As you can tell, I'm getting into short stories. Not only that, but I've also decided to take out my anger at Square (DS?! REALLY? Who owns a DS?!) by writing stories about Xion. So,

Going Back

"I'm not coming back this time!"

Axel shrugs his shoulders. "Guess I can't stop you, huh?"

She blinks in surprise, but quickly sorts her thoughts with a good shake; she knows Axel's games.

"I'm serious."

Axel nods and stuffs his pockets with with his hands. "I know, but Superior told me to keep an eye on you. Maybe I'll just follow you around."

Xion flinches and tries to second guess him. "Did you find out anything about...?"

Axel nods. "I found a bunch of pictures of her."

Xion's eyes light up and she relaxes her stance. "Really?"

"Yeah. I left 'em at the castle thought. Too bad, huh? Guess you'll have to come back to see 'em."

Xion suddenly remembers what anger feels like; she stops short of growling at Axel. "I told you, I'm not coming back."

Borrowing a grin from the Cheshire Cat, Axel mumbles, "I had to try."

"You don't have to do anything, Axel! Don't you get it? Xemnas doesn't even care about hearts!"

He loses his smile in the murk of a hurt grimace.

"Axel, he's just trying to get revenge on all of the Somebodies by taking over Kingdom Hearts. And he's using us to do it."

"Marluxia says-"

"Marluxia says what he has to to take Xemnas' place."

Axel sighs. "Well what am I supposed to do then? Leave the Organization with you?"


Now he's remembering anger as well. "I can't do that!"

"Why not?"

He nearly rips the zipper off of his cloak with the speed he uses before gripping his chest.

"I'm Empty! I need a heart! How am I going to get that running away with you!?"

Xion bites her lip to stop herself from yelling back, but Axel thinks she's crying, so he takes a step back.

"I'm sorry." He zips his cloak back up to emphasize the point. "It's just, you're kind of ditching us, you know? It hurts."

Xion wipes her eyes with one arm, because, really, she is crying.

"I'm sorry too. But I can't go back there. I can't just let them use me. How can you stand it?"

Axel shakes his head. "Sometimes I can't." Wagging a finger, he continues, "But that's no excuse to run from your problems."

"I'm not running."

Axel folds his arms while his eyes say, "Oh, really?"

Xion dislikes him even more for that, but he's right.

"Axel!" They both turn to see a new voice, Roxas, running down the nearest alleyway in The World That Never Was. Xion hadn't made it far this time.

"Axel, you're not gonna believe this. DiZ, that other guy, and Namine just went missing. Marluxia's blaming Xemnas and he's summoning everyone back to the castle."

"With all due haste."

Everyone turns again to see Sa'i'x step out of a corridor of darkness from the other direction. While staring calm daggers at Xion, he asks, "You already found her, so what's taking so long, Axel?"

Only then does Roxas see her hiding behind the shadows. He and Axel are adrift for an answer to Sa'i'x and his question.


They watch Xion with alarm, but she cares for her friends; she wont let them get in trouble. Besides, she can always run away again.

"He caught me farther out. We were on our way back."

Accepting the obvious lie, Sa'i'x nods his head at the castle. "Quickly then, before I lose my patience."