Zaara: You just had to bring up the rule about never leaving anyone behind, Didn't yah Killjoy?

Anko: Shut up he was right and you know it!

Kurenai: alright you two that's enough. Weather we like it or not we had to bring her along

Killjoy: I had its the rule.

Jenny: so what are we going to do?

Zaara (Sitting in chair and pulls out combat knife) I know this ain't much, but it's better then nothing.

Jenny: You got a Permit for that.

Zaara: (Glaring at her) No! I don't have a mother fucking permit, but if it saves our lives who gives a fuck.

Jenny: But it's the Law.

Anko: Screw the fucking Law!

Killjoy: I have Permits.

Kurenai: Good wait permits?

Killjoy out of know where pull 3 katana and 2 semi guns.

Killjoy: My babys will help us hahahahahaha.

Jenny: Ok these permits check out now give me a gun.

Zaara: Let's find a Car… (Looks to the left and sees Zombabes) OH COME THE FUCK ON!!! THAT"S FUCKING OVERKILL!!!!

Killjoy: Fun time.


Human/Pokegirl speech

Human/Pokegirl thought/ Flashback/ letter

Demon speech/ Warning

Demon thought




Naruto, Anko, and Tatiana sat across from Yuki, Jack, and Rally inside his room at the Poke center.

"What's up Jack why did you say we were in danger?" asked Naruto as Jack.

Jack looked at Naruto with siruos eyes, that didn't seem to belong to him. "This goes back to what I was telling you about. You see it happened on the 8th day at the Valley of kings. I was planning to see how long it lasted when two groups showed up that I thought would leave things alone," said Jack.

"Who showed up?" asked Anko.

"Sanctuary and Team Rocket," said Yuki with Malice in her voice.

"Okay I heard of Team Rocket, but who is Sanctuary?" asked Naruto.

"Sanctuary is a powerful organization that believe that Only Subuke has the right to rule the world. They operate out of the Dark Continent and are perceived as one of the biggest threats to the world as it is. Up until a few years ago they didn't cause any real problems, but after the incident with the Chidori and Rasengan they began to try and find the Source of the power. The only thing was can really tell about them is that they have some kind of pact with a large group of Limbic pirates as well as other Organizations around the world," said Yuki.

"Not that we're complaining, but why are you telling us all this?" asked Anko.

Yuki and Jack both pulled out Badges that had the Letters PWO on them.

"This badge makes us as Pokegirl World Officers. We have rights to intelligence that normal tamers don't get. Rally here is a Lv 70 Pokegirl," said jack making Naruto and Anko look at Rally.

"But from what I understand you should have evolved into your most powerful form by now," said Anko looking at Rally.

"You right I could have, but Jack told me I was perfect the way I was. I stayed this way and although I hate fighting I still fight because I wish to protect Jack," said Rally.

"Why are you telling us all of this?" asked Naruto looking at them.

"It's because you just reviled info that could make you targets. We have Reason to believe that Since You can use Rasengan that Sanctuary may think that you are the next coming of Subuke or think you have the power to help them take over the world," said Yuki.

"I don't understand how they would get the knowledge anyway," said Naruto.

"Sanctuary has agents Everywhere and it's nearly impossible to tell who they are.

Jack glanced at Naruto. "We will have to report this to the Council. What you did back then was probably nothing compared to now. You deliberately held back as not to kill him," said Jack.

"Of course he held back! Naruto only kills when he's forced to!" yelled Anko.

"Anko-san is right. Naruto would never hurt a fly, let alone another person unless provoked," said Tatiana

Naruto chuckled a bit. "That's were your wrong. I've had to kill before, on missions and in war," said Naruto holding his hands up. "With these very hands I taken many lives. Even though I tried to stop the cycle of hate and pain. It will forever be there,"

Tatiana hugged Naruto and kissed his forehead.

"Quite the story bro. You should head over to Blow City. That's were you can earn your next badge. And might be able to get some poke girls in the Process," said Jack.

Naruto nodded. "I'll be leaving tonight," said Naruto.

Anko looked at Yuki who smiled at her. "Go ahead Anko. You always said what you would do to him if you ever got to see him again," said Yuki making Anko blush.

Jack and Yuki stood up with Rally and walked out. Once both were out the room they began to walk away.

"You do realize that we have to tell the PGWG right?" asked Yuki.

Rally glared at Yuki. "You'll do no such thing to Naruto," said Rally being protective of a person she cared for.

"Relax both of you. This was an isolated incident. If the PGWG found out then they would do anything in their power to get Naruto and Anko. We can't let that Happen," said Jack.

Yuki looked at Jack. "Who's side are you on Jack?" asked Yuki.

Jack looked at Yuki. "Me? I'm on the PGWG's side of course, but I figure that they just dropped a notch the latter. Naruto will change the world," said Jack.

(later that day)

Naruto, Anko and Tatiana were walking though the woods in order to get to Blow city. Naruto looked at Anko.

"Hey Anko-chan I was wondering what poke girls you got?" asked Naruto making Anko rub her head.

"Sorry about that. Also I need to remove that seal a bit later," said Anko making Naruto Nod.

Anko removed three poke balls and throw them. "Alright ladies, get those sexy asses out here," said Anko As the three balls open.

When the fist ball lands and opens a snake like woman emerges. She had purple scales, C-cup breasts, and a necklace around her.

Naruto looked at her, before pulling out his Dex.

Naga the snake poke girl

Type: Animorph (Snake) near human

Element: Poison

Frequency: Uncommon

Diet: Carnivore (feral prefer small animals, usually eaten whole and live)
Role: Stealthy infiltration
Libido: Low (no particular high points)
Strong Vs: Plant, Bug
Weak Vs: Ghost, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Leer, Wrap, Wrestle, Sex Attack 2, Bite, Gummi Tongue (Can produce one of five different poisons: normal Poison, Paralyzation Poison, Sleep Poison, Heat Sting, Lust Bite)
Enhancements: High Flexibility, quiet movement

Evolves: Gartar (Very Near Human type, Weaker, but more Popular) Arbust (Normal) Side Viper (rare, only encountered as a Feral: battle stress) Lamia (Venom stone)

Evolves from: None

Naruto shuck his head. She always did have a thing for snakes. The next was a girl that looked to be around 19, long brown hair, dark brown eyes black open vest that showed off her D-cup breasts, black skirt, and knee high boots.

Naruto pointed his DeX at her and scanned her.

WITCH, the Magic Abuser Pokegirl

Type: Very near Human

Element: magic

Feqencuy: uncommon (Most of the world) Rare (Edo league)

Diet: Human-Style
Role: Amateur magic-users
Libido: Average mainly, gets High when they're excited
Strong Vs: Ghost, Fighting
Weak Vs: Psychic, Magic, Water, Fire
Special Weakness: Ticklish, green-skinned witches have severe water allergy
Attacks: Spellwork, Witch's Curse, Barrier, Aura Barrier, Mystic Bolt, Mana Bolt, Power Bolt, Reflect
Enhancements: Magical Affinity
Evolves: Sorceress (Normal), Enchantress( moon stone), Elementalist, (Angel Stone, Dark Stone, Diamond Stone, Fire Stone, Heavy Metal, Ice Crystal, Leaf Stone, Mana Crystal, Psi Crystal, Thunder Stone, Venom Stone or Water Stone) Tick-tock (Dream stone)

Evolves From: None

The last was a tall girl that stood as tall as Naruto did. She had gray fur with blue hair on top of her head, black strips a set off DD- breasts, wore no shirt, a pair of shorts. She waved at Naruto.

Sabertooth Tigress the Flirtatious Fang Pokegirl.

Type: Anthropomorph(Tiger) Humanoid, some instances of near human or very near human

Element: Rock/fighting

Frequency: Rare

Diet: meat, gems
Role: occupations where combat is necessary, construction workers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Ice, Normal, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic, Water
Attacks: Bite, Scratch, Slash, Pummel, Comet Punch, Sabre Claw, Bear Hug, Headbutt, Body Slam, StonePalm, Harden, Rock Throw
Enhancements: Functional claws, Night vision, Enhanced senses of smell and hearing, Enhanced strength (x6), Enlarged canine teeth on top set of jaws (can be up to 6" long), rocky skin
Evolves: None

Evolves from: Tigress (Diamond stone (Eaten)

Naruto looked at Each of them. "They got names Anko?" asked Naruto.

Anko pouted at Naruto. "Of course they got names love," said Anko. The naga is Medusa, The witch is Carla, and the Sabertooth tigress is Terra," said Anko.

"Nice selection Anko-chan. A witch for offence, a Naga for Defense and a Sabertooth Tigress for melee offence. Just like you," said Naruto as Anko recalled her girls.

Anko smirked at him. "What did you expect from the great Anko?" she asked. As Naruto pushed her into a tree.

"I can think of a few things," said Naruto making Anko shiver in pleasure.

Tatiana groaned at their actions. "Can you two do that later. We have to go," said Tatiana making them both blush, before they began to walk away.

(A day later- Misty Village)

The small group had arrived in a small town. The town had misty morning making it peaceful. It had a few hundred buildings and around 2000 people. A small place for a good rest. They walked down the main road and saw many pokegirls with their owners just having a good time. It was close to nighttime so they optioned to get a room at the Local Pokecenter.

Once they got there they saw A Nurse Joy arguing with a Jenny.

"I'm telling you he's wrong for what he's doing!" yelled Joy.

Jenny growled. "Get over it Joy. He's our master and we can't do anything about it anyway!" yelled Jenny.

"But you're the Law!" yelled Joy.

Jenny slapped Joy across the face before storming out of the place. Anko, Naruto, and Tatiana walked up to the Counter.

"What was that all about?" asked Naruto. He remembered reading that Joy and Jenny normally got along with each other.

Joy robbed her cheek. "Nothing to worry about. We've been having this argument for the last Couple of Months," said Joy.

"Oh. If it's not to much trouble can we get a room for the night?" asked Anko.

Joy nodded, before handing them the key to room 15. They walked down the hall and to the room. In the room was two beds and a small desk.

Naruto took off his jacket and shirt and laid them down, before he himself laid down. He closed his eyes for a few moments and before he knew it he drifted off to sleep.

Warning lemon

Naruto woke to the sounds of moaning. He opened his eyes to see Anko eating out Tatiana. Naruto was almost instantly hard as he watched his Pokegirl getting her pussy eaten. Tatiana screamed, before she fell backwards onto the bed.

"That was amazing Anko," said Tatiana.

Anko smirked at the girl. "Please. We've both already cum and I want to fell something hard inside me," said Anko as she looked at Naruto.

Naruto sat up as Anko walked over to him. She quickly removed his pants and stared at the cock she wanted inside her, but she had to remove the seal first. Anko quickly removed the seal. Naruto's cock was still 10 inches long, but expanded to 3 inches wide. Making Anko's eyes widen.

"I guess he was bigger then I thought," thought Anko. This made both Anko and Tatiana lick their lips in anticipation for what was to come.

Anko laid back and spread her legs for her lover. Naruto got in front of her before shoving his cock into her pussy. Anko yelled out while clutching the sheets in her hands. She had never had something so big inside of her pussy and it was driving her wild. Naruto pulled out, before pushing back into Anko making her scram. Tatiana looked at her master as he pounded into Anko who was screaming. Tatiana saw her Lavie's Pokeball before opening it. Once Lavie was out Tatiana grabbed Lavie around the wasit and kissed her hard on the lips. Lavie kissed back, before she pulled away and latched onto Tatiana's massive breasts. She began to suck on them, making Tatiana moan in pleasure. She always liked when her breasts were shown so much attention as it was a massive turn on for her.

Naruto was still inside Anko as sweet poured down their bodies. Anko looked at Naruto as he stared at her. Naruto leaned down and kissed her making her kiss back. He grabbed her right breast and began to fondle it. Anko moaned at this, before Naruto flipped her to the side and entered her. Anko let out a silent scream at this new position, before Naruto began to pound into her again. Finally Anko's inner walls clamped down and she came yelling Naruto's name.

Naruto growled for a minute, before he came inside Anko. Naruto pulled out of Anko and looked over at Tatiana and Eve. Lavie was squealing as Tatiana ate her pussy. Lavie yelled as she came, but Tatiana was still eating her pussy.

"AHHHHHHHHH! Tatiana-chan!" yelled Lavie arcing her back.

Naruto saw Tatiana's ass in the air and her dripping wet pussy, just begging to be fucked. Naruto grabbed Tatiana's waist, before entering her, while gritting his Teeth. Tatiana was still a tight fit for him, maybe even tighter now. Naruto went into her until he was at the base of his cock, before he pulled out and plunged back into Tatiana making her scream in Lavie's pussy.

Lavie screamed as she came again, but that didn't stop Tatiana from eating her pussy Out. Naruto had a steady pace going, before he started to thrust harder into her making Tatiana nearly scream out in pleasure. Naruto leaned down and started to nibble on Tatiana's neck. Tatiana moaned. This was a major turn on for most of the Tigress race. That was all it took for Tatiana to submit to orgasm and nearly pass out. Naruto continued thrusting into Tatiana for another 15 minutes, before he filled her pussy with his seed. In that time Tatiana had 6 orgasms, and the last one made her black out for a minute

Naruto pulled out of Tatiana, but was still hard. Tatiana was nearly out and Lavie was laying their with her legs spread wide. Naruto went over to Lavie before putting his member at her womanhood. Naruto plunged into Lavie, making her scream in pleasure. Naruto pulled out, before slamming back in with a passion that Lavie didn't know her master had. White lights exploded inside the back of her eyes every time he pushed his massive cock into her. He was hitting places that he hadn't before. She screamed her final release as both her and her master came together.

Naruto pulled out of Lavie and panted. He may have had lots of stamina, but he was reaching his limits. He looked up and Saw Anko grinning at him and he already understood what that meant. He figured that they both had one left in them. Anko startled his lap, before kissing him.

"Come on lover, let's get wild," said Anko making Naruto Grin

Naruto stood up and began to pound into her making Anko scream as she buried her head into his neck and screamed. Naruto pounded into her. Anko screamed out in pure bliss. She couldn't think straight with everything he was doing to her. All she knew was that she was getting the fucking of a life time at this moment. Even if the seal wasn't undone she was sure that he'd still be screwing her brains out.

"FUCK! NARUTO-SAMA FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED!" yelled Anko. Naruto Groaned as both of them came hard. Anko moaned and Naruto fell onto the bed still buried inside his snake charmer.

Warning Lemon End.

Naruto was awaken a late in the night. He looked up and noticed that it was Joy who did it. He looked and noticed that the girls were still asleep. He had recalled Lavie and Tatiana before drifting off to sleep. He would have to apologize later for that, but he needed to see what was up. Joy looked like it was a matter of life and death. Naruto awake Anko and both quickly got dressed. They both walked out the room and followed Joy to her office.

Joy sat down and sighed. "I can no longer sit by and watch that man do the things he's doing," said Joy.

"With all do respect Joy What the hell are you talking about.

"Our mayor has be housing a mantis for some time now," said Joy.

"WHAT!" of all the idiotic things a person can do!" yelled Anko.

Naruto pulled out his dex and pulled out Mantis.

MANTIS the man eater Pokegirl.

Type: Animorph (Insectile)

Element: Bug

Frequency: Not Rare Enough

Diet: Live, wriggling meat (Mainly human males, but also bird, lizard, frog, and bug-type PokéGirls)
Role: Sex, Limbec Pirate executioners
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Rock
Attacks: Slash, Carve, Cut, Parry, Deflect, Sword Dance, Megaton Kick, Slash Wave, Spincut, Confuse, Broken Castle, Weapon Guard, Weapon Repel, Zanmato
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Agility (x6), 2 extra arms with razor sharp serrated sickles on them, light shape-shifting, wings to aid in jumping
Evolves: HOPEFULLY none
Evolves From: None
Bounty (for confirmed kill): 4,000,000 SLC
Bounty (for reporting sighting & getting out alive): 500,000 SLC
Recommendation if you see one: Have a strong warrior-type or fire-type ready to fight. Otherwise, evacuate at once if at all possible.

Description: Sukebe had a sick sense of humor, and an even sicker sense of irony.
He started his war because of women like Linda McKenzie, but in his madness he hated the men just as much. He hated them for their weakness, for letting women like Linda get out of control. So he created a PokéGirl breed who would be known as their bane: the Mantis. Manti were amongst the most cruel, vicious fighters in the war. A tall PokéGirl, around 7 feet at the smallest, with a thick, athletic musculature that allowed them excellent agility, large, compound-like eyes, clawed, taloned feet, long antennae which increased their senses tremendously, green, chitinous skin, and an extra set of arms over their first, that are equipped with long, serrated sickle-blades instead of hands and are double-jointed to allow the Mantis to bend them in almost any direction. The blade-arms are, when not in use, held in a position of prayer, and can be used like swords, allowing for many powerful attacks. So skilled in the use of their sickle arms are they, that Manti are considered to be some of the best swordswomen on the planet. Their favorite method of attack was to use their light shape-shifting abilities, disguising their skin-color to blend in with their surroundings, disguising themselves as rocks or large plants, then using their powerful jumping skills to fly over the battlefield and come down with a powerful pair of slashes. But their combat skill is not what they were most infamous for.

The thing they are most infamous for was their sexual appetites. Frequently, after disarming a soldier (sometimes literally), they would take them off and rape them, forcing them to erection with their human hands and taking what they wanted from them, and then once they had gotten off, the Mantis would then start eating their victim alive, usually starting with the genitals, the victim screaming in agony as the Mantis stripped his body of all his flesh.

After the war, an effort was made to exterminate all Manti they could find. Problem was, they couldn't find any. The Manti retained enough intelligence to go into hiding, keeping their movements secret. A few were found shortly before the first Widow was sighted, and the first PokéGirl bounties were made. That bounty was subsequently increased, as Manti seemed to have developed a taste for bird, insect, frog, and lizard-type PokéGirls as well, great piles of bones being found in Manti lairs.

More and more, Manti are found in the company of the Limbec Pirates, who are apparently quite fond of the vicious man-eaters. A captured member of the Pirates revealed that once the Pirates became a unnoticeable force, Mephaesta recruited Manti en-masse to serve as torturers and executioners, an arrangement that both sides appreciate and enjoy.. This put the bounty on a level seconded only by the Widow and the bounties recently put out for the Dark Queen and Anima PokéGirl breeds.

In recent a raid on a Limbec Pirate lair, a particularly fat, Snorlass-sized Mantis was found in the base's dungeons, alongside several hundred bones. DNA testing later revealed that these were all Tamers, PokéGirls, and civilians who had disappeared in the last few months. Before the Mantis was put down, a psychic probe revealed that all those she had eaten were somehow connected with anti-Threshold and anti-Feral research. The Mantis knew nothing more than that, she simply ate whom she was sent. This has led security to be increased around those facilities and for the family members of those involved.

Naruto closed the Dex and looked at Joy. "How long has this thing been in town?" asked Naruto.

"A few months I think. It also goes hand in hand with a few people who have went missing in the last little while. Jenny is so Loyal to him that she ignores all of this. She just refuses to Believe me on this matter and thinks the master can do no wrong. Please stop him before something happens to Jenny," said Joy as tears began to run down her face..

Naruto stood up and gave Joy a hug. "Don't worry. I'll put a stop to this," said Naruto as he walked out the center with Anko right behind him.

"I knew that you want to help, but this is suicide. My Pokegirls are only at lv 22.

"And mine are In the High Teens, but they won't take down the mantis, I will," said Naruto narrowing his sea blue eyes.

Anko looked at Naruto, before grabbing him an pushing him into a wall before glaring at him. "Few Pokegirl Tamers are brave enough to take on a mantis with high level Pokegirls, And even fewer are brave enough to take on a mantis alone," said Anko only for Naruto to pull her off of him.

"This is about more then that," said Naruto as they continued to walk.

As they walked though town they noticed many doors and windows locked and or bared up for the night. That gave Naruto an Idea of how bad the town was. They soon came upon a large Mansion that had two floors, was blue and had a massive garden off to the side. Naruto and Anko ran over to the wall and using the wall walking skill to get up and into a window. Anko opened the door slightly and noticed an armed guard standing down the hall, just 15 feet away. Anko pushed the door open, before she rushed forward and punched him in the stomach, before breaking his arm and then breaking his neck. Naruto stepped into the hall and looked at Anko's handy work.

"Good Job Snake-charmer," said Naruto

Anko smirked at Naruto. "It was easy for me whiskers," said Anko as they both took off towards the front of the house.

Once they got there they saw Jenny talking to a Large man. The large man had a gotee, wore a white suit, long red coat . All around the hall were men with guns.

Jenny stepped closer to the man. "Jorgen I've covered for you, but this is going to far! People have been vanishing. I can't allow this anymore," said Jenny.

The Man Jorgen stepped up and grabbed her by her chin. "Haven't I been a good master to you, giving you the thrill of a good fuck every few nights, clothed you. I took you from the streets that I found you on nearly 10 years ago, so my dear Jenny, why can't you let this go my dear?" said Jorgen with a smirk.

Jenny slapped his hand away. "AT THE EXPENSE OF WHAT!!!? MY BELIFS !? MY HONoR!? TELL ME JORGEN!!" yelled Jenny.

Jorgen smirked at her. "I didn't hear anything about honor in bed last night," said Jorgen.

Jenny drew her gun, and aimed at Jorgen. "Jorgen pulled a pistol from his side and shot Jenny in the arm, making her drop her pistol. Jorgen then slapped her making her fall to the ground.

"You little bitch. I took you from the streets and brought you up from nothing and you repay me by pulling a gun on me!?" yelled Jorgen stomping on her arm making her scream. "Screaming for me again baby? To bad. I have a better partner for you tonight. To bad. You were the best little whore I've ever owned," said Jorgen hitting a button on a remote.

Jenny looked down in tears. The one person she thought she could love, had turned on her. She closed her eyes as the floor opened and a woman was dragged out. Around her arms were chains, She stood at 7 ft tall, green skin, lean muscle structure, the blades on her extra arms were covered in leather casting and her mouth was covered Around her neck was a collar. Her eyes were filled with anger and hate.

Jenny looked at the girl before her. "What the hell did you do to her?" asked jenny.

Jorgen smirked. "I have my fun with the man eating bitch everyday for the last few weeks. She's quite hungry right now. Boys remove the bindings," said Jorgen.

His men carefully moved in and took away the chains on her arms and legs, before removing the muzzle and the sheaths. They quickly ran away from the area, as Jorgen backed away from Jenny. He then smirked, before snapping his fingers.

Mantis's eyes snapped open, before she looked at Jenny. She licked her lips, before advancing on her swaging her hips. That man had forced himself upon her for the least few weeks without a meal, and she was in need of one. Jenny grabbed her gun and aimed it, only for it to be knocked away by mantis, before she found her waist startled by said Pokegirl.

"No need to be shy my dear. After all death is only part of the ultimate love," said Mantis.

Jenny closed her eyes. "Someone help me," said Jenny.


The weight on her chest went flying off, before she found herself in the arms of someone. She opened her eyes and saw the two from earlier. The Blonde however was glowing slightly and was glaring at Jorgen.

"Don't move Jorgen, because once I'm though with Mantis, I'm coming for you," said Naruto with his eyes shifting to purple.

Jorgen began to laugh. "Well then kill me if you can," said Jorgen busting though the doors and running away.

"Damn. Anko go after him, while I handle Mantis here," said Naruto.

Anko nodded, but was stopped by Jenny. Jenny stood up and ripped her shirt off along the rim, before wrapping it around the wound.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" asked Anko looking at the wound.

"I'll deal with it later, besides the bullet went though," said Jenny as She and Anko charged at the doors were the men waited.

Anko pulled out three throwing knives, before releasing them. All hit their mark, each killing a man. Jenny, Kicked a man in the face dropping him like a sack of potato's. They both ran though the door leaving Naruto and mantis.

"Ah you let them go, Now it's just you and me. Show me ultimate love," said Mantis as she charged at Naruto. Naruto jumped back and pulled all three of his Pokeballs.

"Dusk, Lavie, Tatiana let's go!" said Naruto, releasing all three of his girls at different points in the large room.

Dusk was in the sky, Tatiana to the left of Mantis and Lavie to the right. They all knew that something big was going down.

"Naruto you owe us each a long night after this here," said Dusk.

Naruto jumped out the way of a sword like sickle. "Alright," said Naruto as he ducked under a punch.

Lavie charged and kicked Mantis in the back. She stumbled forward only to be uppercutted from the side by Tatiana. Mantis jumped out of the way of a feather Shuriken that would have weakened her slightly. Naruto charged forward and spin just in time as a large cut appeared on his shirt from a slash. Tatiana growled, before charging and slashing at the Mantis. Mantis screamed in pain. Lavie and Dusk both charged at Mantis using quick attack, before both hit her making her fall back. Naruto studied her for a second as she tried to fight off all three of his girls at once. Something didn't seem right for this Pokegirl to have such a high bounty on it's head. He quickly jumped back as not to get hit by a slashing wave, and pulled out his Dex.

"Dex Scan all girls in the room," said Naruto.

The Dex opened up and quickly did a scan of the Area, before a small display window popped up.

Tatiana: Lv 18

Lavie: Lv 17

Dusk: kv 17

Mantis: lv 20.

Naruto's eyes rose up in shock, this mantis wasn't all that powerful. Add to that the hunger it felt and it was damn weak. Naruto slipped the dex back into the safety of his pocket, before charging up a Rasengan. He was going to end this before it got out of hand.

"GIRLS MOVE!!" yelled Naruto.

All the Girls jumped back and Naruto charged forward and slammed the ball into the gut of the mantis, before she screamed in pain. Naruto released the orb and she flew into the wall, breaking though it. Naruto and the girls approved casualty. Mantis was bleeding from her mouth and multiple wounds on her body. She looked at Naruto with a kind smile.

"Show me love, please?" asked Mantis.

Naruto took out a kunai and stabbed it into her head ending her life. "The love you are looking for is a love I can not give you," said Naruto as he took that same Kunai and beheaded the Mantis, before burning the body.

(With Anko and jenny)

They had managed to catch Jorgen as he was near the edge of town. Jenny aimed a gun she stole from one of his men, before pulling the trigger.


The shots rang out and hit Jorgen in his legs ending his running spree. Anko and Jenny advanced on him.

"Jenny dear wait! I'm sorry, please forgive me. I can change!" said Jorgen.

Jenny looked like she was about to take his offer. Only for Anko to glare at her. "If you even think about it your dumber thn you look. This man shot you, and was about to leave you for dead at the hands of his new pet," said Anko.

Jorgen sat up on a tree. "Baby I didn't mean it. I promise!" yelled Jorgen.

"No one would blame you if you ended his life," said Anko.

Jenny advanced on Jorgen. "Jorgen I loved you so much. I was willing to give up everything for you, but I can't not anymore. This is good-bye," said Jenny.

Jorgen's eyes widened, before he held out his hand. "WAI-

Jenny didn't even give him a chance to finished as she emptied the clip and left the gun were it was. Jenny backed up into Anko and broke down crying.

"Shhhhhh. It's alright now, everything is going to be fine," said Anko.

(a day later at the Poke Center)

Joy had contacted League officials for Naruto and he showed them the freshly killed head of a Mantis. The confirmed that it was indeed a Mantis and had the SLC wired to his Dex. Naruto had transferred half to Anko as she was a big part of this day as well. Currently Naruto and Anko were about to set out when they saw the last two people they expected appear.

"Jenny, Joy? What are you two doing here?" asked Naruto.

"We figure that your Harem cold use so law and Order," said Jenny.

Joy smiled. "I figured that neither of you are a medic so I could be of dome use," said Joy only to be kissed by Anko. Anko pulled back ans grinned at the blush on Joy's face.

"I bet you moan real loud," said Anko.

Jenny laughed. "you have No Clue," said Jenny.

Joy glared at her friend. "JENNY!" yelled Joy.

Naruto laughed and smiled at the antics of the girls. "Welcome to the family," said Naruto as both Jenny and Joy smiled at him and Anko


Jenny: I've never seen that done with a knife before.

Zaara: (bow) That was just one of many talents I got.

Killjoy: I taught him that one he's better with guns as I am better with blades.

Kurenai: We're still not safe.

Anko: Nai-chan is right. Killjoy-kun will you protect me for the big bad Zombabes?

Killjoy: But Of course my love.

Zaara: Not that I'm complaining or anything, but I have seen hide nor hair of Panthress.

Kurenai. Come to think of it your right.

???: Did someone call.

Everyone turned and looked. There sitting on a pole looking a good and sexy was a Intelligent Panthress.

Jenny: Oh

Kurenai: Fucking

Killjoy: Shit

Anko: RUN!!

Zaara: Your sexy as hell, but I'd like to keep my rod in tack.