Bella Swan's scent was driving me crazy. I had to get out of there and fast. Just as luck would have it, the bell rang. I jetted out of class, heading to my car. I ignored my family's worried thoughts, speeding off.

Before I knew it I was in a different town. Sighing in relief, as the thought of temptation faded away. I decided this was a safe place to hunt before heading home. I pulled my car over to a wooded area, sniffing the air for life.

I caught a scent of a deer not too far away. I took off, gaining speed, as I singled him out from cover. Just as I was about to attack, something caught my attention. A noise, a pumping noise.

It was driving me crazy. I ran towards it curious, only to stop myself short. I gasped, seeing a girl pass by, jogging. The pumping sound was coming from her heart.

Her light brown hair was swinging back and forth as she moved, listening to her I-pod. I felt my mouth fill up with venom.

Surely, one bite couldn't hurt?

Bella, I couldn't touch. Being that people would find out. However, this girl was from a different town. It would be weeks before they found her lifeless body and by than I would be long gone.

I grinned wickedly, licking my lips.


Carlisle would not approve. I couldn't let him down, let my family down. I silently battled with myself.

The girl stopped, exhausted, wiping the sweat from her forehead, gasping for air. A light breeze sent her aroma in my direction, hitting me like a ton of bricks. All logic left me. Quietly, I planned my attack.

Thirsty, she greedily drank her water. I groaned hungrily, as the water traveled down her pulsating throat. My eyes budged, as some water escaped her mouth, falling down her chest. I clenched my fist, trying to hold on to any self-control I had left.

I felt confused as a new sensation took over me, desire. I scanned her body, my eyes burning black. I wasn't sure what controlled my thoughts more, lust or hunger. I shook the thoughts from my head laughing an evil laugh. She will be the one I take my frustrations out on, I decided, both hunger and lust.

I silently followed her as she started jogging again. I watched as she entered her home. Very quietly, I crept in. I kept a safe distance, just in case I had to bolt.

I looked around, suddenly curious about this girl.

What was her life like?

Did she have a family?

Was she happy?

I shook the thoughts from my head as the shower started.

I grinned wickedly, what better way to surprise my victim. I crept up the stairs to the sound of the shower. Music filled the air. I smirked ear to ear. Even better, no one to hear her cries for help.

I snuck in the bathroom, steam blurred my vision. Then suddenly, the steam lightened up, showing a prefect outline of her naked body behind the shower.

I gasped feeling a jolt run through me. I clenched my eyes shut trying to control myself and the urge to slam her against the wall and take her, right there.

What is wrong with me?

Sure, I've seen plenty of naked women before, but none of whom I reacted this why too. It was as if I was a horny, seventeen year old boy again.

Who would have thought, Mr. Edward Cullen, feeling like a teenager again?

I was deep in thought when the shower suddenly turned off. Taking me off guard, I quickly snuck out like a ghost in the night.

After spying on her from outside for an hour, realizing I wasn't going to do anything. I sighed, unsatisfied, heading home. I'm sure my family was worried; I could only guess what they were thinking.

As weeks passed, I found myself less interested in Bella Swan and more intrigued by this mystery girl. Every week, I would leave. Telling my family I was going hunting but they knew better or at least Alice did.

"Going out again, are we?" Alice questioned.

I couldn't hide the smirk on my face.


She nodded.

"Have fun."

I gave a mischievously grin in return whispering under my breath.

"Oh, I plan to."

I wasn't sure if Alice heard me or not. If she did she never questioned me.

I watched the girl again and again, jogging, showering and sleeping. It was becoming a sick obsession of mine. I strangely found myself less into for the feeding and more for, well, you know. I told myself, if it kept me from killing people than so be it.

I came home exhausted; I haven't hunted in two weeks. I know it was dangerous but I couldn't go. Every moment I had free went to her. I was losing it big time.

I started fantasying about this mystery girl. As well as the way I would take her, one in particular.

She would stop jogging, tired, her heart pumping a mile a minute. I follow her into the woods creeping up from behind. I push her hard to the forest ground.

She gasps, taken off guard. A sweet scream escapes her lips as I cover her mouth with my hand. Her eyes budge out in horror, as I rip her clothes off in one quick motion. Mine soon follow.

Then I…

"Edward!" Esme yelled, taking me from my thoughts.

I sighed.


It's been two months and I'm on the edge of losing it. My family knew too. Alice looked at me disappointed.

"Do what you got to do."

With her blessing, I weakly grinned.

"Thanks, sis."

I headed to her house.

I watched as she slept. She shifted, revealing her underwear. I groaned as I got excited. Nervously I touched her thigh. She whimpered in her sleep, probably from the cold.

I grinned, knowing she was a deep sleeper. I could do whatever I wanted. I grinned wickedly, watching her shift again, revealing part of her bra through her shirt.

I licked my lips, leaning in close to her neck, smelling her scent. It was like a drug.

Enough of this.

I impatiently removed her underwear, revealing her to me.

I groaned a little loud, as my dick grew harder. Slowly, I traced her curves. She gasped in her sleep. Unable to control myself anymore I unbuckling my pants and slid my hand inside.

My eyes clenched shut on contact. This was the first time, in all my vampire life I ever touched myself.

It felt heavenly; as precum covered the tip. I lightly touched it, swarming at touch. I slowly opened my eyes taking her all in, her face, body, smell. I started jacking off.

Slow and steady at first but quickly turned rough and fast. I grunted as I watched her intently. Feeling close, I removed my hand, heading over to her.

I silently got on top. She didn't seem to notice. I smirked and lightly kissed her lips. Her eyes fluttered open, shocked at the sight of me. She freaked evaluating the situation. Before she had a chance to scream, I covered her mouth. She forcefully kicked her legs, trying to fight back.

I grinned, knowing it was a losing battle. I entered her forcefully, groaning in pleasure. She winced as desire filled me. I ripped her top and bra off taking one of her breast in my mouth.

She gasped, not sure if she should like it or not. I smirked at her confusion and started pumping into her. She threw her head back in pleasure. I groaned a little taken back she wasn't turned off by this.

Though I never moved my hand from her mouth afraid she would soon scream. I picked up my pace, feeling close. Suddenly, I heard her moan setting me off. I removed my hand from her mouth, capturing her lips in a heated kiss.

She accepted, wrapping her legs around me. I grunted, close to my release. Never in my hundred years as a vampire, did I feel such satisfaction. The closer I came to Cumming, the more her neck called to me.


I fought silently.

Be good, don't do it!

You promised!

I buckled my hips, thrusting hard. The bed squeaked, surrendering to my strength, hitting the wall with every thrust. The girl screamed in pleasure.

What the hell, a little taste couldn't hurt.

I leaned down licking her neck. My stomach growled, all those days without hunting, without feeding, coming back to me. My mouth watered.

I lightly bit, but couldn't hold back. My light bite was soon replaced by a hard one. The girl screamed in pain, trying to fight me off. Though I knew I should stop, it felt too good to.

The pleasure of getting off both ways, who knew?

I drank her blood greedily, as I came out of my sex high. My eyes turned honey brown, as her blue ones, faded away.

I fought back my urges, breaking away from her neck. She gasped weak underneath me. I lightly touched her face.

"Why?" was all she said, as she faded away.

I gasped as she heart stopped, cursing under my breath.

Why, why, why?

Her words cursed me.

Why her?

Why this?


I had no answers, only pain, pain and desire. I left, going back home ashamed of myself. At what I am, what I become.

"You're back early." Alice noticed.

"I've learned my lesson, ok." I answered somewhat annoyed.

"Good." She shot back.

Damn pixie, I hated when she was right.

The End!