Full Summary:

Based on the CSI's Gravedigger episode, possible crossover with Saving Grave. Segura Beartooth is the new agent that nobody gets along with. Ziva, Tony, McGee and Abby don't trust her. Gibbs thinks she's only working there to get revenge on somebody. And the Director, Ducky and Palmer think they've seen her before, from a previous case. And did I mention Fornell's the one that helped her get a job with NCIS? What happens when Segura doesn't show up for work two weeks in a row? Will the team figure out where she is? And what's with the mysterious package that shows up on her desk that nobody decides to open? Does Segura's life hang in the hands of a team that doesn't like her? Will Abby finally have the nerve to open it up? And when the package is finally opened, will the team have to deal with the possibility of finding Segura dead? And what was in the package? Will Segura be found before time runs out? And how do the Director, Palmer, Ducky and Segura know each other?

Segura Beartooth:

When she was little, Segura used to ride horses on her family's farm in Enid, Okalahoma. She used to tame the bulls to only allow her to pet them and feed them. She used to bring home abandoned baby birds and nurture them back to health. She used to tease her siblings and play with her cousins. But that was when she was little. Now Segura no longer lives in Okalahoma. She hasn't seen her family since she was ten. Something happened when she was ten and she's never seen them since.

You see, when Segura was ten, she was kidnapped and taken out of the state. An Amber Alert went out but nobody could find her. There were a lot of reasons for that. One of the reasons was because she was never let out of the car trunk where she was put the day she was taken. Another reason was because she was no longer in Okalahoma; the couple that had taken her had driven to DC within the first few hours of taking her. The third reason was because the couple had tied her hair into a bun and to make it look like she was a boy they had put a beanie hat on her head and given her little boy clothes to wear.

The couple that had taken her had told her that she would never see her family and friends again. They told her that if she tried to run away and head or go to the cops, they would either catch her and beat her or they would go back to Okalahoma and grab one of her siblings. She chose not to run away because