Story: Before Tortured Soul
Type: Requested
Word Count: 3019
Who: The Bendig family excluding Bella but including Bree and Kat.
Where: Unknown
When: Fall, year 2000
Summary: What the Bendigs were like before coming to Forks and meeting Bella. Now I wasn't quite sure how much time before going to Forks the reviewer wanted so I did about six years before. I can always do another one if you were looking for a different time. This is actually a chapter 11 out of Bloody Soul which will never be posted, only shown through one-shots now because it has nothing to do with Bella or the Cullens just the Bendigs.

This is when the Bendigs finally decided in order to blend in they have to go to school. This is their first day of school. Oh the horror…

"You lose!" Loretta snapped, smacking Zach over the head with a crowbar.

"Damn you little evil brat!" He whined, rubbing the back of his head though technically the crowbar really couldn't hurt them.

The family, excluding Jonathon and Tabitha, were playing Crowbar tag, last one standing style. It wasn't really tag at all just a brutal beat-down, but since they didn't live anywhere near town for now who really cared?

"This game sucks when all Loretta has to do is look into the future, and see where we'll be." Nikel whined from his place with the rest of the losers…which for the moment included Zach and Gabriel.

"Stop whining, Nikel." Gabriel muttered, bored out of his mind. Of course, Nikel had knocked Gabriel out first only for Loretta to catch him from behind.

"Who asked you?" He replied as Zach took a seat next to him, "And you stay at least five feet away from me."

"What did I do this time?"

"You know what you did and you should be ashamed of yourself."

"I agree and I don't even know what you did." A soft feminine voice drew their attention to the girl taking a seat next to Zach.

Zach rolled his eyes, "Fuck you, Bree. Hey, when did the green stripes get in your hair?"

"Why don't you ever look at me!" She cried out, before blinking, "Oh yeah, I just got them. Huh…how about that…"

Nikel and Gabriel rolled their eyes, "And they're our leaders." Gabriel muttered, annoyed.

Nikel shrugged, "Hey Bree, who knocked you out?"

She glared, "My lovely sister. I will get her back one of these days. Until that day comes…"

"Oh boy here we go." Gabriel sighed as Bree started into one of her long speeches. As she babbled on and on about nothing more of the family was slowly joined them until it ended up in a draw. The only person Loretta would never take out was Kat and Kat would never take out Loretta so in the end nobody won. It was the one bad part of Free-for-all Crowbar Tag.

"So we start school tomorrow?" Loretta stated, "In this little redneck town. At least we'll all be in the same school."


"Be silent, Sam." Allina snapped, "Both verbally and mentality."

"You can't shut up, Mentally, Mr. Priss." Bree snapped, sneering at her.

"She's right." Kat added, with a nod.

Ugh this was going to be interesting.

-The next day-

"I am taking the fucking Mustang whether you like it or not." Nikel snarled, his arms spread over the hood like he was trying to hug it.

Kat sighed, "First person to kill him wins a dollar."

"I love you too, Kat."

She blew him a raspberry, "Sorry, love, you're just a friend."

"You can't call someone love and then say they're just friends. It's weird."

"I was born in England. Idiot."

"Can we just get to school? Let the baby take his precious vehicle." Allina snapped, making her way over to Sam's Chevy Blazer. Sam right behind her, dressed like the slob he was.

"Just go away, Allina." Bree told her before lowering her voice to mutter, "Permanently."

"She's right, though. Can't be late for our first date. Everyone'e ready, right? Allina, watch Sam he's only been with us for 67 years so we can't quite trust him yet. Anyone under 100 I'm weary about." Kat explained, "Bree watch Zach, he won't tell us how old he is so I don't trust him either."

"So just because he's my boyfriend you think I want to watch him?"

"That was the theory."

Loretta just shook her head, "People who try to defy their fate are just stupid." She had jumped on Jamie's back so he was giving her a piggyback ride around to the car. They looked so cute together.

"Yeah…anyways. So no eating the humans in class, yeah. That's all I have for now." Kat finished up, heading over to Nikel's mustang, "And we'll take the Mustang and the Blazer. We're not taking it tomorrow though, it's kind of conspicuous."


Soon they were all off to school. Kat and Bree had high hopes that this would work out just fine. They should've laid down more rules. Not only were they all split up for the day, without the rules the idiots they called a coven could, and would, do anything.

-First hour, Zach-

The teacher walked in, smiling happily, "Students we have a new student. Everyone this is Zach. Zach I am Ms. Lea, the English teacher."

He walked over to the teacher and looked her right in the eye, "I'm a pretty princess, okay?" he asked in a low tone.

"Of course, your majesty. My humble apologies. You may take a seat anywhere in the room and don't worry about homework. A future queen such as yourself should never have to do such a thing."

The whole class looked at their teacher worried at her odd comments.

Zach smiled, turning towards the class "Score. This just gets easier every time." He turned back to her, "Oh and there are ants climbing all over your body."

Whistling he walked towards his seat while his teacher jumped around the class room swatting a pretend ants, trying to get them off. The class had no idea what was going on, all they knew was the teacher was too distracted to teach today. What a good day? Zach took his seat and leaned back on the chair, putting his feet on the desk.

"This is the life."

-Second hour, Allina-

She watched as the students filed in, bored. She hated humans; they were obnoxious. A group of giggling girls walked in. They were definitely the popular girls in their perfect clothing that looked a little too tight and a little too short. Okay, they were the popular slut girls. Allina snorted not impressed.

She had been stuck since arriving at this school listening to stupid humans think nasty things about her and her family. They were inhumanly beautiful and adolescent boys were disgusting little creatures.

'Look at her clothes, god what a little virgin with that dress on.' Allina snarled when she realized the one girl was thinking about her. Virgin yeah right, she's been married for over fifty years.

'Ugly clothes.' The girl thought again.

Allina glared, getting up. She walked right over to the girl and stared her down. The little human was lucky they were wearing contacts so their red eyes couldn't be seen. She'd really be pissing herself then. As it was she was shaking from the predator aura Allina was giving off.

"Do you have a problem with my clothes? Because if you do say it out loud; I'd love to hear about it. One comment and I'll have your head on a silver fucking platter. Now how do you like my clothes?"

The girl stuttered, obviously afraid of Allina, "You…you're sk-skirt l-lo-looks really nice."

"Thanks, have a nice day."

She turned and walked away just as she heard the girl whimper in fear. Oh so satisfying.

-Third Hour, Jamie.-

The teacher walked out of the room to get some papers. Jamie, who was sitting all the way in the back, sighed. This class was so boring. He learned all of this many years ago. Why would someone who's been around since 1870 have to take a history class? He was older than the teacher...way older. And she thought she was so smart. She came in the room acting all bitchy and continued to call on students she knew didn't have the answers as well as asked questions on parts that weren't covered in the reading. Since Jamie was the new kid she consistently tried to stump him and he could tell she was getting more and more annoyed when she couldn't. What a bitch.

"I'm so hungry." One kid whined, "When can we go to lunch?"

Jamie looked at the kid's jugular. He was a little hungry too, just not how the kid meant. He raised an eyebrow as an idea hit him.

"Who wants pizza? I'm a great mimic." The class turned to him with wide eyes before quiet cheers went up. He made his way over to the teacher's desk and located her purse in the bottom drawer from the smell of leather. He dug around for her credit card and grabbed the phone.

He dialed the nearest pizza store from his memory while watching commercials on TV and mimicking the teachers voice he spoke, "Hi, I would like to order 10 large pizzas and three two liters of coke. Yes, that under Lindsey Went. I'll be paying with credit card, let's see the number is 5555456854152875. Yes add a twenty dollar tip. Thanks."

He hung up the phone and turned to the stunned class. In his normal voice, excluding his usual German accent he said, "It'll be here in ten minutes."

He barely made it back to his seat when the teacher came back in.

For the next ten minutes he sat there with the rest of the class as more and more were put up for public humiliation when they couldn't answer a question right in front of the class. She was getting a kick out of, much to Jamie's annoyance.

Finally a boy with a bag of pizza's came in, "I have your pizza, Ms. Went."

"What pizza's?" She snapped, her eyes narrowing on the poor man.

"You ordered 10 pizza's and pop about 10 minutes ago. I recognize your voice."

Jamie smirked, enjoy that bitch.


The Bendig family all sat together, none of them admitting to the others what they did in their classes, not completely at least. In their defense though the twins, Gabriel, Nikel, Sam and Loretta have been very good…so far. Nobody wanted to tell their leaders they used their powers. They would be pissed.

"So how is everyone liking school?" Bree asked, poking the jell-o like Macaroni and Cheese. Her lip lifted in disgust.

Zach shrugged, "We had a free day in my first hour class. The teacher had a bug problem, I don't know."

"What did you do, Zach?" Kat hissed, closing her eyes in annoyance.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Jamie nodded, "My teacher ordered a whole bunch of pizza for the class. It was so sweet of her, even if I couldn't eat it."

Allina smirked, "We'll the popular girls told me they liked my skirt."

Bree let out a sigh, "I'm not even going to ask." She pulled a chunk of cheese out of the macaroni and threw it out the open window behind them. She continued to sneer silently at the food. Kat shook her head ignoring her twin.

Gabriel finished his hamburger before grabbing Nikel's off his tray.

"What are you doing?" Nikel asked, watching as Gabriel took a bite.


"You just took that off my plate you pompous ass."

"You're not going to eat it."

"It's still impolite to take food off someone else's try without asking. Who said I wasn't going to do something with it?"

"Well I'm hungry and you're not going to do anything productive with it so I'm going to eat it."

"If you're so hungry eat leaves!" He grabbed Gabriel around the neck and chucked him out the open window. The whole rest of the lunch room fell silent as they stared at the new kids. They were just lucky that there was only one level to the school so Gabriel stood back up and climbed back through the window glaring at Nikel the whole time. He had a bunch of leaves in his hair.

"Uh…" Nikel looked at the student body, "Let that be a lesson to all of ya! Nobody steals my food."

Everyone turned away from them, then.

Loretta sighed, "Gabriel, you really should learn that Hamburgers never lead to anything good when you're involved."

He raised an eyebrow at her but she didn't elaborate.

-Four Hour, Nikel and Sam-

"This sucks." Nikel mumbled to Sam as he easily stole the basketball from another student. They were playing Basketball in Gym which sucks when you're a vampire trying to hold your ability back.

"No shit. These guys are either holding us back or not even an opponent." Sam replied as Nikel scored another basket. The other team didn't have a chance.

"Wanna play just you and me?"

Sam looked around, shrugging, "Sure."

Nikel froze concentrating. The students stopped playing as well.

"Nikel, what are you doing, play." The coach yelled right before he fell to the ground unconscious. The rest of the students in the class soon followed.

Quickly Sam and Nikel pulled them all from the court and then faced each other off. Without humans around Sam was free to climb the walls and ceiling to score baskets while Nikel was free to speed run and shock Sam down continuously.

Ah it's the simple things in life that make you the happiest.

-Fifth Hour, Loretta-

"That's it, Loretta. I'm calling your daddy." Her teacher Ms. Mick snapped walking over to the phone and pulled Loretta's number from her computer. Loretta could hear Jonathon pick up the phone.

"Hello?" He sounded confused.

"Mr. Bendig? Hello this is Ms. Mick, your daughter's teacher. I wanted to inform you your daughter has a biting problem and has been snapping at the other children and myself all day."

"Which daughter?"

The teacher had a confused look on her face, "Your youngest one. Your other children are much older aren't they?"

"Oh…yeah…So Loretta's been biting people. Has she made anyone bleed?"

"Well, no."

"Oh good." Loretta snickered at Jonathon's comment, like she was dumb enough to bite anyone enough to where they bled and became vampires themselves.

"Mr. Bendig, I'm not sure you understand the severity. Loretta is seven years old. She is much too old to be trying to bite people."

Actually she was almost 150 but the teacher didn't need to know that.

"Well, we're the other children pissing her off. I'm not really responsible for their actions. That's Bree and Kat's job."

"Your seventeen year old daughters?"

Loretta shook her head; those two really need to work on everyone's communication when talking with humans. The whole family was sadly lacking considering they usually ate them.

"Yeah, they can deal with it. I'm busy so if there's nothing else…"

"No…" The teacher still sounded confused.

"Okay then I must go, just don't let anyone piss Loretta off and put any body parts near her mouth." With that he hung up. Bree and Kat would be pissed later. The teacher put her phone down and just stared at Loretta.

"You heard the man; don't put shit near my mouth."

With that she turned and made her back to her seat. Oh yes, Bree and Kat would have quite the mess to clean up and be pissed about.

After school the family sat in the parking lot, waiting for everyone else to clear out. Kat stared at her family. Bree just kept shaking her head.

"We need to lay down a couple more rules." Bree stated after overhearing exactly went on at school that day. The family filled in the gaps.

"You guys are idiots." Was all Kat said.

Zach smiled, "yes but we're your idiots."


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