Author's Note:

Narration will be in bold. I am taking exerts out of movies to put into this story, so if u find something u remember from a movie, don't hesitate to ask which one.

New York City: 55th Precinct:

"Hey Maria! Have you heard from Cory lately? Or has she failed to call you?" Bosco asked as he & some other cops came up the stairs to the firehouse.

"I've heard from her, but I can't tell you where she is."
"Rumor has it; she knew who shot those little girls. You just told us first before we could arrest Cory & now she's gone," Cruz stated.

"You got a point to make? Or do you just like to harass me all the time?"

"She's being suspended. Tell her next time you talk to her," Faith finished.

"Too bad that's not for a couple more months. She's no longer in North America."
"Where the hell did she get to now? She run off again?" Doc asked.

"She was assigned to a case by the F.B.I/N.A.T.O. Last time I heard from N.A.T.O. was 2 weeks ago. I have no idea when Cory's going to call next."

"How'd the F.B.I & N.A.T.O. get involved with Cory?" Davis asked.

"Cory knows over 600 languages. They needed someone that could understand what was being said. That's where Cory came in."

"What'd N.A.T.O. say to you?" Jimmy asked.

"They were trying to find Cory. According to the general, Cory was found out & now those she was undercover with are trying to kill her. I guess she was somewhere in the Congo when they lost touch with her. There's supposed to be mass genocide going on in the Congo & Cory was reporting everything back to N.A.T.O."
"How'd she get caught?" Kim asked.

Maria shrugged her shoulders & went back to filling out the reports she was working on.

"How far under was she?" Carlos asked.

"She was able to talk to the leader (president) of the militiamen that were doing the killings. I give her 2 weeks before she's back in the states with a bunch of refugees."

"What gives you that idea?" Faith asked.

"That's what happed the last time. Only last time she was in Rwanda & among those being sheltered at the Hotel de Millecolin. She helped bring orphaned Tutsi children to the Hotel. You know, I'm surprised North America did nothing to stop the genocide in Rwanda. I mean ya'll helped stop the Holocaust, but you won't do anything about the genocides in Africa or any other 3rd World countries. You should be ashamed."

With that Mari got up and left. She wen home to her apartment & made dinner, thinking the whole time.

Where was Cory & was she okay?

Would Cory really make it back okay?

Was Cory hurt at all?

How many refugees did Cory have following her?

And would they make it to a border okay?

How bad was it really in the Congo?

How many people had been killed by the genocide?

And how many children had been orphaned?

The phone rang while she was making diner. And at the same time, someone knocked on the door.