Here I Am

Summary: After breaking free from her stone prison, Terra walks among people again. But trying to stay off of the Titans Radar and from their views is a job in its self. What will she do if she's the only one who can save them from Slade? Will her life be in jepardy or will things changer for the better this time? *Story is not on the story line of the show…I kinda set to where the episode "Things Change" never occurred so yea* (Rated M for mature content) ((Story goes fast but that's the point its gonna have a lot of chapters but the story line of it goes fast…Just so I 'm warning you….OH and Terra is a bit angsty!))

Me: Hey guys what's up?! Long time no see. This is a new improvement…for once I'm straying away from Naruto fanfics.

Raven (Sarcastically): Oh wow how nice…NO ONE CARES!!!!

Me: Whats wrong with you? Did ya wake on the wrong side of the bed again.


BB: No she's just upset that Terra beat her in a fight. I'm so proud of my honey bun.

Terra: Um Beastboy……You're drooling again

Me:…….Riiiiiiiiiiight……… on with the story


"Beastboy!" Raven yelled as she appeared into the living room at the T-Tower.

"I know…She's out there somewhere." He answered sitting on the couch holding the heart shapped jewewlry box. His eyes held complete sadness.

"Why haven't you said anything my friend?" Starfire asked, everyone stood waiting for his answer. Setting the Jewelry Box down Beastboy got up and strode over to the larger window which watched over the city.

"Because…I've been searching for her lately…It's why I am rarely here anymore." He explained his eyes focused on the moutains, the same ones where they first met her. The place where all their lives first started to change.

'It has been one year since I've begun my search for you Terra…Where can you be?' He thought walking out of the room and out the front door he knew they all followed him. Shifting into an Eagle he took off into the skies with determination. Starfire and Raven also took to the skies right behind him; he looked between both of them. Starfire gave him a thumbs up and Raven nodded her head in approval to him. He also noted that the T-Car was following from under them on the streets.

"Wait for me Terra…" Beast boy began to say.

"…Because we're going to find and save you!" They all chanted to themselves finally splitting up the stars and moon gazing over them.

A young girl sat in a one room, one bath, rundown apartment with only a single shaggy bed pushed up against the wall near the window; sitting upon it. Blond hair hung in her face shading her blank blood shot blue eyes. Her cheeks were puffy and red still stained with old an new tears. Bandages covered her arms from her wrists to just above her elbow; a hospital wrist band with her information on it hung from her left wrist. She wore a pair of light gray cotton pajama pants, with a white cotton 3/4 sleeved shirt. She sat there on the bed her knees drawn up and starring out the window, watching as the sun began to rise. She saw Beastboy, Starfire, and Raven flying about. She knew they were in search of her.

"It's better if I stay invisible…they'll stay safer that way." She whispered to herself looking at her calendar near her bed she saw that this day read "Grocery Day" sighing she slowly stood from the bed. She pulled her sleevless black hooded jacket on and put the hood over her head. Walking out she started the long trek to the grocery store. Luckily the government was paying for it all.

Me: Well there's the prologue hope you guys like it! Now on to the next chapter

Terra: Oh wow thanks Ms. Author you sure made me sound Emo.

Me: Um….Sorry? But I like it when Beastboy is all worried and lovey doevey over you! And you aren't EMO you're just Emotionaly Unstable.

Raven: In other words…

Beastboy and Terra: Emo

Me: OH LEAVE ME ALONE YOU THREE!!! Oh and as you read this story please listen to these songs by this artist

Hollywood Undead:

Sell Your Soul