren't you? Alright, Indian?"

"I would not object if that is what you wish," the Vulcan told him, gesturing for Jim to lead the way.

Once they had exited the campus and headed down the street, Jim could not help but notice how tense Spock became in proximity to the crowded sidewalk.

"You okay?" Jim asked him. His First Officer looked over at hi with an elegantly raised eyebrow.

"The people. It is uncomfortable to be touched, even in passing," Spock informed him.

"You don't mind when I do it."

"Indeed. But I do not wish to experience the emotions of these strangers. Even the slightest degree of telepathy is often an unwelcome burden."

"I'm sorry. We're almost there," Jim assured him, pointing to a building a few yards down. As they neared, Jim grasped Spock's elbow and led him across the street.

Letting his hand slide down the Vulcan's arm, he brushed his fingertips over the back of the warm hand before returning it to his side. As his skin slid over Spock's, he felt a warmth flood his veins and his steps faltered. Looking over at the man next to him with a confused expression, he saw his second-in-command smirking slightly back at him.

"The bond is becoming impatient. It wishes to be completed," Spock explained.

"That makes two of us," Jim said, smiling.


Jim could not help but think how particularly adorable Spock looked as he meticulously ate his vegetarian thali.

"You are precious," Jim informed the Vulcan as he dipped a piece of his chicken tikka into the raita and brough it to his lips.

"Indeed," Spock replied, looking skeptical. Jim did not respond, only look at him affectionately.

"So what does bonding feel like?" he asked after a moment.

"I do not know, Captain. I have never experienced it."

"Yeah, I know that. What do they tell you it feels like?"

"You know that Vulcans do not discuss such things."

"One of your parents must have said something to you about it."


"You are impossible," Jim complained. Spock sighed.

"Do you recall the transporter incident?"

"How could I not?"

"I anticipate it to be somewhat similar," Spock said matter-of-factly. Jim's eyes widened, his mouth opening and closing rather comically.

"Wow, uh – that's… that's nice," he said eventually.

"A curious adjective to employ," the Vulcan pointed out, "However, it will still not reach the intensity the blood fever will induce."

"Beg pardon?"

"The blood fever, Captain. Plak tow. A neurochemical imbalance which precides pon farr."

"And what in the hell is that?"

"The Vulcan time of mating. The cycle occurs once every seven years."

"Are you making this up?"

"No, Captain. It is a matter of the utmost privacy to my people. I am only being inappropriately open with you as a courtesy."

"How intense are we talking?"

"Even Vulcans, despite being physically superior to humans, often retain severe injuries. Cracked ribs, dislocated shoulders, and fractures clavicles are common occurrences."

"Jesus. I've got all that to look forward to?"

"I believe that the sexual satisfaction it brings far outweighs any injuries obtained during the process."




They finally exited the restaurant after a heated argument over who would pay for the bill, and Jim was frankly still at a loss to understand how Spock won. He frequently suspected Spock of using his logic to simply frustrate him into submission.

"So… where to?" Jim asked as they stepped back onto the busy street.

"Perhaps we should see how the diagnostics on the Enterprise are going," Spock suggested. Jim couldn't imagine anything more boring, but was happy to agree if it was what his First Officer wanted.

After a brief tour through main engineering, they moved on to the bridge and found it empty. Jim found himself looking out the window while Spock's hands worked rapidly at his science station.

He allowed his eyes to slide out of focus and thought back to standing there next to the Vulcan as the Narada began to fall apart. As he remember Spock's words, he could not help but smile at the memory – 'No, not really. Not this time.' Jim jumped in surprise at the sound of his second-in-command's silky voice in his ear, real this time. He had not even heard him move.

"Jim, lock the bridge," Spock commanded. Jim turned to him, confusion in his blue eyes as the Vulcan gazed back at him intensely. One alien eyebrow rose slowly, as if daring him to ask the question.

"Computer, seal the bridge. Captain's code Kirk-Alpha-4-8-2-2-G," Jim finally said.

"The bridge has been sealed," the computer's voice sounded out.

"Spock, what—ooooooooh," he began, but forgot his curiosity as Spock's warm Vulcan lips latched onto his neck, licking and sucking with force.

He could feel the heat of Spock's hands through his uniform as the scorching fingers wrapped themselves around Jim's hips and pulled him closer.

"The bond must be completed," Spock growled into his ear, taking the lobe into his mouth. Turning his head, Jim managed to capture Spock's lips with his, their tongues sliding together as his hands found the front of his First Officer's uniform pants.

Detaching themselves, Spock wasted no time in pulling off his shirt as well as Jim's, immediately pressing the bare skin of their chest and torsos together in a delicious flood of electricity.

Having now gotten his hand inside the front of Spock's pants, Jim wrapped his hand around the hard organ, eliciting a delighted purr from the Vulcan's mouth. Moving forward until Spock's back hit navigation control, Jim pulled away to divest the rest of his First Officer's clothing. Kissing and tonguing his way back up the pale body, he finally reached Spock's mouth again and attacked it forcefully.

Grasping the back of Jim's thighs, Spock lifted him up and carried him around the station to drop him into his Captain's chair. Dropping to his knees, Spock quickly pulled off Jim's boots, socks, pants, and underwear before taking the length of him into his inhumanly hot mouth.

"Spock– oh- God… mmmm…" Jim breathed out incoherently, Spock's tongue gliding along his shaft, his lips suctioning around the head incredibly. He was startled when the Vulcan's talented mouth left him, cold air ghosting over the wetness left behind.

Blinking his eyes open, Jim saw Spock reach for his hand. Taking it, his First Officer pulled him out of the chair and spun him roughly around to bend over the back of the chair. Bracing himself by gripping the arms of the chair with either hand, Jim moaned at the feel of two slick fingers at his entrance. As one of Spock's hands stretched and stroked inside of him, the other came around to press gentle fingertips to Jim's face.

And then he felt it. A blinding, searing light obscured his vision as tendrils of sensation flowed through Spock's fingers and into his mind. This was definitely a meld of a completely different variety, one that left him gasping for air and filling him up with pure completion at the same time. He barely noticed when Spock began to push into him, his body accepting the invasion as a welcome extension, like the reattachment of a severed limb.

As foreign sounds issued from his mouth, Jim felt the pressure building between his legs with crippling intensity. So many feelings burst into him at once that he almost blacked out – he felt the exquisite relief of his own release as it shot onto the back of his Captain's chair, the all-encompassing warmth as Spock flooded into him, and the entirely unfamiliar satisfaction of the bond locking firmly into place. He could sense the awareness of Spock's entire body inside of his and for a brief moment, he was genuinely unsure of where either of them began or ended.

When he finally managed to regain any semblance of coherency, he noted that he and Spock had both collapsed onto the floor. As the Captain lay sprawled behind his own command chair, spread-eagled on the bridge of the Enterprise, he could not help but chuckle. Spock's left leg as thrown over Jim's back, and Jim's right arm was trapped under the Vulcan's hard chest.

"I fail to understand what you find amusing, Captain," Spock admitted suddenly.

"Really, Spock? You just fucked me over my own chair. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to prove something."

"I do not understand what you mean."

"I'm sure you don't," Jim replied, laughing again.

It was several minutes before Spock stood up, clasping Jim's bicep and pulling him up as well. Collapsing heavily into the Captain's chair, Spock guided Jim down to straddle his lap.

"I hope the meld was not too unpleasant for you, Jim," Spock said quietly.

"Are you kidding? I hope you do that all the time now," he responded.

"That would prove far too taxing on the both of us, mentally and physically."

"Well, sometimes then."

"Indeed," Spock agreed, pulling Jim down for a kiss. They both began to harden again, their erections brushing together almost painfully. Jim smiled into Spock's mouth, his hand moving down to curl around the green-flushed member. Spock sighed contentedly as Jim's fingers stroked slowly, feeling the contrast between velvety softness and hard stiffness. As he did so, he felt a warm hand on his own shaft, matching his rhythm with precision. When Jim increased the friction on Spock, the Vulcan did the same to him, and eventually they both fell onto each other in a sticky and thoroughly relaxed mess.

"Mmmm," Jim moaned into Spock's shoulder.

"I hope I have not exhausted you beyond recovery," Spock said sincerely.

"For the rest of today, yes," he admitted.

"I apologize."

"Do not ever apologize for that."

"As you wish, Jim."

"I am so not looking forward to cleaning this up."

"The responsibility is mine, therefore I will do so."

"My prince," Jim said teasingly, pressing his mouth to Spock's. His lips still moving against Jim's, the Vulcan once again placed his fingertips softly on the meld points. Warmth rushed into his limbs, Spock's voice echoing a single word into his mind.

"What does it mean?" Jim asked, pulling away from him slightly.

"Everything," Spock told him, "All that you are."

"And what is that?" he questioned.

"My Captain," the Vulcan replied, moving forward to capture his lips once more.