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-A joyful start -

Applauds can be heard as the flexible pair of twins finished their usual performance of stretching their bodies with one another to form various kinds of things that are possible. The two boys gave their spectators a short bow as they left the ring, the head of their circus troop taking the spotlight while the next performer got ready.

The twins passed through the entrance to the back stage that was covered by leather fabric only. There they saw a fifteen years old brunette boy rushing himself in finishing his face-paint, mainly the nose which has not been painted at all.

The twin giggled together as they both lightly slapped the back of the boy making him carelessly slip the face paints on he was holding.

"Yo, Allen!" one of the boys who was wearing a light blue flexible suit greeted with a grin.

"Lee! Ree!" the boy replied with a hint of anger in his voice as he turned towards them, pouting a little.

Lee and Ree laughed when they saw the messed up paint which was caused when they both slapped Allen behind his back. The red paint that was supposed to be encircling his nose only got streak down to the boy's white cheeks too. Allen playfully punched one of the boys, wearing a darker shade of blue suit, with his disfigured left hand.

The good thing about being in a circus troop like this is that no one minded the unusual things that each member has since each one of them are weird in their own way.

"Allen!" a voice called out from nearby the entrance and the said boy turned towards the voice.

A man all dressed up in a clown suit, ready to go for the next performance let out a small sigh when he saw the unprepared boy. He walked towards him as the twins stopped their laughter and stepped aside for him to reach the boy. Everyone knew how close the two were.

The man picked up the red paint while he held the boy's chin. "Stay still, Allen." The man instructed as he began doing Allen's face paint. "We need to hurry, our performance is next."

Allen gave him a warm smile. "Okay, Mana."


Ruffling of papers can be heard from the room as the door opened to reveal a room full of papers everywhere. The floors were heaped with them, near the book cases too and god, the table was practically piled with papers.

A raven-haired man wearing a long coat and a red-haired cheer-y looking guy entered the room alongside another man with spiky light brown hair with a white a coat.

"Komui…" the one wearing the white coat sighed.

More ruffling of papers can be heard as a head came into view from the piles of papers on the desks. The head, which was obviously a man's, was wearing a white hat and spectacles. The expression can be classified as greatly tired as the dark violet curls that was usually kept behind his neck were now messily sticking

The red head let out a chuckle while the raven-haired remained silent.

"Ree…veerrrr…" Komui called out slowly and tiredly.

"Hurry up and tell these guys their mission. I need to go and do some paper works for you to sign and check later." the man wearing the white coat, Reever, replied without the slightest hint of mercy.

"That's mean Reever…" Komui drawled out as he got himself out from the piles of papers and stood up in front of his desk, setting foot on the papers on the floor.

"Whatever…" Reever quickly left the office room.

"So, what do you have for us today, Komui?" the red-head asked with anticipation.

"Some finders had reports of seeing a parasitic type of innocence user…" Komui began as he handed two sheets of papers to each of the exorcists. The red head one, began to flip them open and quickly browse through the pages.

"Parasitic type?" the other guy, who had his raven hair tied to a pony tail. "Che. Hope he is not that weak to be an exorcist…"

"You haven't even seen him and you are already insulting him?" the red head commented as he closed the booklet.

"Ahem." Komui cleared his throat to get back their attentions. "We are not sure of that information yet but it is a high possibility. You guys will be the one to investigate that. We can't let the finders do it alone since akuma may be targeting this boy as he has an innocence." Komui explained. "And Kanda," Komui looked at the raven-haired exorcist straight in the eyes, "Try not to kill him."

Kanda just turned around and left the room with out saying anything more.

"Yuu-chan! Wait up!!" the red head called as he shot Komui a goodbye grin before catching up to the raven-haired exorcist.

"Right…" Komui turned around and paled visibly as the sight of the paperwork greeted him again.


Allen laughed loudly as Mana fell on his back when he pulled the fishing rod too hard. The man stood back up while Allen carefully removes the fish from its hook before showing Mana the catch of the day.

"It's quite big Mana! Your fall is a fair sacrifice for this size of fish." Allen giggled.

Mana can't help but smile at the light brown haired boy. The way Allen laughed happily made him glad.

"Well, let's just hope there's more like the ones I caught." Mana replied as he took the fish from Allen's grasp and put it in a bucket which was filled with two smaller fish. "I doubt this is enough for you alone."

Mana was of course referring to Allen's huge appetite. Allen pouted when Mana said that and the expression made the older man chuckle.

"It's because of my high metabolism, Mana!" Allen reasoned with a slight flush on his cheeks. To him, when some one talked about his eating habits, it made him embarrassed.

The light atmosphere suddenly made a huge turn. Allen let out a cry of pain as he fell to the ground near the river. Mana hurriedly went to Allen's side letting go of the fishing rod he was holding.

"Allen! Are you alright?" Mana cried alarm as he turned Allen around so that he can see Allen's face. Blood were smeared on the boy's fore head, dirtying his brown bangs with crimson.

Mana can feel his heart skip a beat. He was feeling two different things at the moment. Fear, as he knew that soon enough that man will come and take Allen away and happiness since his brother's plan had finally moved in motion. However, on top of all those feelings, Mana realized something, over the years he had lived with the boy, he had developed a fatherly bond towards him and now, he's not sure whether if he really wants Allen to disappear completely.

Mana picked the boy up and brought him to the tent that they had set up behind the place where they held their circus performances. Their tent was not alone, since more than a dozen were also set up near by for the other performers. Stepping inside the tent quickly as not wanting anyone to know what's going, Mana zipped the entrance of the tent.

He gently put Allen down on the mattress. A grunt was heard from the boy as more blood seems to seep out. Mana took a piece of cloth, poured water on it from a drinking bottle near by. He carefully wiped the blood off and as soon as he did, there it was the crosses that lined the boy's head.

Mana took a roll of bandages to cover the crosses when Allen woke up later. After the deed was done, he gave another look at the pained expression on Allen's feature. It was quite disturbing to see him like that. This was the second time Mana had seen the transformation of a Noah and he knew that the procedure will be more painful later on.

A bead of tear made its way down his right cheek. Mana blinked as he wiped the tear off. He was actually crying… It had been a long time since his last tears. Closing his eyes, Mana took a deep breath, he had made his decision.

"Allen," Mana reopened his eyes again as he soothingly brushed his hand through Allen's brown locks of hair. "I'm sorry…"

|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Chapter End -|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|

Azure: When I was in the hospital, I suddenly got this idea of: 'wonder what will happen If Mana never did die?' Mana was basically the thing that made Allen live and the way he is. Mana was the one who influenced Allen a whole lot… So, then pops up the idea of this story…

There would be some light Laven in this story. Please take note of that…