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The Gypsy.

The rain had stopped a few minutes ago and Rhian shook the water out of her fur. Tired but relieved she made her way back to her clothes. She loved the way the rain washed away most smells till all you smelt was the wet earth. Inhaling deeply she rolled the sent in her nose cherishing it. But she also detected something else. Sniffing the air again she tried to place what it was because it smelled familiar, but the freshly wet earth was making it difficult. As she walked towards it she realized that it was near where she left her clothes. Slowly she made her way back staying in the shadows till she came up on a man holding her shirt and looking at the ground. She pulled back her lips in a silent snarl and prepared to lunge as the man turned around, it was Dmitry. With an exasperated sigh she shifted back to human and walked out to see him. "What do you want", she snapped crossing her arms.

Dmitry's throat constricted at the sight of her. She was naked and her wet hair clung to her body. Even the mud and grass that were stuck to her didn't diminish her beauty it only enhanced it. Swallowing he tired to speak. "I wanted to make sure you were ok. I saw what happened at your apartment." Rhian said nothing as she walked towards him snatching her shirt from him. He continued to stare at her as she redressed herself. When she was done she turned around and crossed her arms again scowling at him. Dmitry swallowed again. "I wanted to say I was sorry and you were right." His words hung in the air but Rhian said nothing nor changed her stance. With a heavy heart he hung his head. "I understand and I hope you can find happiness. That's all I ever wanted for you." As he turned to leave Rhian sighed and relaxed.

"Dmitry", she said. And he slowly turned around his eyes still at the ground. "I am ok. Raze didn't hurt me. Somehow he found out about us and went into a rage. But I'm ok."

"Erika told him", Dmitry said looking at her. "I'm not sure why but she did."

"Someone should beat her", Rhian growled causing Dmitry to chuckle. "So now what?"

"I'm not really sure", Dmitry said. "But whatever you think is best for you I will stand by it." His heart constricted at the smile she gave him and began to flutter wildly as she walked towards him. He didn't make a move as she came face to face with him looking straight into his eyes. "I mean it Rhian."

"I know", she said placing her hand on his shoulder. "And I'm sorry too. It's just that all my life it seems like the only thing I could be was someone's property. And frankly I'm tired of that." Dmitry grabbed her by the shoulders making her face him.

"You were never property to me", he said his face serious. "You were and still are the only that I ever loved and all I ever wanted was to spend eternity with you." Rhian looked him right in his eyes and saw the truth in his words. Here was a man who loved her from the moment he laid eyes on her and the only thing he wanted was for her to be happy. Slowly she brought her face closer to his and kissed him deeply. Dmitry was shocked for only a moment and then returned her kiss with passion of his own. When they broke Dmitry smiled down at her. "So now what?"

"I guess I have to say good bye to the lycans", she said with a smile. Suddenly an angry roar came from behind them causing them to turn and see a very upset Raze. "Raze", Rhian said breathlessly. "Please calm down." But Raze didn't hear her. He couldn't hear anything. The pain from knowing he was losing her blocked out everything else and the only thing that he could think about was killing the vampire who stole her away from him. Without warning Raze lunged at them both knocking Rhian away from Dmitry and placing himself between them. Raze shifted and took a swing at Dmitry and missed. Dmitry understood Raze's pain because he had experienced it earlier but he was not about to let himself get killed.

"She's made her decision", Dmitry yelled as he ducked another swing. "If you have any feelings for her you should honor her choice." But instead of calming Raze down it only infuriated him more. His attacks became more aggressive and his aim truer. Soon Dmitry was covered with claw marks and was beginning to tire. Rhian had screamed herself hoarse trying to make Raze hear her. She knew that she was no match for him physically but she hoped to reach him by reminding him that she was there. For a moment she thought that she had succeeded because Raze and Dmitry were at a standoff, with Dmitry bleeding badly. But she noticed that they were both looking in one direction and as she turned she felt her stomach drop, the sun was beginning to rise. She spun around to see Dmitry wince as the predawn light touched him causing him to smolder slightly. Raze roared in victory and lunged one last time at Dmitry. Rhian knew now that she only had one choice to save the man she loved.

Rhian was always faster than any lycan, even faster than Lucian. Now she used that speed placing herself between the two men in her life. Dmitry yelled in horror as Raze's claws dug into her chest and pulled out her heart. There would be no healing from this. This was the final fight for Rhian. Raze stared at the heart in his hand and at Rhian's body laying on the ground then slowly he began to realize what he had done. He roared at the top of his lungs as he shifted back to his human form. He threw Rhian's heart into the lake and fell to his knees. Dmitry gathered Rhian into his arms crying over her as she bled.

She smiled and whispered, "No regrets". And then she died. Dmitry closed his eyes and wept like he had never wept before. He didn't even notice the burning of his skin as the sun rose higher nor did he notice Raze as he walked over.

"It's your entire fault", Raze said with his voice full of grief. "If you had just let her go none of this would have had happened. Lycans are not meant to be with vampire." Dmitry slowly raised his head to look at the man who killed his love.

"If you truly think that then you never knew her at all." Raze mumbled something that Dmitry couldn't hear and left but Dmitry didn't care. He just sat there with Rhian's body in his arms and waited for the sun to rise. "We may not have been able to be together in life", he said showing no pain as his skinned began to blacken. "But we will be together in death." The sun broke over the horizon turning Dmitry into ash that covered Rhian's body.

A few months later

Raze slowly walked through the tunnels of the European underground. Lucian graciously never talked about the death of Rhian. All the lycans who knew her grieved for her and they avenged her death with every vampire they killed. They also gave Raze a wide berth for he was prone to lash out. Every day the vampire's words haunted him because he knew that they were true. He knew that he was cause for her death. If he had just let her go she would still be alive today. So he helped Lucian try to find the descendant of Corvinus to end this war for all those who were now dead because of it and for the only woman he ever loved.

So there it is the end. Now for those who are about to say "You killed her", remember I told you in the beginning that she was going to die. Once again I would like to thank all of those who have been with me since the beginning of this story and I would also like to think those who have joined along the way. I really appreciate it.