001. OTP

"What the fuck is an OTP?" the blond's voice was loud, and clearly annoyed.

"One True Pairing," the other replied.

"How the fuck do you know that?"

"I had to practically live with Kairi for years," big blue eyes turned to the older girl.

"I still don't get what it means," came the reply, less annoyed this time, its timbre back to its usual simmering anger.

"In fandom, its the 'pairing' you support above all the others," the explanation held a bored, unhappy quality.

"So... what's yours?"

A smirk spread across the younger girl's lips, a most disturbing expression across her usually placid face.

"Its a close one between CLC and AR," she cackled, and sobering up some she said almost wistfully, "but...It might just be L/N."

Before her companion could ask what she meant, she got up and left the room, leaving an intrigued, and very solid silence behind.

Author Note: Honestly, I don't like this one very much. But I figured I'd just work through the list, stupidity of the prompts aside. (Besides, its good to write outside of one's comfort zone... or so they tell me.) I promise the next one will be better. c: Anyway, hope you all enjoy these, and tell me what you think!