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Chapter 1: Saved By the Bell

They were the best of friends. Not the type of friends where all the adults just smile and nod their heads when they hung out with one another. No, Edward and Bella were best friends, and though neither one would admit it, they both had strong feelings for one another. They had met in seventh grade, and that was the day that Edward knew he had fallen for the petite brunette that helped him gather his books when he dropped them. It was almost as if God had sent him an angel, only it was his responsibility to look after her.


I love watching her. Every move she makes is so innocent and it pains me to know that she can never understand what a monster I am. Oh, how I would love to take her in my arms, and never let anyone near her again. It would be just us, and I would keep her safe in my arms, and never let her go…

"Edward?" Bella had awoken me from my daydream; her piercing brown eyes were full of compassion and worry.

"Yes Bella?"

"Um…" She blushed that favorite blush of mine, turning her bale ivory skin into a red crimson that I adored so much. "I just wanted to know why you were staring at me." She blushed harder as her sentence ended. I may be in my senior year, but it was hard not to think perverted when she did that. I imagined cupping her delicate face n my hands, and running her up the stairs.

"Um...Edward…you're doing it again." She giggled again, and I swear if I had a heartbeat it would be thumping out of my chest at the moment.

"Oh, sorry...I was just thinking of our Physic Final tomorrow." I quickly made up an excuse as I came back to reality.

"Its okay, you were just starting to scare me, I thought I had something in my teeth or a stain on my blouse or something…oh, never mind…" She stammered off her sentence as I tired to refocus my attention to the teacher. You would think after 100 years I would be used to this, but alas no prevail.

The bell rang and I rushed out the door and to my Volvo. I needed to get home, and ask Carlisle for advice. I needed to ask Bella out, and I needed to do it now.