Alice heard the door opened and chuckled.

"You know we're not to see each other before the wedding."

"I was lonely, "Tracy pouted.

"Lonely or…." Alice kissed Tracy who laughed.

"Maybe a little bit of both." Tracy rolled on top.

"We're getting married in less than twelve hours and you want sex?"

"We have a couple hours to kill…" Tracy kissed Alice.


"Alice, it's time to get up…" Monica knocked and opened the door. "Seriously? We ask you guys to abstain for one night but nooo…"

"Nica, we're married, it's six a.m., the wedding is at noon, we didn't go to sleep until one-thirty, what do you want from us?" Tracy reached for her robe.

"I'm just jealous. You know it's been years since your brother has looked like that at me. "

"Well, I can't help that. But my advice is to talk to him about that," Tracy said. Alice sighed, burrowing under the covers.

"Allie, seriously, you need to get ready. Epiphany is going to be here in a half-hour," Monica said.

"I'll send Aidan in to get you up Allie," Tracy said.

"'K" Alice rolled over.

About fifteen minutes later, Aidan jumped on Alice.

"Mere! Mommy told me to wake you up so you can marry her today. And why did you and Mommy spent the night together? Auntie Monica said you're not supposed to see each other the night before the wedding."

Alice laughed. "Mommy was lonely…."

"Then she should've waked Ned or Dillon. But you need to get up and eat cause I think Aunt Pip is here," Aidan said firmly.

"O.k. I'm up. Go and eat. I'll be down in five."

"Good morning, Alice. I've heard Tracy has already wished you a good morning," Epiphany said.

"We've been making up for lost time. Besides, Ned had the kids at the gatehouse last night. Anyway I'm starving."

"Let's eat then."

After breakfast, Tracy and Alice were rushed up to get ready. As Monica did Tracy's hair, Brook Lyn knocked at the door.

"Granny, Gail and Lee are here. Should I send them in?"

"Have Lee see Alice. I don't know if she needs to go over the ceremony. Aunt Gail can help Aidan with her dress. Oh and check on the boys, especially Morgan," Tracy said.

"O.k." Brook Lyn left and Tracy sighed nervously. Monica unzipped the dress and placed it over Tracy's head.

"You chose an ivory color this time. Why?"

Tracy chuckled, remembering the trip to Kleinfield's. Aidan was horrible, Alice was sick, and Brook Lyn was impatient. Luckily it would be a couple years before Brook Lyn's wedding.

"It's a new beginning. Besides we wanted to have the perfect wedding. And it's my last wedding."

"Are you sure?" Monica teased.

"Nica, hopefully Alice will be with me for the next thirty years and I can't imagine my life without her."

"Just checking."

"Mere, Uncle Lee's here!" Aidan twirled into the room.

"Thank you, cub. And no more sugar for you. Find your brothers and make sure they're ready."

"You look gorgeous. Are you ready to practice?" Lee smiled.

"Yeah. Where's Tracy?" Alice asked.

"She's working on her vows. Com'n let's practice."

"Tracy, if you aren't finish with the vows by now, you is pretty much screwed," Monica advised bluntly.

"Thanks for the newsflash. Just let me jot down this sentence…there I'm done. O.k. I'm ready."

"Great. Let's get this show on the road," Monica said as a knock sounded at the door and Edward walked in.

Tracy took a deep breath and turned to Edward. Edward smiled, and fumbled with something in his pocket.

"I don't know if you have something old but this was my grandmother's bracelet and she wore it on her wedding day, my mother wore it, and then my dearest Lila wore it on ours. I hope you'll be happy for the rest of your life, Tracy." Edward clasped a delicate copper and sapphire chain around Tracy's wrist.

"Thank you, Daddy. Why didn't you give me it before?" Tracy wondered.

"Because this one is for keeps." Edward kissed his little girl, who finally grew up.

"Aidan is going to love to wear that on her wedding day," Monica smiled.

"I'm ready."

Tracy had six different wedding days but none as important as this one. She walked down the aisle on her father's arm and then waited for the love of life to appear.

"Nervous, Mom?" Ned asked.

"Not at all," Tracy said, looking at her bride, her future.