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Story: Completed Soul
Type: Author
Word Count: 865
Who: Loretta, Jamie
Where: Place Jamie died
When: 2 Months after Completed Soul
Summary: What happened to Loretta after leaving.

She walked and walked, there was no hurry to get to where she was going. No longer did she run, she would soon be free. Jamie, her love, her mate, her soul…she would soon be near him again. That is if she could ever forgive herself for what she did. She knew he was to die, she alone knew the when and where. Now she defies fate, despite what Kat thought, and there was nothing it could do.

She couldn't stay here anymore, she needed her love, she needed Jamie. This world was just too empty; it was just too lonely. She ended up where it all began. The town where they met the Cullens, the woods near a cliff where she took Jamie's head. She stopped and stared. Before her was where it happened. She could still see it; she could still hear his voice.

"You saw." He stated rather than asked.

Loretta looked ashamed, "I did."

Jamie nodded in acceptance, "I don't want the Volturi to be the last things I see before my existence ends."

Loretta smiled sadly, "It was my fault you were brought into this existence. Its only fair that I pull you out."

"I'm going to make this as painless as possible." Loretta explained, "I'm sorry Jamie. I love you."

"I love you too and I don't blame you."

And then he died…for good.

"I don't blame you," She repeated, slowly, out loud, "Why, Jamie? Why couldn't you just blame me. It would've been so much easier to go on, my selfishness was your death."

She walked to the exact place she stood when she took her loves head. She remembered her words to Kat that day in the woods, when she explained what happened to Jamie.

"The thing that hurt the most, I had the hardest time dealing with was the fact I knew and couldn't do anything. It was one of those things that was fated. I couldn't change it no matter how badly I wanted to. Fate would've found another way.

"Why was I given this curse? What good is knowing if you can't change the horrible things." She began to pull together wood for a fire and poured gasoline on it as well. She knew to bring it. Burning was the only way to kill a vampire for good. She closed her eyes and without even thinking about it saw flashes of the death of all her family members for the next thousands of years: Nikel, Bella, Gabriel, Kat, Bree, Zach. She could even see the Cullens deaths now. What a horrible thing to know and be unable to stop.

Her eyes unfocused as a vision over took her. The white quality around the edges informed her it was fated not future.

Bella, Nikel, Bree and Zach sat on a bench in the middle of a seemingly deserted park. The year was unclear but it was a ways into the future. Gabriel soon joined them along with Haley. Loretta saw herself there as well.

She shook her head to rid herself of the scene. Fate be damned, she was going to kill herself. There was no way it could deny her that. Fate can correct if you try to save someone from death but how can it correct having someone die instead of live?

She stood on top of the wood pile, a smile playing on her face. Soon she could be with her love. Soon. She pulled out the lighter and stared at it for a moment. She was just about to light it when once again a vision overtook her.

A town name flashed before her eyes. A baby born just born to a family of humans. There was a look of familiarity about him. Quickly she watches as he grows and ages. He doesn't get far, he dies of cancer at the age of 13.

The vision ends and she stares at the open lighter in her hand. She closes and steps away from the wood pile.

"You win Fate." She whispers, "You win."

She seemingly disappears running faster than even a normal vampire should be able to.

-12 and half Years Later-

"You're going to die." She says, looking at the boy sitting on the park bench. He turned to look at her.

"How can you tell?" He replied, tilting his head. He was studying her, plain brown eyes bore into her contact covered red ones.

She shrugged, "Does it really matter?"

He shook his head, red hair shifting with the motion, "I suppose not. Do I know you?"

"Yes, Jamie, you do. If you trust me I could save you." She responded.

He nodded, "You're the girl from my dreams."

"From you're memories would be more exact." His eyes widened as they continued to stare at one another.


"Two parts of one soul, one can not live without the other, either both die…or both live." Loretta whispered, holding out her hand to the boy before her. His soul, she knew, was calling out her as much as hers was to him. They were soul mates and they would destined, fated, to be together. He took it and they disappeared…together.

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