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Young Danny wasn't a menace again. He was a direct threat to everyone if he got out of control. What kept him from destoying everything? What made him stay 'sided' with humans? His obsession?

The Observer Council had all its seats taken as again, Danny Phantom was the Topic. Full house. Serena sat near the front with Anderson. The chatter of them gave her a head ache.

"What do you mean, you couldn't read him?" The High Observent asked, his voice reverberating around the hall. She sighed.

"I could read him, half way through the bloody meeting it cut out! Static." She waved her hand, a hologram of the older Phantom appeared, grinning like a maniac he was. "This thing was out, two of them running around were giving me a headache!" She knew they would have never let her represent the Observents if her powers didn''t rely on close range to work or to read someone's future.

"Never the less, we need as much information on Phantom as we can gather." He continued. She glared slightly. This Job sucks. But she needed it to forfill her own agenda. "Since those files Madam Serena kindly told the whole ghost zone about are now missing and Clockwork refuses to let us peer into Phantom's future."

Oh great, she was in trouble. She leaves her post at the paper work office for more then an hour things get lost, and somehow it was her fault for wanting a break.

"I do remember a lot from scrying myself." Serena said. "Please, allow me to collect intellegence on the half ghosts myself and show you my findings."

"We'll postpone his evaluation and wait for your findings then." Observent Matthew said. "If you show us he is a danger, he will be dealt with accordingly."

"Phantom is a danger, we all saw the damage he caused today, and he was weakened." Observent Nickolas said, several agreed with him. "He's showing signs of become the worst possbile outcome for the future, OUR future. We can't let him run riot."

"I can keep an eye on him. At Dora's ball, we can arrange for me to stay with Phantom for the customary council member swap." Serena said. She was glad for knowing the rules as well as Walker did. But they were more like guide lines.

"That is an old tradition, I'm sure no one practices tha anymore." Observent Johnson piped up.

"We'll bring it back then." Observent Bob countered. "I'm for this idea."

"Thank you, Bob." She said. "I am the best for the job anyway, I can blend in with humans."

"Then it's decided." The High Observent summoned a hammer and banged it on the table. "Serena the Oracle is to gather intel on Danny Phantom, for evidence for his assessment."

She smiled in triump, she was getting closer to completing her own agenda as well.

Dan hid. It was the best he could do at the moment. He was back in the human world, The ghost zone was crawling with ghosts looking for him. Weakened, he would barely stand a chance.

Regroup, replan, Take down his younger self is a blast of an explosion, thenn giggle madly about it and find marshmellows to roast.

"Hello Clockwork." He said, sensing the time stop. The ghost appeared as a child in th alley with him. He made no attempt to fight him.

"Last chance. You lost twice to young Danny. Just come with me and this won't end in tears" He wondered if Clockwork was just misguided into thinking he would come or just senile.

"No chance in hell." He growled. "I have a backup plan." He looked across the street to the house, which could pass as a small mansion.

"Concerning that girl?" Clockwork questioned. Why would he qustion? Unless he really couldn't see what the future held now. "She has very old world blood running through her veins. It was luck that had her become such a superficial girl, that cheerleading is the only skill she bothered to develop or the world would have more then childish ghosts running around."

"Yeah, yeah, I remember how hard she was to kill." She was the last one in his class to die, other than Valerie, he had made games, hunts to keep him preoccupied. From shallow, airheaded, A lister to a fierce warrior in a matter of five years. It was going to be fun messing with her mind. "Now, imagine if she was on my side. Imagine if I was the one guiding her through all of her abilities…"

"You will cause more damage then you can even imagine." Clockwork said as fact.

"Yay! Chaos is my middle name, actually I think it's James… Eh, it ain't important." He waved his hand at Clockwork, like he was a fly that he couldn't be bothered swatting, which in hindsight, Clockwork was to him. "Get lost. Go tell Danny what I'm planning or something."

"I don't plan to do that."

"Oh, continuing with that 'watching the parade' thing still? Even if a riot breaks out over the parade, you're going to sit on your high horse and let some innocent girl get hurt?"

Dan didn't hear Clockwork go. He wondered if he actually had been there or he imagined the whole thing.

Besides, he had plans to think of. He didn't choose this alley for no reason. He could see his intended victim walk out the front door of her house, looking back in and waving.

Paulina collapsed. Gasping for breath. The same horrible feeling again. It would have been alright; she would have dusted herself down and took a pill. But she had the bad fortune to be standing at the top of the stairs. She hoped she didn't rip her clothes, they were expensive. She rubbed her head gentle so she didn't mess her hair up.

"Sweetie!" Her father had seen her fall, he carefully helped her up. "Are you alright?"

"Yes Papa." She said. She steadied herself against him. "I just had another dizzy spell…"

"It's not iron deficiency. Everything is normal, blood levels, body weight is a little under but not life threatening. The doctor was going over her medical records again, puzzled at it.

"What about the seizures?" Mr Shanchez asked. The worry seeping in his voice.

"It could be a form of epilepsy." The doctor suggested. "You're daughter said she had a hard time breathing and moving when these 'seizures' occur?"

"What are you implying?" He growled, hearing the emphasis on seizures. "You think she's faking it?"

"No! But If I hadn't seen her have one of these seizures myself I wouldn't have believed her." He adjusted his glasses. "I'm doing my best to figure out why these seizures came back. She's not stressed is she? The last time it was around her C.A.T's right?"

"There is nothing stressing her, not that I know of." He admitted. He had also mentioned a time when she was younger, an extremely violent attack that put her in hospital for a few days. Back then, they thought she was faking it. How could she fake it anyway? Her eyes rolling into her head, her muscles spamming and jerking. She was in the other room with the other child patients.

"We might have to do a full cat scan to understand the problem." The doctor said. "I'll have her booked at the hospital. It would be a weekday, and I'm sure the holidays aren't for a while. If there is something wrong, we have no idea how long it will take to treat her. It might ruin her education."

"How am I supposed to tell her?" Her school life meant so much to her. He knew how popular she was. He knew it was what she strived for.

"Just tell her the truth." He said in a gentle voice. He would have had to deal with hundreds of cases concerning sick kids.

"Daddy!" She poked her head through the door. "Oh, sorry. Can I visit next week? I just promised the ward I would read to them." She said it with a big smile.

She tried to hide it, but she really liked kids. In front of her friends, she would scoff about them. But when they weren't around she was nearly a different person. He sighed.

"Paulina…" Her father said, she frowned at how grave he looked. "Sit down. We need to talk."

When she was okay and had taken her pills, he allowed her to leave for her friends party. Promising no alcohol, drugs, the sort. Just in case it would aggravate her seizures.

"I won't Papa, this is the last time I might be seeing them, anyway. Let me make the most of it." She smiled sweetly. He believed her, he never heard of or suspected her of going to a party like that, her friends were questionable, but nice all the same.

She had lied to her friends, telling them she was going to go on vacation to visit her family in Spain. That was the only proof he needed to know she was scared of what could happen. He sat at the steps and watched her skip away. It looked like she barely thought about the seziures, but he was, every thought was taken by her mysterious illness.


He looked up. No one owned a dog on this street, there wasn't anyone walking past either. His eyes spotted the culprit.

It was mostly black, but had white socks on all four legs and the tip of its tail white, the top of its head had a poofy patch of fur and white. It had very strange bright green eyes. It barked again and came closer.

"Huh." He said, giving it a scratch. Tame, it wasn't going to bite. "You look like Phantom. No collar either…."

No collar ment free game, right? His daughter would love him, his daughter wouldn't have any company in hospital, other than the other kids and her obsession with Phantom would make her extremely happy, there wasn't much else he can give her to ease the fear he knew was eventually going to hit her. A dog would be perfect.

"You are going to be a surprise for my daughter." He said. He knew there was a high chance it belonged to someone else, the coat and the tameness could only mean a private collector. He couldn't even tell the breed, it looked like a wolf cross. Whoever was dumb enough to loose such a special breed dog and not put a collar on it can have it back, if they find it.

He did however, miss the dog's eyes flash red for a moment, and how cold he was.

Further proof! The Booomerang hit Vlad! Danny was right there! But it Hit vlad! why else would it do that unless their ectosignatures were even a little bit similar? (Kindred spirits)

Yes, Mr Shanchez is doing something ilegal, but he's justifying himself by saying it's for his daughter. Dan is taking advantage of that.

Anyway, Paunlina might become a large part of the next arc, and 'old world blood is a term for a type of people in some of my books I'm writing where they are desended from nomads with gifted powers, and one blood line in particular, which I'm making Paulina a part of.

And Dan disguising himslef as a dog? IDK, I'll make use of it somehow.

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