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Chain Effects!:


"Shhhhh!"I told Jasper.

The stupid Idiot was going to blow our cover, If he made any noise.

Outside of Bella's house, we were waiting for Edward to go hunt squirrels, so we could go inside.

Ah huh!

There he is, his sneaking out and...His gone!

I looked at Jasper and made the hand signal to move out.

We sneaked inside of Bella's room, "man this place is boring"I thought.

Turning to Bella's sleeping form, I got out a video camera and turned it on.

I nodded my head at Jasper and we got ready to make a quick get away.

Jasper pulled out a Blow Horn and some Tape, he pressed the Tape down on the Blow Horn threw it on Bella's bed and then we Fled, all this done in under two seconds.

Running away to a Place I like to call the Shack I turned on the hidden Cameras that I had set up and watched the show.


Bella woke up Screaming her lungs out and Edward came back to the room with a worried expression, He saw the can and pulled off the Tape silence rang out of the room"Everything is okay Love"Edward comforted while walking over to Bella.

Suddenly Charlie BUSTED through the door with a gun, pointing at Edward Charlie yelled"Hands up!Don't Move!".

Bella screamed again.

*Jasper and I were laughing our asses off*

Charlie finished cuffing Edward and started taking him out off to his Police Cruiser, all the while Bella was saying that it wasn't Edward that was to blame.

*Jasper and I where dying all over again*

Edward got in the car and Charlie got in too.

*I switched to the Camera that I had put in Charlies Cruiser*

Edwards head was hung, but it looked like he was trying to piece together who threw the Blow Horn in Bella's room.

"Edward I expected better then what you just did"Charlie began.

"I'm sorry mister Swan, I assure you that nothing was going on and I had nothing to do with that Blow Horn"Edward desperately tried, but it came out all wrong.

Sighing Charlie continued"I'm going to have to call your parents and talk to them about you and Bella".

Edward didn't even try to explain so he just stayed quiet and waited to be but in Jail for the night.

*Emmett's POV*

"WOW that was funny!"I told Jasper, who was still holding his sides laughing.

"I say!We should do that again!"Jasper choked out.

"Yeah!"I said bouncing a little.

*At School the next day**Edwards POV*

My Bella came running into my arms," thank goodness Esme convinced Charlie to let Bella and I stay together"I thought.

"Wow they let you out so soon JailBird?"Emmett said with a wide grin.

"Shut up!"I snapped.

"Whats wrong Eddie?You upset that Charlie caught you doing the dirty with Bella?"Bella Blushed at Emmett's words.

I growled at Emmett, then something suddenly hit me.

Hey wait a minute where was Emmett when this happened?

I turned to Emmett"Where were you last night?"I asked with suspicion.

A picture of the book the Shack.

"The Shack"Emmett said quickly.

I stared at him with a look that said"Are you serious?".

Emmett smiled.

I shot him one last look before walking away.

While walking to class, Bella suddenly said"Hey doesn't Mike have a Blow Horn just like that one we found in my room?".


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