Full Summary:

What happens when a girl who works for the Third Watch in New York city is attacked by more than one bear when she and co-workers and friends go up to White Peak Mountain to the cabin she hasn't been to in over four years? Will her friends and co-workers be able to find her in time? Or will they be stuck in the cabin, unable to go out because of a gigantic blizzard that pulls in and envelopes the mountain in more than 20 feet of snow.


Those that were in the Third Watch—paramedics, police, firefighters—had been given leave and were taking a tow week vacation together. They were headed for White Peak Mountain (not an actual mountain) out in the country. The mountains were always peaceful during winter, so they decided to rent a cabin Maria offered to share. It was the largest cabin among all the others. A fence was being put up, but was at the moment a project unfinished because of winter and the fact that the ground was frozen. Maria & everyone were getting what they needed for the trip ready at the station. They would be taking enough medical supplies for everyone. Food would be bought on the way. Everything was almost ready when I showed up.