This is How a Heart Breaks

When Tracy comes home from a business trip, she tells Alice some life-altering news. Heart mini-series. Fits in between A Quartermaine Heart and A Heart's Betrayal. I don't own any GH characters. Slash.

"When is Mommy going be home?" Morgan asked.

"Your mother will be home tonight. Now hurry up or you'll be late," Alice kissed Morgan and Aidan and watched them headed into Woodrow Wilson Elementary.

"Alan, I might need a place to stay for a while," Tracy said.


Tracy leaned back against the seat of the plane, tears slipping down her face. "Oh, Alan. I've messed up so bad. Allie is never going to forgive me."

Alan listened to his baby sister and sighed. Tracy really did fulfill the self-fulfilling prophecy to screw up a good thing when you're a Quartermaine.

"You can stay at the house if you need to. Oh, honey. Go home and talk to Alice," Alan said.

"I'll see you tonight."

"Hello. Welcome home," Alice smiled, opening the door in nothing but a black robe. She kissed her wife. Tracy kissed her back.

"Hey." Tracy smiled tightly.

"So, welcome home," Alice reached for Tracy's shirt. Tracy stood up.

"I need a glass of water. And we need to talk."

"What's wrong?" Alice asked when Tracy came back.

"I made a mistake and I hope you can forgive me. I—I'm sorry, Allie…." Tracy started to cry.

"What did you do?"

"I slept with someone else. I didn't mean to but it just happen…" Tracy said.

Alice felt all the breathe left her. Did she trip? "Um, I think I will change. I feel pretty stupid talking about my wife's cheating in nothing but a black silk robe."


Alice changed into sweats and made tea.

"So, you slept with someone else. Did you plan on this?" Alice asked.

"No. But I've felt us growing apart, and it was something easier to do, than to fix this," Tracy admitted.

"Do you want to fix this?" Alice made herself form the words.

"Yes! I'm so sorry. But I'm willing to do anything."

Alice closed her eyes again. "Were you drunk?"


"Well. There's that much. Although I don't know if I would rather have you drunk."

"What can I do?" Tracy asked.

"I think you need to move out for a bit. I need to think. I can't think with you around," Alice sighed.

"Do you want more information?"

"Tracy," Alice started to say something, "Please just gets what you need and leave. I'll drop the kids off tomorrow after school at Monica's."

"What will you tell them?"

"I'll think of something. I won't just tell them their mother's a whore," Alice snapped.

"Right. I'll just grab what I need. For the record, Allie, I knew it was a mistake right after I did."

"Tracy---"Alice said, before kissing her wife. Tracy kissed Alice back.

"We'll figure this out, Lion. I promised. I'll pack a bag and go to Monica's. I love you."

"Right. Oh, and Brook Lyn's coming home this weekend. So you might want to call our granddaughter and explain where you'll be," Alice said snappish.

"Yeah." Tracy looked overwhelmed. Alice sat down and started to cry. Tracy started to comfort her.

"Just don't. Please just pack and leave."

After Tracy had packed her bags, she walked out the door.

"The cubs?" Tracy asked.

"I'll have them call you. We'll make arrangements. Maybe they can spend the weekend at Monica's."

"Right. I'll see you."

"I'll call tomorrow." Alice said as she closed the door with Tracy on the outside.

"Where's Mommy?" Morgan asked the next morning.

"When Grandfather heard Mommy got back from her trip, he missed Mommy so much, that she decided to move back to Auntie Monica's to spend more time with him. But why don't I call her and see if you can have dinner tonight with her?" Alice said.

"O.k." Morgan returned his attention to his breakfast as Alice sighed. It was going to be a long week.

"Will Mommy come to my play?" Aidan asked.

"The one in a month? Yeah, she will. Don't worry about it," Alice said.

"How will Mommy help me with my math homework?" Morgan asked.

"We'll figure this out." Alice felt exhausted.