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(A year after The invasion)

16 year old Naruto sighed. He was considered to be one of the better looking men in Konoha, he stood at 5'9", His blonde hair and whisker-like, and blue eyes made him stand out from most other people, wore a orange jacket with a black right sleeve, white under shirt, and black pants.

The reason he was depressed was because he had once again been denied the rank of Jonin, he had blown his date with Sakura, and Kakashi had denied him training so he could go on a date with some house wife who cheated on her husband. Naruto just didn't have a reason to be in Konoha anymore. He didn't have any missions so he went into his mind. He decided that it was time to move on from this place and only one being could do it.

(Inside Naruto's mind)

Naruto found himself in front of the Kyubi's cage. The large fox looked at his vessel. "What do you want boy? My existance is bad enough without you here to mock me" asked kyubi.

"Excitement from this world . Konoha has become boring in this peaceful state. I want action. I want a way out of this life and your going to give it to me," said Naruto

Kyubi seemed to think for a second before looking at Naruto. "Fine, but remember that this is a one way trip, no coming back, no nagging on the deal, none of that crap. "You want excitement very well, but the price you pay will be my freedom back to hell, You wish to fight, I send you to a world with a lot more bite. I hope you enjoy the smells, because you will forever be in the world of the Pokegirl," said Kyubi.

Before Naruto had a chance to ask what he meant Naruto felt a surge of pain go though his body and then all went black.

(Sometime later)

Naruto awoke in a bad. He looked around and saw that the room he was in was blue, had a small deck, and little else. He looked up to see a woman standing next to him only she looked a bit… wired. She stood around 5'2", and c-cup breasts, had green skin with dark green patches on her skin, and short green hair, she wore only a skirt. And on her back was a small seed like thing.

"Where am I miss?" asked Naruto looking at the strange woman who was just giving him a .

"Oh good your awake. Wait here while I get Jack," said the girl.

The girl left the room and Naruto stood up. He felt like he had hit a brick wall, but that was to be expected. He jumped up and began to stretch when the door opened and a man walked in. he stood at about 5'10" dark blue eyes, blonde hair that was pulled into a ponytail, looked around 28, wore a lab coat, blue shirt, and pants.

"What's up bro," said the man slapping Naruto on the back.

Naruto stood firm and looked at the other man. "Bro?" asked Naruto.

"Sure. After all I'm the one who found you, plus i could pas for your older brother," said the man laughing.

"Okay that still doesn't tell me who you are," said Naruto.

The man smiled like Naruto did. "Sorry about that bro. I'm Professer Jack Archer , but you can call me Jack," said Jack.

Rally waved at naruto. "I'm Rally. Nice to meet you naruto-kun," said Rally

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki. Where are we exactly?" asked Naruto.

Jack looked at him. "Why your in my lab in the Indigo league as well as the town of Runsack," said Jack.

"Whoo. Slow down jack, first, where the hell is that, second what the hell is a League, and third, what is she," said Naruto looking at the girl.

Jack sat down. "Well to start I'll tell you what I can. Rally here is what is called a Pokegirl," said jack pointing to the stagne woman.

Naruto looked confused. "A poke what?" said Naruto.

"A pokegirl. You see this kind of shit goes back a number of years. All to a man named Sukebe. A master of technology and magic, this is the person responsible for the creation of Pokégirls and the scars created from his war. A great pervert, mage, and scientist, he created the Pokégirls as his slaves and later as his way to get revenge. After he was discovered to be doing genetic experiments, it was initially thought his first lab was destroyed, and from the destroyed lab came the cursed Jusenkyo Spell Dump.

Several years later, Sukebe came back and this time he used his powers to unleash a nightmare to the people of the Earth. Sukebe's Revenge lasted for a great many years. It is believed that at the end, after his Pokégirls were turned back on his troops, that he was destroyed in the Battle of the San Bay. However, there does not exist any proof that he was in fact killed.

The war of humanity versus the hentai mage/scientist Sukebe. Sukebe introduced humanity to his form of hell. A plague which killed millions and left nearly all females sterile, soldiers that were far beyond the powers of existing science, and other things the world thought only existed in fairy tales. The war united the world (which at the time was divided into something called "Nations") and sparked research into developing something that could combat Sukebe's super-soldiers, the Pokégirls.

The most famous battle was the Battle of San Bay, where the first energy weapons were used and the beginning of the Tamer forces were created. Sukebe's forces were barely defeated, thanks to the discovery that wild Pokégirls can be controlled by chosen people called Tamers.

Also, since most human females had been rendered infertile thanks to the plague, it was discovered that Pokégirls could bear human children as well as Pokégirls, males always human and some females human. However, almost all technology had been lost except those that dealt with stolen technology on Pokégirls.

After Sukebe's Revenge had been fought, the need for Tamers still existed as most Pokégirls had become Feral and uncontrolled.

Now, several hundred years after Sukebe's Revenge, humanity is just beginning to recover. Pokégirls are now somewhat accepted, Tamers are now accepted as full time jobs, pureblood human females are getting rarer since most breeding is done with Pokégirls, technology has been slowly loosing its bad reputation from Sukebe, and humans must learn the full extent of the world they live in now," said Jack.

Naruto sat back and whistled. "That's quite the story. You know this world would be perfect for my former teachers that were perverts," said Naruto thanking of Kakashi and Ero-sennin.

"Yeah it is. Although now a days most people only become tamers so they could get in a good fuck. They have no class or style. That's why I became a researcher. Rally here was the first Pokegirl I received. I never asked her to do anything that she didn't want to do, but help me around the lab and such," said jack.

Naruto smiled. "You said asked instead of ordered you must love her deeply," said Naruto making the woman blush and Jack to kiss her.

"I do love her," said jack.

Naruto looked at Jack. "Where do I sign up to be a tamer?" asked Naruto.

Jack looked at Naruto. "Why would you want to be unless your like all those other heartless bastards," said jack glaring at Naruto for a second.

Naruto shuck his head. "well if we're going to be brothers I might as well tell you my story," said Naruto as he told jack about where he came from.

Jack sat back and smiled. It seemed that this kid was alright, if a bit of a loose cannon. Jack took a look at his watch and noticed it was 3:00 pm. " We can get you registered here. I also have a few pokegirls that no one seemed to want," said Jack as he and Naruto got up.

Naruto smiled at him. "Thanks Jack," said Naruto

Jack smiled. "That's what big bros are for. We have to head to the main lab to set everything up," said jack.

Naruto followed both Rally and jack until they all reached the main lab. The main lab was a nice place, a large computer, black leather seats, and many devices that Naruto had nor clue about. Rally sat in one chair, whiel Jack sat in the other.

It took them a little over an hour to set everything up, falsified birth records, educational recorded, and family. Now the only thing left was to get Naruto a pokedex and a pokegirl.

Jack walked over to his workbench and grabbed an orange one that was sitting around. "Alright Naruto this here is a Pokedex. It gives not only your information and license, but it also gives you data on pokegirls," said Jack as he uploaded the data.

"Thanks bro," said Naruto as he looked at the dex and saw his info.

Name: Naruto Uzumaki Archer

Age: 16

Date of birth 10/10/ 284 AS

Height: 5'9"

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Next of Kin: Jack Archer (Older Brother)

SLD: 3000

Experience: Rookie

Tamer license: y

Master license : n

Researcher license: n

Breeder license: n

Alpha: N/a

PG2: N/a

PG3: N/a

PG4: N/a

PG5: N/a

PG6: N/a

Reading this info Naruto frowned. Anyone could find his info and probably be ready to battle him at a moment's notice, but there was little he could do about that now. He looked at Jack.

"We have to cover this up later. Can you show me your pokegirls jack?" asked naruto looking at the older blonde

Jack scratched the back of his head. "Sure, but remember their all young and inexperienced in both sex and battles," said Jack as he lead Naruto to a small area where they saw about 4 pokegirls.

Naruto pulled out his Dex and scanned them.

SQUIRTITTY, the Titillating Turtle Pokégirl

Type: Near Human
: Water
: Common
: vegetarian, seafood
: water bearer
: Average
Strong Vs
: Fire, Rock, Water
Weak Vs
: Electric, Ice, Plant
: Water Gun, Glare, Leer, Scratch, Withdraw
: Increased Lung Capacity, Armored Shell
: Whoretortle (normal), Blastits (evolved Whoretortle; normal)
Evolves From
: None

Squirtitties are the de facto Water-type Pokégirl, being among the most common of their element. They aren't much to look at until they undergo their evolutions however. A Squirtitty has blue skin, darker blue hair, and a large red shell covering most of her back. The underside of the shell wraps around her stomach, ending just under her breasts and just above her waist. It remains solidly on her back, despite the underside only covering that part of her torso. The underside of the shell is a pale, off-white color. Squirtitties are usually a little pudgy, and tend to have small breasts, with a B-cup being the largest known for them. They never have any hair between their legs.

Squirtitties are only slightly more proficient at swimming than your average human, but are able to hold their breath for nearly half an hour before needing air. They aren't meant to be deep-water divers though, since their shell acts as a mild flotation device for them, its composition being mildly buoyant as a natural precaution against drowning. Squirtitties are about as able on the land as they are in the water.

A Squirtitty's trademark attack is her Water Gun attack, which lets her spit water from her mouth. Like other water Pokégirls, she stores this water throughout her body in small "sacs" that help to keep her hydrated over longer periods of time. Unlike other water-Pokégirls, two of her largest water sacs are located in her breasts. This has the odd effect of letting her squeeze her own breasts and letting water squirt out of them, letting the Squirtitty use her Water Gun attack from them as well. Many Tamers enjoy using their Squirtitty's breasts in lieu of public water fountains to drink, since the process that lets a Squirtitty store water within her body also purifies the water, making it exceptionally clean. The one drawback to them continuously using their breasts (or as they prefer to call them, their jugs) this way is that as they lose water, they decrease in size. Concentrated use of their Water Gun from their chest will, after a few minutes, cause them to be flat as a board up top. This is quite embarrassing for a Squirtitty, since it not only makes her look less sexy, it also is a sign that she failed at doing her task well, since she ran out of water doing it. As such, Squirtitties love processes that enhance their bust size, such as being hit with Bloom powder, since it makes them look better and lets them hold more water. Like other Water-types, they need to be submerged in water every few days to keep them in top condition.

A Squirtitty's shell is used in battle only as a defensive move. When she uses Withdraw, she'll curl into the fetal position, and face her back towards her foe, trusting her shell to protect her. She is unable to pull any part of herself back into her shell.

Many Tamers enjoy having their Squirtitty go down on them before or during Taming, since, as Water-types, they can hold their breath for a long time. When Taming,

Squirtitties are quick to get wet (although this isn't water), and like being on their back, since the feeling of being on their shells makes them feel slightly helpless. This isn't true, since a Squirtitty has no problem righting herself from this position, but it makes it much more enjoyable for her, lending a submissive element to it that drives her wild.

Feral Squirtitties are relatively easy to capture out of the water. They tend to use their Water Gun attack a little too freely, and once they're done with that, capturing them isn't hard at all. Threshold girls who become Water-type Pokégirls tend to become Squirtitties more often than other Water-types.

Naruto turned the dex to the next one and scanned her.

CHARAMANDA, the Fiery Lizard-esque Pokégirl

Type: Animorphic
Element: Fire
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Omnivore, prefers meat and cooked fish
Role: frontline soldiers
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ice, Plant, Steel
Weak Vs: Ground, Rock, Water
Attacks: Ember, Fire Spin, Fireball, Flamethrower, Tail Whip, Bite, Scratch, Fury Swipes
Enhancements: Fire powers, Endurance, claws
Evolves: Charmelons (normal)
Evolves From: None

The first elemental Pokégirl to make her appearance during Sukebe's War was the Charamanda and her more powerful evolutions. Using her fire attacks to attack the human forces, they decimated regiments of human soldiers and melted through tank armor to great affect. It was only when Sukebe's Charamandas attempted to infiltrate cities on their own that they found themselves overpowered by local fire departments and their fire hoses that held the lines against them. Eventually, when Sukebe learned to utilize other elemental types with the Charamanda forces, not even those defenders managed to hold the lines at all. After the war, these Pokégirls were hunted but many survived both the war and the Pokégirl hunts in the years that followed. These were also the first Fire-types that Researchers after the war obtained data on.

These days, these Pokégirls are known to be one of the most stable and easily tamed fire-types throughout the world. They don't need any special precautions before a taming, unlike their evolutions. They are reptilian, having scales rather than skin like a human, which is rather sensitive to temperature drops and water. Their scales are normally a deep red in coloration, though their front is often an orange color or at least a lighter red around their stomach, chest, and breasts. These Pokégirls also have a tail that is as long as they are tall that is not prehensile. Charamanda stand at about five feet tall, though some are a bit taller as well. Their tail actually has a fire that emits from it, which allows the Charamanda to heat up her surroundings easily. This flame may not be present in domestic Charamandas, however, although it can be dispelled with magic. Dousing this flame otherwise can harm a Charamanda that does possess this flame.

More affectionate than her evolutions, and perhaps moreso than any other fire type other than the Spitfire or the FireCat, the Charamanda enjoys cuddling with a trusted tamer almost as much as receiving a taming. This Pokégirl has a low pleasure threshold, which grows as she evolves. They are very careful with their tamers, not wanting to burn them, but ferals are known to go all out against any that enter their supposed territory, Pokégirl and tamer alike. These Pokégirls are often provided to new tamers as often as a Growlie is, simply because of their loyalty and abilities that are rather well suited towards traveling. Feral Charamanda don't normally have hair, but domestics usually do thanks to their origins with having a human father.

In battles, Charamandas are well suited for both ranged and close-combat. Their teeth are suited to tearing, ripping, and piercing- perfect for their Bite attacks. Although her tail isn't prehensile, it is strong and thick, and suitable for her tail whip attack. And their ability with fire allows for a variety of fire attacks to be available at most any range of battle. The Charamanda has claws on her hands and feet, allowing her to utilize them well in close quarters as well. In sex battles, their low pleasure threshold is an obvious liability. Their evolved forms are much more suited for such battles, however.

Naruto was impressed, but still had two more to go.

CHIKOTIT, the Plant Pokégirl

Type: Near human plant
Element: Plant
Frequency: Common in Johto league, Uncommon in Opal League, Rare in other leagues
Diet: vegetarian based diet
Role: gardeners
Libido: Average with high tendencies
Strong Vs: Water, Poison, Cat types
Weak Vs: Fire
Attacks: Vine Whip, Bullet Seed, Leach Seed, Catnip Kiss, Solar Beam, Tackle
Enhancements: Strong skin, invulnerable to the effects of spores or poison attacks
Evolves: Boobleaf (normal), Dryad (evolved Boobleaf; normal)
Evolves From: Nymph (Leaf Stone)

Common starter Pokégirls in the Johto league, the Chikotit is a great 'girl for those looking for a "pure" plant type. Extremely loyal to those that have shown them kindness, the Chikotit can serve a wide verity of functions. Recent studies have found that the Chikotit is nearly immune to all spore and pollen based poisons.

Chikotits, like nearly all other plant Pokégirls, has a light green shade to her skin. Around each wrist are five bumps, looking like bracelet from a distance. They usually wear their hair long, and often have leaves and vines woven into it.

Chikotits are very self aware, and many have low self-esteem. This is often caused by the fact that they are rather plain in the looks department. Short by Pokégirl standards (most barely hit 5') and with A-cup breasts, the Chikotit is never going to beat a Succubus in a beauty contest. To make matters worse, their faces are rather flat and plain, though their eyes do seem somewhat large on their small bodies. Those same eyes though, cause many tamers to lie awake in the night reflecting on the love and trust they found there.

One famous poet, William Wankspear, actually wrote a full play about the trouble caused when a young tamer looked into the eyes of a Chikotit. Because he was from an anti-Pokégirl family, he couldn't be seen with his lover in public. The forbidden love is the main plot of the play until the final scene in which the two lovers kill themselves so they could be together in the afterlife. The play, Ted and Chikotit, is considered to be one of Wankspear's greatest works.

In battle, Chikotits have similar powers to those of a Boobasaur. However, Chikotits are unable to create poison, and have to rely on other means of fighting. From the bumps on her wrist come the majority of her attacks. Her vines come out of the bumps, though at lower levels she can only make one on each hand. The higher her level, the more vines she can manifest until she has five on each hand. The bumps are also used to forcibly expel seeds, granting her access to the Bullet Seed attack. The bumps also act as a focal point for her Solar Beam attack.

When charging the Solar Beam, the bumps will begin to glow until white. At that point, the Chikotit will do what seems to be a double palm thrust, and the Solar Beam will shoot out from her palm.

During taming, a Chikotit will act very shy and submissive at first. Once they have found a tamer they has shown them plenty of affection and proven their looks don't matter to them, their personality does a total 180. Fond of getting drilled from behind, Chikotits also enjoy using their Vine Whip skills in other ways, though noting like Dominas (Chikotits have a hard time understanding why any one would want to be hurt during such a pleasurable time). While they will grope and stroke their tamer if he it male, they are especially fond of playing a game with female tamers. This game is only known as Tentacool Wape, as no female tamers have commented on what it entails.

In the wild, Chikotits can often be found sunbathing in the nude (they cant be sunburned and they gain vital nutrients from the light). While sunbathing, they are easily captured.

Thresholding into a Chikotit is a rare occurrence in most leagues, but has become more common in Johto. When this happens, it is usually taken poorly as the girls often drop in height while their looks become plain and bland.

A large number of Chikotits has been sent to the newly formed Opal league to become starters for their growing tamer population.

"Chikotits seems like a good starter huh?" asked jack smirking at Naruto.

"Yeah, but I want to see this last one," said Naruto as he began to scan the girl laying on the grass. She looked around 15, stood around 4'6", had long brown hair that looked more like fur that was pulled into a ponytail by a loose blue bow, two brown ears at the top of her head, shapely hips, long fluffy tail, nice c-cup breasts, and doe-like brown eyes, she wore blue jean short shorts that were a bit unzipped, an orange top that barely covered her stomach, and no shoes.

EVA, the Fox-Squirrel Pokégirl

Type: Animorph, Humanoid
Element: Normal
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: berries, nuts, common Pokéchow
Role: pets, guard animals, distractions, and domestics
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Quick, Aura of Cute, Tackle, Leap, Sand Attack, Dodge, Quick Attack, Growl, Leer
Enhancements: fur, capability of evolving to an elemental form, Enhance Speed (x5)
Evolves: Flarea (Fire Stone), Vaporita (Water Stone), Joltina (Thunder Stone), Solaria (Leaf Stone), Chippyna (Diamond Stone), Marmotte (battle stress or Round Stone), Espea (normal; trigged in the day or Sun Stone), Umbrea (normal; triggered at night, or Moon Shard), Evangelion (Angel Stone), Omegan (Dark Stone & Mana Crystal), Gel Belle (after three tamings with a Slimette), Glace (Ice Crystal in cold conditions)
Evolves From: None

Eva, the fox-squirrel Pokégirl, is furry and cute and fairly popular. They are loyal, affectionate, and fairly intelligent. Many have been trained to be good domestics and enjoy being helpful in almost any regard. They respond well to affection, and their possibility of evolving into one of their elemental forms gives them good combat potential. Evas also have a bad reputation that they have only slowly begun to overcome due to what happened in the Orange Continent.

On the Orange Continent, about twenty years after Sukebe's disappearance, an attempt to evolve an Eva using an Angel Stone resulted in the continent's almost complete destruction. Now the Orange Islands have a "No Evas Allowed" policy, though most people don't know why other than "Evas are bad luck."

It is thought that Sukebe created this girl to mainly act as a distraction in the war. A small group would approach an intended target (be it a base or a battalion) and attack. The aura would assist in their retreat. It would lull enemies into a false sense of pity and chivalry (as human males are wont to do) and allow for the group's safe escape. While the reason this girl's evolution abilities still remains unknown for the most part, it continues to undergo research.

There appearance despite their attitude and/or demeanor is that of something cute and fluffy. They have slight builds with heights generally from 4' to 4'6". Slim waists that slope gently into their slightly flared hips from which their fluffy tails spring. Their ears are located on the top of their head with fur that matches their body fur, which tends to be a rich brown color. They are comfortable with their rather thick fur coats, it being thickest around their necks giving them a mane of sorts which tends to be a light tan in color, and shortest near there breast (which can range anywhere from a meager A-Cup to a nice C-Cup) and their vaginas. It has been said by many Eva tamers that their ears and the base of their tails are the most sensitive 'hot spots' on their bodies. Their gentle doe-like eyes (which are generally a deep brown like their hair) will greatly increase their Aura of Cute attack's effectiveness if they are looked into while the attack is performed. As for the differences between Domestic and Feral born Evas there are not many to note aside from perhaps a slightly thinner fur coat in a domestic bred one (As she would not need to protect herself from the elements.) Feral born have the development of short claws to assist in their survival in the wild.

"How bout her," said Naruto pointing to the Eva. "She's rather cute and I got a stange feeling the moment I laid eyes on her," said Naruto.

Jack smiled. "That's a good choice bro," said Jack as he went and got her.

Jack soon returned with the Eva. She stared at Naruto for a second before blushing. Jack laughed. "She's a bit of a shy one. At least until she's comftable around you," said Jack.

"Hello there Eva," said Naruto.

"Hello there Master," said Eva.

Naruto looked at her. "You don't have to call me that," said Naruto making the Eva look at him in surprise.

"But I must. It is a sign of respect between tamer and Pokegirl," said the Eva.

Naruto smiled, before petting her ears making her moan slightly. "Well you're my new friend So call me Naruto. I got to ask do you have a name, besides Eva.

"No master, but you may give me one if you like," said the Eva smiling at Naruto already feeling comftable around him.

Naruto seemed to think for a second, before snapping his fingers. "How about Lavie," said Naruto.

Lavie as was her new name smiled at Naruto, before bending over slightly and giving him a small peak at her breasts. Jack smiled, before he told them to follow. Once they returned to the main lab Jack looked at Naruto.

"Alright bro now that all the major stuff is settled we can get down to business. Here in the Indigo league we have a number of gyms that you can battle against for entrance into the league finals. The league finals are held every 2 years. Now you came a bit late to the game so you only have about a year and a half to catch up, so what do you plan to do?" asked Jack.

"Naruto smirked at him, before looking at Lavie. "Just who the hell do you think I am? I plan to spend the first month training here and then I'm going to hit the road," said Naruto.

Lavie looked at him. "Mas… Naruto are you sure that's a wise idea?" asked Lavie.

"Maybe not the best, but before we do anything I'm going to up you to the level that I think you'd do your best at," said Naruto making her blush from the praise.

"Thank you," said Lavie.

Rally entered the room and looked at Naruto, Lavie, and Jack. "Dinner is ready Jack as is the room for Naruto-kun and Lavie," said Rally.

"Great let's eat and get some rest," said Jack.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


Zaara: my first attempt at a pokegirl story. Unlike Bleach or Naruto I don't have a whole lot of info here.

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