This fanfic was inspired by watching Naruto and Bleach

Title: Shatter, Namikaze Aizen

Summery: He decieved them, making them believe what he wanted them to believe by manipulating them to his absolute hypnosis...

I posted a different Naruto/Aizen fanfic but it didn't go well with me so I deleted it and decided a rewrite. I hope this turn out more successful.


Chapter 1

Kakashi was running at full speed through the trees. Nothing else mattered in the world he had to get there he had to get to where they were fighting. He knew that he couldn't allow them to die. If he did then…

He felt the strong pulse of Kyuubi's chakra and the pulse of Sasuke's twisted curse seal. He started running even faster.

"I was naive..." He muttered as he recalled Naruto and Sasuke's dual.

They were really going to kill each other...

How did this happen...? He just came back from finishing his mission and was about to report back to Tsunade-sama only to receive a huge shock.


"What did you say!?"

Kakashi gapped as Tsunade filled out the current events he was missing on during his misson. Apparently after he left, Sasuke betrayed the village by joining Orochimaru. The newly promoted Chunin, Nara Shikamaru was assigned to lead a team which was composed by Akamichi Choji, Hyuuga Neji, Inuzuka Kiba and Uzumaki Naruto to retrieve Sasuke from Orochimaru's grasp.

"I see..." Kakashi slumped. "...so only those 5 rookies went to get Sasuke..." Tsunade nodded.

"There was no other choice, given the situation of the village..." every other Jounins and Chunin AND Genin were already assigned to their respective missions and those five were the most suitable I can find to do this." She sighed and took a swig from her sake. "We've hit the necessary minimum..." She than realized.

"Oh and Kakashi" She called to the now silent Kakashi. "....by the way..." She picked up a paper assignment that said 'S rank'

"Look at this! Your mission has been decid-H-HEY!" She stopped as the masked man was already halfway out to the door. "KAKASHI! YOUR MISSION HAS ALREADY BEEN DECIDED!"

Kakashi lazily raised his hand to reply "Eh, I'll come back to finish it later..."

He shut the door behind him, he can still here Tsunade's sputtering but paid no heed to it..

-End Flashback-

"I just really hope it's not too late..." If it was even possible Kakashi started his pace even faster...


Sasuke was standing in the valley of the end with Naruto right in front of him, both exhausted and both injured.

'Fuck...' The sharingan user thought, he sensed Kakashi coming closer and closer and it seems like he was only about a minute away. And thats when Naruto started another stupid rant to persuade him. "Sasuke please come back to us. There's still time you can come back to Konoha with us."

Sasuke replied with a cold dead look in his eyes. "No Naruto I have to gain the strength to kill my brother. And I cant do that in the leaf." He started charging a Chidori. Making his curse seal reach the ultimate level.

Naruto muttered something suspicious like 'fool' and charged a Rasengan. Once again allowing the Kyuubi's chakra to envelope him, this time making a full chakra tail.

They both charged and slammed there attacks together. Naruto's Rasengan and Sasuke's Chidori struggled for dominance. Neither of them prevail over the other. 'Damn it' Sasuke thought as he was attempting to beat Naruto's Kyuubified Rasengan with his Cursed seal enchanced Chidori but both attacks held equally strong.

Both of the attacks reached their limit and exploded sending both boys flying back.

Sasuke was getting angrier by every damn minute. Everytime he tried killing the dobe he finds a way to counter it! He's like some, blonde haired, orange wearing cockroach!

Naruto glared hard at Sasuke. "DAMN IT SASUKE! ARE YOU SO STUPID THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO BETRAY YOUR VILLAGE, RISK THE LIVES OF YOUR FRIENDS AND EVEN GIVE UP YOUR LIFE!? FOR WHAT!?" He roared. "WHAT HUH!? JUST TO KILL YOUR BROTHER? YOU DUCKHEAD!" Sasuke's anger rose at the mention of his brother but he did nothing other than glare. Why couldn't the loser just take a hint and leave.

The blonde calmed down slightly but still held the same hard look on his face. "Listen Sasuke...that snake just wants to use you're body as the next container for his soul! How would you defeat your brother if your gone!?"

Sasuke only growled "Like I said before you stubborn mule, I don't care..." He said as he charged up another Chidori. It was his last one before he runs out of chakra. "...All I care about is that I accomplish my...AMBITION!!!"

With every ounce of will power he lunged for Naruto. Empowered by his burning anger and the cursed seal Naruto barely saw him move and Sasuke plunged the chidori right into his chest.

"S...Sas...Ke..." Naruto violently coughed up a mass loads of blood. "...Y-you..."

Sasuke's eyes widened for a second before closing them. For that moment his heart felt heavy and his eyes stung. He resisted the temptation. He didn't shed tears since that day and he isn't going to start now...

"I'm...Sorry..." He choked out hoarsly as Naruto's breaths stopped. He held his idiot-loser of a best friend for one last time before dropping him unceremoniously to the cold, wet ground.

"I...I did it...I killed my best f-friend..." He started to force himself to a shaky laughter. He did it! Anytime now the the second stage of the Sharingan's power will manifest in his eyes.

"It's a matter of time Itachi..." He laughed insanely. "...soon I will finally have the power to-ERK"

He was then interupted by a quick chop to the back of his neck and fell to a world of darkness....

'...defeat you...'


It was Raining

Kakashi cursed at it...

Rain...at a important time like this...

"Pakkun! Have you lost their scent!?" The pug sniffed the wet air. "No, in fact it's strong, very strong! This is bad Kakashi!" He barked with concern. "I smell blood and it seems to be a puddle of it!."

Kakashi was than getting angrier and angrier by the minute. He was angry with himself, angry with Sasuke and angry with that fuckin-Orochimaru. But deep down he realized that Sasuke would use the Chidori to kill Naruto. And if Naruto indeed died then it would be his fault.

Well it's also Sasuke's fault but lets not forget the fact that he was the one who taught him that jutsu in the first place.

They both flew out of the tree line and his eyes grew wide with shock and horror at the sight before him. Naruto was lying down in the middle of his own blood pool. Sasuke either dead or unconscious with his hand straightly embedded through his deceased teammate's chest



"What is the status of the other genins?" Kakashi said to the Konoha medical team.

"Well Nara Shikamaru only receive a broken finger Rock Lee has a minor injury Inuzuka Kiba has a deep wound but it's not life threatening, however Hyuga Neji and Akimichi Chouji are in critical condition and almost at the brink of death"

"I see" he said in a lifeless tone.

"What about Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke Kakashi?" the medical ninja said looking at the the two stiff boys Kakashi carried.

The mask jounin stood quiet as he looked at Sasuke with a mixture of anger and dissapointment before answering. " He'll make it...but as for Naruto..." His voice turned hollow.

"Label him deceased..."

The medical nin gasp in shock at the revelation and stared. By now it was too late to do anything about it to help the blond, they didn't said another word as they continued to head back to the leaf


Tsunade stared sadly at Naruto's corpse. When Kakashi came in with a knocked out Sasuke on his back and a dead Naruto in his arms, She and Jiraiya had to be held back by the entire ANBU division not to kill the unmoving Sasuke right at the spot. It also took the council and the Civilian council to hold her back from immediately the delivering the Uchiha brat the death penalty. Instead she can only give Sasuke the worst punishment that the council would allow her to give.

She snorted.

He betrayed the village, endagered his fellow ninjas and killed even going as far to a fellow Shinobi...

...and all he got was three months of measly D ranked missions...

'Some justice...'

At Konoha hospital Kakashi Ino were in a room with Rock Lee who only receive minor injuries along with Shikamaru they went to visit Kiba whose wounds were treated already next to his bed was a small bed where his dog Akamaru was resting since his injuries were treated too. The whole room was quiet no one said a word until Kakashi told them the horrible news of Naruto's death

Lee had tears in his eyes, he consider the blond ninja a good friend ever since he first meet him at the chunin exams.

Kiba was in disbelief, not believing that the dobe was really gone like Lee he has also thought of Naruto as a friend. But the one person who was feeling worst was Shikamaru the chunin became depressed as soon as he heard the news, he couldn't help but feel guilty for his death since he was the one who was in charge of the retrieval mission. As for Neji and Chouji by now Shizune and the medical team have finished treating their wounds and they were resting peacefully they will be all right, they will be one of the last people to know about Naruto.

"I can't believe Naruto-kun is gone…..he was such a youthful friend" Lee said while sobbing. His eyes red with sadness and repeatingly rubbing the tears off of them.

The shadow user gritted his teeth. He gripped his forehead hard while trying to keep the tears in his sockets.

"Some leader I am..." He muttered depressingly.


At the Hokage's office

Tsunade was seated on her desk crying and drinking for what seems to be hours. She couldn't stop no matter how hard she try, she couldn't stop the tears from falling and she couldn't stop drowning herself with sake. She just lost another precious person first her brother Nawaki then her boyfriend Dan and now Naruto. Was she destine to lose all those close to hers every time she gave them necklace of her grandfather the first Hokage this was now the third time she has lost someone close by giving him that cursed necklace.

"F-First little N-N-Nawaki..." She hiccuped uncontrallably. "Than Dan, a-and and..." She paused to give herself a breath. "Now N-Naru-DAMN IT BRAT! YOU SAID YOU WON'T DIE TILL YOU BECOME HOKAGE!!!" She yelled before taking another swig from her bottle.

"Little liar..." She slurred as she tasted sake and her own salty tears.

"You know, you could at least share some that drink with your old teammate you know" Said a familiar voice behind her.

"Jiraiya" She muttered irritably, not bothering to hide her pitiful drunken state. "You could at least knock..."

The Gama sage chuckled a little before going next to her. " I don't like entering the tower to just go to your office when I can just jump and enter through your window."

"Somethings never change" she muttered before a tense silence fell between them no one said a word, the only thing audible was the soft wind blowing.

Until Jiraiya broke the silence.

"I failed him" he said flatly.

"Don't say that you did the best you could"

"No I really failed him I should have spend more time with him I should have give him more training I failed him miserably I just wish I could have taken him under my wing sooner since he was little"

"That's enough Jiraiya! you knew that you couldn't watch over him because you needed to be outside of the village to keep your spy network running, and besides, even if you could've been in Konoha I hardly doubt the rotten council would have let you take him as your apprentice let alone adopt him" she said with anger in her voice.

Jiraiya glare while controlling his anger" they knew who he really was from the beginning and yet they hated him so much just because he had the Kyubi sealed in him how….how can they treat the son of the hero of the village with so much hatred and hostility, I truly am a failure first Minato and now Naruto is this suppose too happen every time I have an apprentice I lost the father and now I lost the son if that's the case I should never taken any more students"

Tsunade sighed as she drained her bottle of sake.

"I better get started for the preparations of Naruto's funeral I want everyone to assist every ninja and citizen of Konoha I want them to be present and paid their respects for him for his sacrifice, also at the funeral I will tell them the entire truth about him"

"I see, there is no point in keeping it a secret any longer or obey Sarutobi sensei's law since Naruto's dead go ahead I won't be there though you know I don't like funerals but I will pay my respects to him when the funeral is over...well..." He turned to leave.

"You know where to find me...but just to let you know I won't be located in the womens bathing area..."

The women wasn't in shock to hear this from him. If the pervert firmly declared he won't be spying on women, he must be really upset.

Not that she can blame him, Naruto's death held an huge impact to them both.

"At the The Hokage Monument, Right, got it..."


Three days later

It was early in the morning the day of Naruto's funeral.

Weather they love or hated him, many people actually came to Naruto's funeral wake.

The funeral was short

The girls hadn't stopped crying since they had heard the news. Neji, Kiba and Chouji who were supposed to be resting had insisted they be allowed to come and were there in wheel chairs. Kakashi was actually came here 3 hours early than most people did for the funeral.

Tsunade looked somberly and cleared her voice for her speech.

"We are here to honor the leaf shinobi known as Uzumaki Naruto for his service to our beloved Konoha." Her stoic mask was starting to crack and she could feel the sting of tears from her eyes. She stepped down and walked to the side. Jiraiya saw her and decided to walk over to her. When he reached her he walked right up to her.

"Jirai-" She started but she stopped as Jiraiya hugged her. It was a slightly small gesture but it was enough to penetrate Tsunade's mental defenses. She hugged Jiraiya and cried. For many it was a very unexpected sight to see the Gondaime crying for the Uzumaki boy but for others who knew her realized that Naruto was a person she care for with all her heart.

Hinata immediently bursted into tears. She rocked herself back and forth repeating her words to herself over and over. "No, no, no."

It's just wasn't fair! She never got to tell him how she felt about him!

She turned her head away as they shut Naruto's coffin closed.


At the same time a person perched high above the Hokage Residence strangely undetected by everyone, from there he watched the sad funeral take place. His blue eyes narrowed with mysterious satisfaction.

He smiled when the was coffin shut tight.

'It was fun playing with them.'

And with that, he clutched his fist softly and opened it.

"Shatter...Kyōka Suigetsu..." (Mirror Flower, Water Moon)




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