015. Colours

For a girl who is so insistently pale and innocuous in everything she does, Larxene thinks, Naminé's paintings are certainly something of a shock.

When she first looks at them, she's not always entirely certain what, exactly, it is that she's looking at. Landscapes of trees and fields, could just as easily be men fighting on a battle field. Its certainly a different way of looking at the world, at any rate.

And sometimes, when someone comments on Naminé, saying how quiet and washed-out she appears ('like a watercolor left out in the rain,' was the most poetic, and insulting one Larxene feels she's heard to date) she wishes she could show them Naminé's complete works. Let them see what her fingers look like after she's been in her studio for a week. Paint covering her fingers until she looks as original as her canvas. Ask them what they make of the slathered tableaus, the world entirely remade before them, until it no longer mirrors what they see around them, yet mirrors it perfectly.

And one day, after they've come back from some silly get together, and she's had to hear 14 different people make a comment regarding 'that girl, you know, the pale one in the white dress... a painter? really? but she looks so dull, and... sort of bleached.' She finds herself yelling, and colored with anger. She finds herself telling Naminé all this, and the girl just smiles up at her, an sharp edge of warmth in it that quells all Larxene's simmering rage. And with an air of something nearing insolence replies,

"Now, now, Lark. No need to curse a blue streak, I've always been of the opinion that your language was colorful enough to make up for my wardrobe."

Larxene finds herself resisting the urge to swat her.

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