A/N: The Eden/L part was done by I Love Lawliet. I love it but I had already posted chapter 6 at the time. Neverthless I think it's a wonderfully written chapter and hope you enjoy this version.

Great cheers and shrill whistling could be heard down the hall. L sighed as he sat in the confines of Roger's office by himself. He was about to make the most difficult decision of his career. He had spent many nights tossing and turning over which of the candidates he should choose to succeed him. It had been easy enough to narrow it down to two, but that's where it became really difficult. Both Mello and Near were qualified to take his job and both excelled in their own way but if they could only learn to work as a team, they would create a team that could surpass perhaps even himself.

But he made this impossible decision and he was about to announce it to the only family he knew.

Exhausted, L's mind wandered off, imagining what life would be like if he were no longer the mysterious detective and his thoughts came to rest on his soon-to-be wife. A smile came to his face at that peaceful realization. This was it, the orphan that nobody wanted actually turned into a real man. He frowned at those thoughts, wondering what Suiri would think of his missing family. If perhaps she'd want more than just Watari showing up on his side of the ceremony. Suddenly he heard a forceful knock at the door. Not one of the polite knocks that anyone at the Whammy House would use, it almost seemed as though someone were trying to kick the door down.

L was crossing the room to open it when suddenly, the door was knocked off of its hinges and hit the carpeted floors with a loud 'THUD'.

"We had a deal," Ryuk said, turning to Light with fierce intensity.

"She had to die on-sight," Light replied smugly. "The feed shows her getting away which means she's probably still alive. That breaks our deal, Ryuk."

Ryuk stood dumbfounded for a moment before bursting into laughter. Light carefully ignored the death god, while trying to shield the book page from view.

"That was a good one. But you don't want to repeat a play like that," Ryuk warned, as he tossed an apple in the air and caught it in his mouth.

"What play?"

"And I thought you were a genius," Ryuk smiled, as Light looked amused yet stayed the epitome of calm. "Testing out the books limits and having me do the dirty work is pretty clever, but I'm just a spectator. If that changes again then it'll be your name in the book, Light."

A careful smile spread across Light's features as he stared down his new accomplice. "I understand."

L was shocked to see a woman near his own age standing in the door. What was more shocking was the gun she held in her hand pointed at Watari who stood beside her with his hands up.

"W-what the -?" L stuttered.

"Shut up!" said the woman who, upon closer examination, looked as though she had been crying. "You're L, right? L Lawliet?" she asked. She had the eyes of a murderer and the thought of this made L unable to deny her accusation. Could she be here to kill him?

"look if you're a fan—" he started, trying to buy himself some time.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" she asked, angrily jabbing her gun into Watari's head, causing him to wince. "I only asked as a formality," She said, failing to seem nonchalant. "I know you're L, so if you don't want your friend here to have his head blown off, I suggest you come with me."

L felt completely helpless. He wasn't much of a fighter and by looking at the girl, it was obvious that she was. "What do you want with me?" he asked, hesitantly.

Her grip on the gun loosened as she replied with a shrug, "Not much, I just want you to come with me. No big deal."

She put on a good act, L had to admit. He wasn't a detective for nothing, of course. He was curious about what was upsetting the girl, he debated asking her, but she didn't seem to be in the mood for conversation and he didn't want to push her. What choice did he have, he was going to have to cooperate with her as long as she had Watari at gunpoint. He reluctantly replied "Fine, I'll come with you, but only if you let Watari go."

She grinned at him "Sure, sure." she said, dangerously waving the gun around, pointing it away from Watari and instead pointing it at him. "Well, after you, Mr. L" she said, gesturing with her head towards the door.

L walked stiffly through the door and could hear a loud thud behind him after he exited. He turned to see the girl following him and as she closed the door behind her, he could see a figure motionlessly lying on the ground. "What did you do to him!" L said, outraged.

Don't worry about it." She said, rolling her eyes, "He'll be fine in a few minutes. Now get moving and put this on." she said, shoving a blindfold into his hands.

"Where are we going?" he asked, running the dark fabric through his hands before placing it over his eyes.

"That doesn't really matter to you. Someone wants to see you, and I've got a feeling you'll want to see them, too." She replied as he felt himself being shoved into the car.

"Someone...wants to see me?" he asked, extremely confused.

"That's right, now shut up for a while, okay?" she asked, frusterated with him, for some reason. He decided not to aggravate her any further, and remained silent until he felt the car come to a stop. When the blindfold was removed he found himself inside a building that appeared to be a hospital of sorts.

"Where are we?" he asked.

"This way," she said ignoring his question and yanking his arm in the direction of a long hallway. They stopped at a door about halfway down the hallway and she pulled him to the side. "I'll only be a minute, you stay in this spot. If you move, I swear to God, I will put a bullet through the heads of each of the kids in that orphanage." she said, menacingly.

She exited from the room and L stayed in his spot like he was told. He could hear the girl talking softly to whoever was inside the room, but he could just barely make out what she was saying.

"I brought him for you, I thought you'd like to see him... I don't know what he can do...but he's here," L heard the girl saying, but could hear no reply. "I'll send him in for you. I'll be right outside if you need me..." He heard the door opening and the girl came out. "Okay," she said, dropping her act and finally seeming as though something were wrong, "she'll see you now."

Still confused, L entered the hospital room. On the bed, was a girl hooked up to various tubes and machines. As he got a closer look, he realized who was lying in front of him. "S-Suiri?" he asked, his voice trembling. "W-what happened to you?" what the hell was going on? Why was she in the hospital? And why was he told by this dangerous girl? Who was that girl? How does she know Suiri? A million questions raced through his mind as he stared at her lifeless body. "Suiri! Answer me!" he said, tears finally pooling over his eyes.

Her eyes started to flicker at the sound of him saying her name. "L?" her voice very raspy.

"Suiri! You're gonna be okay! Don't worry, I promise!" he said. He was never one for making promises he couldn't keep, but it wasn't that he was only trying to comfort her, he kept telling himself the same thing. She had to be okay. He was just about to give up everything he was now for a future with her. She couldn't leave him now. He didn't even know what was wrong with her.

"L..." she said again, before she started wrenching, as though she were about to throw up.

"Suiri!" he said, rushing to her side. She weakly grabbed on to the bar on the side of her bed, pushing her self to heave over the side of the bed. She expelled on the floor and L could feel it land on his feet. What shocked him, though, was that rather than there being vomit on his feet like he expected, his shoes were now stained a dark red color. "SUIRI!" he yelled, as she collapsed over the bar and the machines started beeping wildly. The girl rushed into the room upon hearing him yell and was followed by a team of doctors who rushed over to her. One of the nurses quickly pushed L and the girl out the door saying they needed to leave the room so the doctors could do their jobs. She said some other things, but L wasn't listening. He was in a daze. Once outside of the hallway L fell against the wall and slid to the floor. He stared at the bloody footprints he had left on the tile floor and then at his shoes which were soaked in Suiri's blood.

He suddenly began to frantically remove his shoes only to find that his socks were now stained red as well from the blood soaking through his shoes. He ripped those off as well and threw them along with his shoes as far down the hallway as he could.

"She's going to be okay... She's got to be..." the girl said, but L wasn't listening, he had a feeling that she wasn't trying to comfort him, more like herself. The last thing he remembered were loud voices as the crash response team rushed past him, before his world turned to black.