Okay, I lied, I can't wait till Mid July to start writing. Yes, I'm addicted to this story now. I hope you enjoy Stealthblade's sequal!

Skylar looked into the bathroom mirror, blinking in surprise at what she saw. In fact just blinking delighted her. She was herself, her old human self. A huge grin spread across her light features, complimenting her whole face. A giggle escaped her, and she turned to run outside, wanting to see if the same had happened to Shiloh.

Opening the door, Skylar spun her head around, searching for her little blonde haired brother. Her violet eyes found nothing but the dark alley way behind the building. She frowned; certain that she had told her brother to wait for her right there. Then a loud shriek of terror met her ears, and she took off in the direction from which it came, recognizing the voice from anywhere.

Racing down the alley, Skylar froze, her jaw dropping open in terror. Ultracon had Shiloh cornered, just like last time.

"Shiloh!" Skylar yelled, capturing her terrified eleven year old brother's attention.

His bright blue eyes settled on her, and in a split second he darted beneath Ultracon's legs, reaching out for Skylar's form. She met him half way, latching on to his hand and nearly dragging him with her own speed.

"I thought I killed him!?!" Skylar panted as they skidded into another alley way.

"Killed?" Shiloh looked up at her questioningly, as if she'd gone mad.

Looking up ahead, she saw the alley was a dead end, with only a dumpster at its end. She glanced back over her shoulder, the Decepticon's heavy footsteps approaching fast.

"Shiloh, I want you to..." She stopped short, recognizing the dumpster.

It had been the same one that Ultracon had thrown aside before, that had been completely crumpled on impact. She took a step back, shaking her head.

"No...it's...just a dream! Just another stupid dream!" Fat tears escaped from her eyes, and she wiped away the long forgotten sensation.

"Huh...I guess you can cry in dreams." She whispered.

Glancing behind, she saw Ultracon's form looming above them, but he was slowly growing blurry, as if out of focus.

"Sorry 'scum, you don't exist anymore." She shook her head wearily, causing the massive robot to dissolve away.

Letting out a heavy sigh, she saw Shiloh beside her also beginning to fade out. He looked at her, cocking his head innocently.

"Stealthblade, wake up." He suddenly spoke, his voice growing strangely deeper.

"Huh?" Skylar wrinkled her brow at the name, finding it awfully familiar.

"Come on Stealthblade, since when do you sleep in?" He urged again, his voice now mature and smooth.

Skylar let out a grown, feeling herself coming to. One last time she looked down at her human hands, and then blinked.

He was lying on his berth, in the room he shared with Stormstrike. Stealthblade let out a groan as he sat up, registering his mechanical body.

"Well it's about time!" An annoyed voice remarked from beside him.

Stealthblade glanced up, seeing his younger brother standing arms crossed beside his berth, his blue optics narrowed from frustration.

"I told you that you shouldn't have stayed up so late trying to fix that darn TV, but did you listen, no!" Stormstrike grumbled. He was not a morning person.

"Hey relax Storm, it's only seven in the morning." Stealthblade replied, his dark voice even deeper at the moment from still being half asleep.

Stormstrike just growled unhappily.

"You just don't like waking up before me, do you?" Stealthblade teased, springing to his feet and working out his joints, light pops pleasingly ringing out.

Stormstrike looked away defiantly, his optics becoming mere slits.

You can't hide it from me little bro. Stealthblade thought with a chuckle.

Yeah, yeah, shut up. Let's just...get a cube or something. Optimus said that the ship salvaging wouldn't start till nine today. Stormstrike responded curtly.

I know, I was right beside you when he said that. Stealthblade reminded, only rewarding him with an irritated snarl from his younger sibling.

"Okay, let's get your cube you little addict." Stealthblade flared out his helm spikes in amusement. Recently, Stormstrike had gotten into a fix where he needed a cube of energon every time he woke up too early, and if he didn't get it, he'd be irritable until Montana showed up, which sometimes took until noon.

Side by side, they walked to the lounge, mirroring the other's gate effortlessly.