AN - Okay! So I asked you all if you minded a Edward/Jacob/Harry pairing, and the majority of you didn't. The few of you who did mind, I apologize, but that's looking like the dominant pairing now. Another Pairing that will be in – just to give you warning will be James/Bellatrix, as in the James from twilight, not HP. Now I just want to make it clear – The Edward/Harry won't be for a while. Chapter Six or so I think. I intend on building these relationships. So if you imagined them all jumping in bed together..well…its not happening. Not yet anyway 83. So enjoy the Jacob/Harry goodness!

Harry stepped off the plane, and looked around, looking for the boy who was supposed to be picking him up. He picked up his luggage, and opened Hedwig's cage, smiling as his pet landed on his shoulder.

He looked around again, and his eyes stopped on a tall black haired boy beside a pregnant brunette. He was fairly sure that they were waiting for him, as the tall one –who he imagined was Jacob- was holding a sign that said 'new kid'.

Harry absently hoped that he would be able to survive this trip.


Jacob was well aware that all of the Cullens were back in town, but a note from the pixie haired one…Alex or something…had let La Push know that Edward was no longer with Bella, and would not be trying to get back with at her at this or anytime in the future.. They still held their Treaty to be true, and would quietly continue as they had been before.

They had all wondered, but grudgingly took the vampires at their word, as they had kept it so far.

He looked up as Bella pulled on his elbow, and the world dissolved from around him. He could see or hear nothing, only looking at the boy with glasses, and an owl on his shoulder. And then the boy looked at him.

Jacob stopped breathing. Bright emerald eyes focused on his eyes, and he physically felt the connection to the other. And he knew.

He had just imprinted on this boy.


Harry was in love….or lust as least. He walked over to the two, not taking his eyes off the black haired boys. "Hello….I'm Harry…Potter. Harry Potter." He said, shaking his head lightly, and looking at the brunette girl who smiled. "I'm Isabella Swan, soon to be Bella Caul, and this lungerhead here is Jacob Black…who needs to STOP STARING!"

Jacob jolted, and rubbed the back of his head where Bella had smacked him. "Umm…yeah…hi…Harry." He said nervously. Harry smiled. "Hi Jacob….did we just imprint? Cause when my godfather explained it to me, it sounded a lot like what me and you did."

"Close. I'll explain once we get to the car.