As Hikari walked towards her house after school, she saw Kei in front of the door. Hikari thought angrily, 'Why is HE here'. Hikari approached Kei. "What are you doing here, Takashima", Hikari roared. "I just wanted to ask you if you would like to walk", Kei innocently asked his girlfriend. "Like hell I will", Hikari challenged. "One thing, Hikari, you don't have to make this a challenge. Remember you had beaten me in London when you kept those small, blue flowers away from me", Kei said. "But you sort of interfered, so that doesn't really count", Hikari exclaimed.

"Well weather you count that victory or not, you should at least try not to make our little outing challenging", Kei advised. "Fine", Hikari expurgated. "Excuse me, Takashima, I have to take my bag back in my house", Hikari asked politely. Kei moved and Hikari went inside her house to drop off her bag inside.

After a few moments, Hikari came back outside to join Kei. "Well what should we do, Number Two", Kei asked Hikari, smiling towards her direction. "Don't call me Number Two", Hikari yelled. Kei laughed at how funny Hikari looked.

As Kei and Hikari kept walking, Hikari asked where they were going. Kei said that it was a surprise. Hikari and Kei stopped at a lake. By the time they had arrived to the lake it was 9:00 pm. "Why are we here, Takashima", Hikari asked. "I just wanted to share a beautiful scenery with my girlfriend", Kei politely responded. "Oh…", Hikari responded, looking at the lake, blushing. The lake was sparkling from the moon light hitting the surface just right. Kei looked at Hikari and smiled. "Hikari", Kei asked. Hikari turned her head towards Kei's face, and responded with 'hmm?' "Hikari, are you happy", Kei asked, looking straight into Hikari's eyes. "Yes", Hikari gleefully responded, looking straight into Kei's eyes.

"I'm glad that you're glad, Hikari", Kei said, honestly. The Hikari smiled. "The lake sure is beautiful tonight", Hikari stated, glancing back towards the lake. "But, not as beautiful as the girl beside me", Kei said. Hikari faced Kei and was about to respond but she didn't get the chance because Kei kissed her. At first Hikari was a little shocked but then melted into the kiss. Kei then gingerly placed his hands on Hikari's waist. Hikari wrapped her arms around Kei's neck.

Soon after the kiss morphed into pecks on the cheeks and on the necks. Then, Hikari started to undo Kei's tie and dropped it on the soft ground. Kei undid Hikari's tie, too and started to un-buttened her white S.A. jacket and gently slid it off her shoulders and arms. The jacket fell to the ground. Kei kissed Hikari's neck and around her collar bone, which made her moan. "Takashima…please stop", Hiakri begged. Kei did as Hikari commanded and stopped kissing her neck and collar bone but started to kiss her on the lips again. This time Kei slid his tongue in hikari's mouth. She groaned but then she got used to it and started to fight back with her tongue in his mouth.

Hikari took off Kei's S.A. jacket with just enough care as when Kei took her jacket off. Kei started to unbutten the first three buttens to Hikari's shirt. Hikari then pulled away and stopped Kei from advancing to the fourth butten. "What's wrong, Hikar", Kei asked. "Nothing, it's just that we probably do this here. We might get in trouble", Hikari said. "Oh, ok then. Do want to continue some where more secure like inside a building", Kei inquired. "Ok then. We will our clothes and continue this elsewhere", Kei said. Hikari and Kei gathered their clothes. Kei said that Hiakri should hold on to the clothes while he carried Hikari. Hikari tried to refues but Kei carried her anyways. Kei walked into the glistening, dark night, carrying his princess to a secure building.