A/N: I'm so so sorry! I know that I haven't written anything in a long long time. I've been really busy with the softball season and all, and so haven't had time to go on the computer. Sorry! I won't let it happen again. Summer's here, so I'll have PLENTY of time. Hope you like this cute little oneshot, my 1st attempt at a C&H story.

Summer Fun

"Calvin!! Calvin, where are you?" I heard Mom's voice get more and more impatient as she called for me.

"Calvin! Get over here RIGHT NOW young man! I KNOW you can here me!!" I glanced at Hobbes. She was REALLY mad now, and I knew what was coming. But he shook his head at me.

"Don't give in. She's threatening you, that's all. Be patient, she'll come." I nodded. Hobbes was good at calming me down whenever I get hyped up about a dastardly deed.

"Here she comes!" I hissed at my best friend. He glared at me.

"Calvin, calm down. Getting too excited is just gonna make you screw up, y'know." I sighed. I knew. It had happened too many times before. Why was it always ME who screwed up our evil plots?

"Here she comes!" This time it was my furry pal who squealed. I gave him a you-are-a-hypocrite look. He shrugged sheepishly, and was suddenly absorbed in playing with his tail. That's when we heard the snap of twigs and crunch of leaves. It was the evil Mom-Lady!

"Ready, aim, FIRE!!!!" Boy did Mom looked scared. And then mad, of course. But I really wish I'd had a camera. The look on her face as we came crashing out of the bush, throwing water ballons with all of out might. Ahh… good times. Summer fun.

Hope you enjoyed it! Tell me if I should write more fanfic in this area, or if I suck. (Don't be afraid to say that, I like honesty)