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Kimura Kouichi slowly put the books that he will need for school in his backpack. Today will be his first day enrolling the Tamachi elemantary school. He tugged his newly bought gray uniform too, a little uncomfortable by the first time wearing one. In his old school, he didn't have to wear a uniform. After the death of his mother, Kimura Tomoko, he had actually decided to live with his mother's sister in Tamachi, despite his twin's protest. Kouji had not called him for at least a month after the night he told the slightly younger boy that he wont be staying with him and his parents.

He felt a little uncomfortable if he had to stay with his father and stepmom instead with his aunt and cousin. He didn't know Kousei well enough eventhough Satomi treated him very well. Meanwhile, his aunt, Kimura Misako lost her husband three years ago and Kouichi thought her and her 8 year old daughter needed him more to helped them around then Kouji.

It was a pretty hard decision for him to make cause he had to leave his bestfriends, Takuya, Izumi, Junpei, Tomoki, and most of all, his twin brother Kouji. But he just can't let him be a nuisance for his father even that the man had tried to convince him that he would not be one.

His thought was stopped by a small timid knock by the door,

"Yes?" A little girl shyly appeared from behind the wooden door it was his cousin, Ai. Her long, raven hair was tied into two long ponytails with red ribbons. She was wearing a grey uniform, similar to Kouichi's but with grey pleated skirt instead of pants.

"Onii-chan... I think it's time for us to go..."

Kouichi smiled and gathered up his stuff , "Sorry, I was lost in thought let's go Ai-chan!"

The little girl smiled and held her cousin's hand while walking down the stairs together

His aunt was already there, ready with two lunch boxes. She was a pretty famous novelist, so she worked at home,

"Are you sure you don't want me to take you to school Kouichi-kun? It is your first day!"

Kouichi shook his head, "No it's alright Oba-chan, Ai-chan's with me! She'll show me to the principal's office! Right Ai-chan?"

Ai beamed happily to the older boy, "Un! Don't worry Mama! I'll take care of Onii-chan!"

She bent down and gave them a kiss on their forehead, "Have fun sweetie! Becareful on the way there okay?"

Kouichi, now in the middle of setting Ai in his newly bought bycicle's child seat, making sure the safetybelt is set. He climbed to the bike and gave his aunt a polite nod. Slowly, he started to ride the bike toward his new school.

Meanwhile, a chin-lenght blue haired boy named Ichijouji Ken was walking along the street, his worm-like digimon snuggled comfortably in his backpack, cushioned with an old sweater of his. When he was entering the school gate, an unfamiliar boy his age with a first grader girl was parking his bike at the parking lot. They gazed met each other and the boy nodded politely and walked to the school building hand in hand with the little girl.

"Who's that? I don't think I've met him... But there's something familiar..." whispered Ken

"What is it Ken-chan?" a tiny whisper came from his backpack

"No Wormmon... It's okay..."

"Alright then..."

Ken entered the school building, wondering what's the connection between him and the raven haired boy.

Meanwhile, Kouichi too felt the same connection. When he saw that boy there was something warm inside him, something familiar,

"Are you okay Nii-chan?" asked Ai, still holding his hand

"Ai-chan, do you know who that boy?"

Ai looked at Ken's direction and nodded, "That's Ken-senpai, he's a sixth grader like you too Nii-chan... Don't you know him? He's the boy genius!"

"Oh yeah... But I felt something weird from him..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I've only felt this feeling... When I was in..."

"Where...? What do you mean Onii-chan?"

Kouichi shooked his head, "No... Nothing..."

'There's something that had connection with the digital world in that boy... I think I should keep an eye on him...' Kouichi thought


There's the first chapter! Okay there will be no yaoi pairing between Kouichi and Ken, the possible pairing will be Takumi, Taiora, Mimato, Takari, and Miyaken

and watch out for that Ai girl, she'll be an important character!