Chapter 11

Terra looked around the cave room after she felt that Malanna had healed her all the way. She couldn't feel her baby's life within her anymore and it had brought on more sobs. Malanna tried to soothe her but the young blond ignored it all, every now and again she was vaguely aware of some of her gradfathers servants bringing her food, but she ignored it to, she didn't even eat the meals given her. Some of the servants would try to push her, but she'd just push them away telling them to leave her alone.

'Terra look at yourself! This isn't the girl Slade raised!' Malanna shouted at her.

"What's that supposed to mean? What can I do? I let my baby get killed!" Terra snapped wrapping her arms tighter around her knees.

'That may be true, but you had no control of what was happening! Richard drugged you then stabbed you! What more could you have done Terra? Listen to what you're saying for once, do you honestly believe it is your fault!' Malanna scolded the girl phazing into a temporary dust like aparition in front of Terra.

"I can't do anything Malanna! He always finds my new weaknesses and attacks them hard! What else do you expect me to do right now? We can't even get out of here!" Terra screamed at the woman.

'BULLSHIT! Your grandfather is the element of Earth, but you Terra has control of things much greater and magnificent! You can control all the elements therefore it would be a sinch for you to escape...make sense?' Malanna explained her eyes narrowed and arms crossed testing the girl. Terra sat there her face foreward escaping to her mind.

"...So you're saying I have the ability to phaze through the earth?" She asked looking back to Malanna her eyes questioning.

'You did it when against the Titans a few years back. Even though Slade was controling you...he was bringing out the potential you kept burried deep within you. Don't be afraid to loose control, all you lack is harnessing what you are afraid of. For once do what your mother told you...Trust yourself and things will fall to your feet.' Malanna smirked.

"That makes no sense with falling at your feet thing and she never said that your just saying that to change the subject." Terra snapped narrowing her eyes now.

'...True, but it just sounds so damn good!' Malanna laughed Terra sighed.

"Whatever...get back inside my head and hold tight!" Terra ordered walking to the middle of the room picking up the croocked dagger. She used it to cut her wedding dress to where it was just below her thigh.

'What are you planning?' Malanna asked, but again Terra ignored her.

"Loose control huh? Well that should be easy." Terra sighed letting her eyes and hands glow creating a cyclone of dirt and rocks forcing the cave walls to crack. She felt the twinge of pain hit a certain part in her head, the pain that appeared everytime she lost control. Ignoring the pain she noticed it began to slip away as the cyclone grew in width hitting the cave walls.

"STOP HER SHE MUST NOT ESCAPE!" She heard her grandfather yell, Terra smirked opening her eyes to see his Fire Geomancer soliders unleash a wave of fire towards her.

'DON'T JUST STAND THERE MOVE TERRA!' Malanna screamed at her.

"Trust me." Was her answer feeling time slow down the fire freezing in front of her. She watched as the look of horror etched across her grandfathers face.

"Ah...looks like I found your weakness grandfather." Terra smirked letting the fire spiral around her as it combined with the wind and dust of the cyclone.

'Shit...she's figured it out!' Richard thought falling back abandoning his soldiers. Once they had all figured it out the soldiers followed in line.

"Your orders Malanna?" Terra asked letting the cyclone and fire disappear.

'We need to escape before that bastard comes back with back up.' Malanna answered, Terra nodded her head letting herself faze through the earth appearing on a cliff starring over a cliff which watched over the colony. The colony was hidden in a cave under the ground of Siberia, Russia. People who had Geotelekinesis like her of some sort lived here. Each and every person was ruled by her grandfather and all supported him. Terra watched as the exit to the outside world was blasted in.

"I guess the battle has begun." Terra muttered and slowly made her way down the cliff side walking through the buildings. People ran away from the battle sounds and also ran away from her. No one yet came to an understanding that she was still a normal child, that this had ruined the life of an innocent mind. One of her grandfather's soldiers tried to stop her but Malanna interferred knocking him conscious as the young girl kept making her way to the castle which towered over the colony, and the people who lived within it. She knew the Titans along with her father was here battling to rescue her, but she had no intentions of being rescued until Richard was dead...for good. Reaching the building she stood at the bottom steps starring up at the castle.

'Well isn't this an interesting occurance...the very person Richard sought out to destroy is going to destroy him first.' Malanna laughed letting her power flow through and combine with Terra's.

'Any last thoughts sweet?' She asked Terra.

"My name is Terra..." She began taking her first steps up the stairs. In the background she could hear Raven using her powers to deflect boulders and other harmful things.

"...And I have down horrible things." Robin pulled out his bow staff whacking som of the Geomancers off their boulders.

"...I had sworn to serve a dark master. I had obeyed his every command and had once committed crimes in his name..." Slade threw some his bombs into the air colliding with the earth moving soldiers. He smirked as they exploded only rubble falling to the ground.

"...I have betrayed and attacked everyone who used to be my friend. One by one, I thought I had destroyed the Teen Titans..." Beastboy turned into a gorilla slamming his fists into oncoming attackers.

"...And still with no one left to stop me...I will bring this city to its knees..." Cyborg let Starfire throw him up into the air as he aimed and fired his canon wipping out more oncomers. Starfire used her starbolts as his defense.

"My name is Terra and I am doing horrible things..." Terra stood at the top of the steps and starred over the city. "And I will never again have regrets!" She hissed turning back around and walked into the castle. Beastboy jumped to in front of Raven before a fireball hit her getting sent flying into the Empath the two of them landing near the regrouped others.

"We're badly outnumbered...we're not going to last!" Raven breathed heavily using her powers to heal Beastboy.

"Our only option is retreat but we're not leaving Terra!" Robin said through gritted teeth and clenched his fists watching Cyborg help the two stand.

"Then I might have an idea... Raven, Starfire the two of you combine your powers and destroy this remote area. Everyone should have been evacuated. And they better be, the psychi of my daughter is slipping and this place's existance is numbered." Slade explained starring up at the castle where boulders spiraled around it.

" go on ahead Slade...she needs you the most. And I believe you're either the only one who can stop her or the only one who will feul this...and to be honest I hope this place burns and rots in hell for what they have done to her." Beastboy growled fighting the beast deep within his mind to stay down. No one said anything after his speach and no one stopped Slade when he cut through the alleys to get to Terra. In the mansion Terra walked down a set of steps leading to a fighting area under the castle. She reached the bottom of the steps starring at her reflection in the water below her, dark purple bruises covered her face. Looking she saw her grandfather standing on an island in the middle of the underground lake. She stepped onto the water and began making her way across. As she got closer she was able to make out that Richard had a sword in his hand. Gripping the dagger tighter in her hand she climbed onto the island and stood a few feet away from the man.

"Too bad it has to end this way would have made a good soldier...just like your mother had." He said shacking his head in disappointment.

"I'm not a robot you can easily control Richard! I am a HUMAN being and I've got feelings to you fucking asshole. My mother only became your soldier cause you were her father. I have no connections to you anymore." Terra snapped narrowing her eyes darkly at the man in front of her.

"How so? I am related to you through blood. Slade has betrayed you many, many times. Who else do you have to run to?" Richard snickered beginning to circle her.

"I am my fathers daughter, I am a devoted wife and a loyal friend. My family is and will always be the teen titans. You killed the second most important person in my life to me...and they weren't even born yet..." Terra began gripping the dagger tighter in her hand looking to her feet and clenched her eyes tightly shut. "...I am going to make you sorry for all the fucking hell you have put me through. I will make you beg for mercy!" She finished looking up a stream of fire, earth, and water spiraling up around her.

"You can't even control those atrosity you call powers you little shit!" Richard yelled swinging his sword down on her.

"They are a gift not an atrosity." Terra whispered.

"And she is NOT a little shit!" Slade yelled landing in between Richard and Terra blocking the attack. Richard jumped back skidding to a stop his eyes narrowing dangerously at Slade.

" actually came!" Terra said in shock then smiled, Slade smiled back at her.

"Terra, there is a room above this it was made specifically for Malanna when she still had a body of her own." Slade began to explain, Richard clenched his teeth but knew even if he started fighting Slade now; the man would still explain the inevitable to his grand-daughter.

"What is it made to do?" Terra asked confusion written on her face.

"So that if this colony or your grand-father ever got too out of hand I can harness a power deep inside me and destroy this place called hell." Malanna explained, Terra looked down at her hands two symbols appearing in the palms of her hands. Narrowing her eyes a swirl of fire spun around her and soon she was no where in site. Slade slowly turned to Richard holding his sword readying himself to fight.

"Do you honestly believe you can stop me?" Richard laugh lunging forward at Slade trying to push the man of the edge of the miny arena island.

"I know I can't, you're a disgraceful cheater. But at least I know I can stall Terra enough time." Slade hissed shoving Richard back.

'That's if I can give her the time she needs.' He thought biting the inside of her cheek.