Fandom : Harry Potter / Twilight

Rating : T+

Title : Neverwolf

Author : YamI Kuro OokamI Hatake

Main Shipping : To Be Decided

Other Shipping : EmbryBella

Warnings :

Summary : There are three kinds of Werewolves : Bitten, Born and Neverwolves, a rare breed that has the Lycanthropy gene, but it won't activate without a trigger. When Harry is discovered to a Neverwolf, Remus sends Harry to live with Sirius' cousin Billy Black, on the Queliute Rez, for safety.

Timeline : HP- Post OoTP- Pre HBP \ TwI - Middleish of 'New Moon' (Book Realm)

Date : 6/5/09

Harry was a little overwhelmed at all that was happening to him, everything he had discovered in such a short time. Now his honorary godfather was sending him to America, away from Hogwarts, away from Hermione and Ron, away from Dumbledore...away from everything he knew...

And he couldn't be happier.

Ever since Sirius had died, he had dreaded the thought of returning to the world. All this had happened at the best possible time, letting him escape the world. Ever since he had come back to the Dursleys, he had been little more than a zombie, doing as asked, but with no emotions. Eventually, he had tried to take his own life. And he had woken up in the hospital, the Dursleys around him. Apparently, they hated him, but not enough for him to die.

So now, he was on a plane, off to stay in a reservation, off to stay with Sirius' relatives. Billy and Jacob Black, both born wolves. Both already having met their changes, and if Remus was right, Jacob was the leader of a pack of his own. One that Harry was to join as he was a Neverwolf, a rare breed that has the Lycanthropy gene, but it wouldn't activate without a trigger. It was just like him to be some kind of rare wolf.


Jacob sat beside Bella at the movie theater, smirking at his best friend. "Bella, I swear. If I have to listen to one more second of you gushing about Embry, I will kill you." Ever since Edward had left, Billy had taught Bella all about their way of life, their entire life story. And then Embry had met the brunette. It was clear a second after he had met Bella that he had imprinted on the girl. Now the two were happily engaged, and Bella was expecting. It had been four months since the vampire had left, and Jacob was extremely happy for his best friend. "Come on, future Mrs. Call. We have to go pick up the new kid." Bella smiled, and Jacob paused for a second to think about what his friend to could possibly be like if she hadn't imprinted with Embry.

The thought made him shudder.

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