Disclaimer: Ain't Mine

A/N Original, this was a scene from a story, but I'm recycling the story for other uses and thought I'd share this scene because it was rather funny, I thought. At 151 words, it's not a drabble; however, it, or a similar scene, might show up later on in my next big RPM story.

The roar of an engine echoed through the main space of the Base, it choked for a moment, and then with an ash spewing backfire, it fell silent. Before either of the young men working on the jeep could comment on its latest 'death', a female voice yelled, "Do you two mind?" Summer, clad in her favorite pj's, leaned over the railing, "the one time Dr K says I can sleep in and you two just HAVE to play with that stupid jeep. Honestly, some respect for the person who hears everything in her room, please?" She glared at them for a moment, looking at not only the jeep that the two were working on, but the heap that Flynn had brought in the day before that was in multiple parts. "This isn't a base, it's a garage!" She declared, whirling and slamming her door behind her.